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Rhizome | Drone's Eye View: A Look at How Artists are Revealing the Killing Fields
“the drone also, for me, stands in part for the network itself: an invisible, inherently connected technology allowing sight and action at a distance. Us and the digital, acting together, a medium and an exchange. But the non-human components of the network are not moral actors, and the same technology that permits civilian technological wonder, the wide-eyed futurism of the New Aesthetic and the unevenly-distributed joy of living now, also produces obscurantist “security” culture, ubiquitous surveillance, and robotic killing machines."
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november 2012 by warrenellis
Bee research breakthrough might lead to artificial vision
"An international research breakthrough with bees means machines might soon be able to see almost as well as humans. The Australian and French research shows that honeybees use multiple rules to solve complex visual problems."
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may 2012 by warrenellis

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