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The Magazine Blueprint
",,,the ultimate guide to making your own independent magazine. A hands-on manual that covers everything from deciding on a title, paper stock and size, to email marketing, distribution and crowd funding"
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march 2018 by warrenellis
Why Almost Nobody Wants to Pay for the 'Netflix of Magazines' - Bloomberg Business
Parasite business:

"For about three-quarters of Next Issue’s $180 annual fee, a reader could get separate digital subscriptions to The New Yorker ($60), Bloomberg Businessweek ($30), Rolling Stone ($20), and National Geographic ($20). The average Next Issue user spends about two hours per week engaged with the app, so it’s fair to ask whether people need much more than that. "
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august 2015 by warrenellis
Avant-garde and modernist magazines - Monoskop
"The result is a reference guide to avant-garde and modernist magazines printed in the early decades of the last century, which is hoped to be beneficial to artists, writers and scholars alike. Its main sections include a selection of issues meant to initiate the uninitiated, an index of some of the most referred journals, a collection of online collections containing hundreds more titles, and a short bibliography to a field recently emerged under the poetic banner of modern periodical studies."
august 2014 by warrenellis
Magic Realm | Grafik
Crush Creative's Carl Rush celebrates the creativity and anarchy of OZ, the rebellious counter-culture magazine whose iconic co-editor Felix Dennis sadly past away last month.
july 2014 by warrenellis
Anyone Corporation Log Journal for Architecture
"Log 31: New Ancients recognizes the sudden reappearance of history in the work of an emerging group of architects, curators, theorists, and, of course, historians. Drawing a parallel with the 17th-century quarrel between the Ancients and Moderns at the Academie française, guest editors Dora Epstein Jones and Bryony Roberts present the work of practitioners who explore the contemporary possibilities of history. This Spring/Summer 2014 issue particularly emphasizes drawing that synthesizes technology and precedent, including a Piranesi-inspired digital reimagining of Istanbul"
july 2014 by warrenellis
Making the Magazine: A Reading List | Longreads
A starter collection of behind-the-scenes stories from some of your most beloved magazines, including The New Yorker, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair and the New York Review of Books, plus now-defunct publications like Might, George, Sassy and Wigwag.
june 2014 by warrenellis
How Inspire Magazine Motivates Acts of Terrorism | Analysis Intelligence
"The Boston bombing investigation continues to reveal new information on the two primary suspects, but quietly reported last Friday was the discovery of jihadi propaganda Inspire Magazine - produced by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) - on a computer belonging to the elder Tsarnaev brother’s widow. The publication, particularly its first issue containing instructions for building a pressure cooker bomb, was spotlighted as a possible resource immediately after the bombings."
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may 2013 by warrenellis
cityofsound: Sketchbook: Colors magazine, Colors #86 "Making the News", and Colors News Machine
"The physical experience of the magazine—which we feel still has real value on paper—is also quite something. The issue has a magazine within the magazine, via little pockets of editorial tucked under full spreads, as well as windows cut into pages to indicate how news photographs are framed, and the 'Yellow Pages' newspaper tucked in the back." The overt separation of print and digital is something that came up in brief conversation with Dan Hill the other day. Hoping to drill further into it in the near future.
april 2013 by warrenellis
New Publishing Hybrids | desktop
"And let’s not forget, magazines themselves are still an incredibly fluid idea. We must keep exploring, especially as there will be even more incredible hybrids around the corner, when the so-called “internet of things” really kicks in."
february 2013 by warrenellis
Subcompact Publishing — by Craig Mod
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november 2012 by warrenellis
Guernica - Inside & Out: A Talk at Fordham University-Lincoln Center
“I note what you say about your aspiration to edit a magazine. I am sending you by this mail a six-chambered revolver. Load it and fire every one into your head. You will thank me after you get to hell and learn from other editors there how dreadful their job was on earth.”
february 2012 by warrenellis
Michael Moorcock's New Worlds Magazine: A reply to some speculation!
"I have been trying to catch up with story submissions and working on getting the first issue ready for the 10th. I will try to reply to everybody when I can. Secondly: We were given the title by Michael for two years to do with as we would. Instead of trying to recreate the amazing magazine that he published (which would have been a: impossible and b: redundant) we are trying to head in directions new..."
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october 2011 by warrenellis
Crotchety is Amazing « File 770
"Steve Davidson today received notice that his application for a trademark for AMAZING STORIES has been granted. Amazing Stories was science fiction’s original pulp magazine...Amazing Stories has had a rocky history, stumbling along through bankruptcy (when Gernsback lost ownership), through a series of publishers and editors...By 2007, Hasbro had abandoned the trademark. Davidson, who was managing the intellectual property department of an R&D firm at the time, routinely reviewed the status of some favorite marks. Noting the lapse for Amazing Stories, he filed an application for the Mark in 2008."
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october 2011 by warrenellis
Digital Dada Library - The International Dada Archive - The University of Iowa
The Digital Dada Library provides links to scanned images of original Dada-era publication in the International Dada Archive.  These books, pamphlets, and periodicals are housed in the Special Collections Department of The University of Iowa Libraries. 
august 2011 by warrenellis

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