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SCiO Shows Off Its Molecular Food Scanner In TechCrunch Disrupt’s Hardware Alley | TechCrunch
"That’s hard to tell from the demos given at Hardware Alley, since they used some pretty basic foods during like apples, tomatoes, and blocks of cheese (which it could read even through plastic wrap, we should point out). The app would ID the food and return the basic caloric and sugars info fairly quickly. Whether the SCiO would be able to truly and accurately determine a food’s quality or ripeness, for example, as their Kickstarter project page claims, would require further testing."
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may 2014 by warrenellis
Scientists develop ultra-thin solar cells
solar cells thinner than a thread of spider silk that are flexible enough to be wrapped around a single human hair.
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april 2012 by warrenellis
Japanese 'Noah's ark' disaster capsule goes on sale | World news | The Guardian
"A Japanese company has developed a miniature version of Noah's ark in case Japan is hit by another massive earthquake and tsunami – a floating capsule that looks like a huge tennis ball."
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september 2011 by warrenellis
New reactor paves the way for efficiently producing fuel from sunlight
"Using a common metal most famously found in self-cleaning ovens, Sossina Haile hopes to change our energy future. The metal is cerium oxide—or ceria—and it is the centerpiece of a promising new technology developed by Haile and her colleagues that concentrates solar energy and uses it to efficiently convert carbon dioxide and water into fuels."
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january 2011 by warrenellis

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