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Skyscraper Wallpapers + Subtraction.com
"Once a month starting back in January, the site I Like Architecture has been publishing these beautifully stylized portraits of famous contemporary skyscrapers from around the world, lovingly crafted by French illustrator Romain Trystram. Their exaggerated color palettes and simplified details emphasize the sci-fi, “architecture of the absurd” quality of building trends."
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august 2014 by warrenellis
After the Deluge: Alex Lukas at the Guerrero Gallery
"Rising from the muck, much like the urban wastelands of JG Ballard’s novels, Alex Lukas’ remnant landscapes present viewers with a future vision of our ruined present. These works on paper hover into one’s vision, offering fleeting memories of great cities, lost and then rediscovered. Cities or their fragments are inundated with water, scrub, marsh, and creeping vegetation. Older industrial ruins are covered with graffiti—signs of life without the existence of people or other animals. These scenes of a world, after an unnamed disaster, skirt the line between aestheticizing decay and asking revealing questions of meaning, memory, and mortality that arise when gazing at ruins."
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september 2011 by warrenellis

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