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Solar storm: Evidence found of huge eruption from Sun - BBC News
- "Scientists have found evidence of a huge blast of radiation from the Sun that hit Earth more than 2,000 years ago."
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march 2019 by warrenellis
NuSTAR captures possible 'screams' from zombie stars
"Peering into the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) has spotted a mysterious glow of high-energy X-rays that, according to scientists, could be the "howls" of dead stars as they feed on stellar companions."
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may 2015 by warrenellis
This Is The Video CNN Will Play When The World Ends
"So when Ted Turner said that CNN was going to be playing "Nearer My God To Thee"—the song the band supposedly played when the Titanic went down—as the heavens opened up, as the fiery finger of God rained salt and brimstone from the sky, as the Earth beneath our feet opened from below and swallowed everything above, as the last CNN employee, in the last surviving CNN studio in the world, witnessed the end of existence before them, he meant it."
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january 2015 by warrenellis
New, privatized African city heralds climate apartheid | Environment | The Guardian
"Nigeria's Eko Atlantic augurs how the super-rich will exploit the crisis of climate change to increase inequality and seal themselves off from its impacts"
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january 2015 by warrenellis
Ello | m1k3y - eXtinction Files: Humanity
"The study suggests that at one point there may have been only 2,000 individuals alive as our species teetered on the brink."
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october 2014 by warrenellis
Rewilding Witchcraft | Scarlet Imprint
"But we do not simply have peak oil, we have peak water, peak wood, peak rare earths, peak everything that is drawn into the maw of the inexorable algorithim of industrial culture and the inevitable wars and revolutions that resource scarcity produces."
extinction  occult  doom 
september 2014 by warrenellis
The scientific A-Team saving the world from killer viruses, rogue AI and the paperclip apocalypse | Technology | The Guardian
"the founders of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk may be all that stands between us and global catastrophe"
future  doom 
september 2014 by warrenellis
Arctic ice loss amplified Superstorm Sandy violence
"Cornell and Rutgers researchers report in the March issue of Oceanography that the severe loss of summertime Arctic sea ice—attributed to greenhouse warming—appears to enhance Northern Hemisphere jet stream meandering, intensify Arctic air mass invasions toward middle latitudes, and increase the frequency of atmospheric blocking events like the one that steered Hurricane Sandy west into the densely populated New York City area."
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march 2013 by warrenellis

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