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Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio online. Broadcast using ...
This could be kind of interesting. I've seen this attempted once or twice in the past.
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march 2014 by warrenellis
Disquiet » Radio Glitch (MP3)
In Jeff Gburek's work "Radio Wide World," we hear the world serving as a resource for glitch-like audio effects processing. Over the course of two hours, sounds from broadcasts disintegrate, overlap, and otherwise are heard in a manner other than that which their broadcasters had planned or, for that matter, even anticipated.
august 2011 by warrenellis
Listen Closely: Broadcastr Brings You An Audio Guide To The Whole Wide World
"a new platform that allows anyone to record or upload audio, and then “pin” it to physical locations. Broadcastr then indexes and curates that audio for playback via Web or smartphone, where it can be filtered and shared in the usual ways."
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march 2011 by warrenellis
Myousic: an HTML5-powered jukebox in your browser
"Built to take advantage of HTML5′s <audio> tag and local storage capabilities, Myousic.me allows you to search for streamable music from across the web and save tracks that you like to a playlist that’s saved for future use whenever you come back to the app."
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january 2011 by warrenellis

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