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NETWORKS // An Interview with Mari Matsutoya | Berlin Art Link
PR: In 2014 your work – such as ‘Cyborg Singing’ – was questioning how one feels to be a cyborg. What’s the next question your work will deal with?

MM: Well at that point I was trying to disembody my own voice by triggering it with an accelerometer in my wig. The question here was more of agency and whether it is possible to carry emotional information through a program-aided means, and not through the mouth and the connected architecture of the body.
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february 2016 by warrenellis
New tattoos discovered on Oetzi mummy
"The newly discovered tattoos on the ribcage have now reopened the debate about the role of tattoos in prehistoric times. This investigation has given researchers a new piece to add to the jigsaw puzzle when trying to tease out whether prehistoric tattoos had a therapeutic, symbolic or religious significance."
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january 2015 by warrenellis
The US military is spending $2.9 million to develop a soft robot suit for soldiers | The Verge
"As announced today, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a $2.9 million contract to researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to develop a flexible robotic exoskeleton that can be worn by soldiers — and eventually civilians — to make them stronger and more resilient. The suit could even help people with mobility issues and paralysis to move again."
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september 2014 by warrenellis
Press Releases :: MYOS Corporation (MYOS)
"MYOS Corporation Reports Additional Clinical Data on the Impact of Fortetropin on Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass and Muscle Size in Male Subjects"
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august 2014 by warrenellis
Initial Success! | Experiment
"Can we biologically extend the range of human vision into the near infrared?"
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august 2014 by warrenellis
Australian Army embraces social media in Future of Land Warfare report | Crikey
“By 2025 we may face adversaries with scientifically enhanced cognitive capacity. The land force will need to develop a better understanding of enhancing human capabilities with, for example, improved human-machine interfaces or better fusing of technology with biology … Physical and cognitive enhancements such as ‘exosuits’ or long-lasting stimulants need to be considered in the context of amplifying performance.”
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august 2014 by warrenellis
The Improbable Scenario of the Runaway Future: Deconstructing the Singularity | World Future Society
"But a new species fusing technology and humanity to become super-beings and elites of a global technocracy – this is conceivable, possible and doable. I cannot support, though, the concept of any post-human future from a philosophical, ethical and social perspective.

"Kurzweil, though, argues that by mid-century, humanity will be indistinguishable from our technology, presupposing we will fuse completely with our technology, and that by the end of this century “the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will be trillions of trillions of times more powerful than unaided intelligence”"
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july 2014 by warrenellis
Design to Expand Human Potential - Interview with Natasha Vita-More | The Creativity Post
"Another feature which I developed for this concept is what I call “Substrate Autonomous Person”, meaning that the person wearing or using this body would be able to move back and forth between platforms or environments seamlessly."
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june 2014 by warrenellis
Wim Hof World Record Breaker Trains Others On His Mental Method
"I am at the mercy of Hof, who wears a pointy green hat that makes him look like a life-size garden gnome. A bushy beard frames his piercing blue eyes and ruddy nose, and his body bristles with tightly corded muscles. A six-inch surgical scar across his stomach marks a time he took his training too far and ended up in the hospital. Hof is a savant and a madman. He’s a prophet and a foil. And as is occasionally the case with people who try to cultivate superpowers, Hof’s abilities have come at a heavy price."
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may 2014 by warrenellis
Dietary Superpowers
By cutting retinal (part of the Vitamin A complex) out of his diet, he is hoping to force his body to develop near-infrared vision.
april 2014 by warrenellis
Japan robot suit gets global safety certificate
"A robot suit that can help the elderly or disabled get around was given its global safety certificate in Japan on Wednesday, paving the way for its worldwide rollout."
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february 2013 by warrenellis
BBC News - Lab rats 'acquire sixth sense'
"An experimental device allowed the rats to "touch" infrared light - which is normally invisible to them."
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february 2013 by warrenellis
Could Human Enhancement Turn Soldiers Into Weapons That Violate International Law? Yes - Patrick Lin - The Atlantic
"Half a world away from the battlefield, a soldier controls his avatar-robot that does the actual fighting on the ground. Another one wears a sticky fabric that enables her to climb a wall like a gecko or spider would. Returning from a traumatic mission, a pilot takes a memory-erasing drug to help ward off post-traumatic stress disorder. Mimicking the physiology of dolphins and sled-dogs, a sailor is able to work his post all week without sleep and only a few meals. All of these scenarios are real military projects currently in various stages of research...."
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january 2013 by warrenellis
Cyborg au Naturale
"When Amy Purdy talks about her leg extensions on TED, she slowly weaves in the pain and loss of her legs, which somehow justifies to the audience the new longer, beautiful designer legs. We still apply the century old principle of no pain, no gain -even with technology. There is always a sacrifice for the enhancements. Imagine if someone had to saw off their own legs in order to obtain the beautiful, height-extending legs that Purdy has?"
december 2012 by warrenellis
Pages - The 4th AISB Symposium on Computing and Philosophy
@justinpickard: Gutted to miss this. 'Computing, Philosophy and the Question of Bio-Machine Hybrids': http://t.co/xsiPon2K (July 2-6; Birmingham, UK) http://twitter.com/justinpickard/status/211546689146851328
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june 2012 by warrenellis
Humans, Version 3.0 § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
"This mystery mechanism of human transformation is neuronal recycling, coined by neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene, wherein the brain’s innate capabilities are harnessed for altogether novel functions."
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february 2012 by warrenellis
deconcrete: Neil Harbisson's third eye
"Neil Harbisson introduces himself as the first cyborg ever legally recognized by any Government (2004). He was born colour-blind; so he can only see in black and white (Achromatopsia disorder). An electronic device implanted in his neck allows him to translate colours into sounds. The camera that hangs from his forehead 24/7 was accepted as part of his British passport photo. By that very fact, the camera became congenital and not prosthetic to his body anymore. Thanks to it, light frequencies are captured and translated into sound frequencies by the chip, which in turn sends them to his brain. He literally listens to colours with his electronic eye. A standard eye perceives light, tone and saturation. Harbisson’s organic eyes perceive light, but tone is converted into sound, and saturation into volume through his third eye."
january 2012 by warrenellis
Tooth filing was a worldwide craze among Viking men | Science | guardian.co.uk
"Vikings worldwide seem to have taken up a fashion for painful but impressive modification of teeth around the 10th century AD"
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july 2011 by warrenellis
Scientists Create First Memory Expansion for Brain
"a prosthetic chip that uses electrodes to enhance and expand their memory abilities. The chip is capable of storing neural signals, basically functioning as an electronic memory"
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june 2011 by warrenellis
Blood simple circuitry for cyborgs
"Could electronic components made from human blood be the key to creating cyborg interfaces? Circuitry that links human tissues and nerve cells directly to an electronic device, such as a robotic limb or artificial eye might one day be possible thanks to the development of biological components."
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march 2011 by warrenellis

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