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Fundraiser - Help JHU Comic Books Stay in NYC
- JHU, in its various incarnations, has been a key point for the New York comics scene forever.
9 days ago by warrenellis
Nils Frahm returns after a long period of hibernation
"He retreated from the online world to experience “the luxury of being forgotten”"
music  net 
11 days ago by warrenellis
Hard to start again | Velcro City Tourist Board
"...a return to to the old blogging-as-self-discipline-and-public-outboard-memory model."
blogging  writing 
16 days ago by warrenellis
The new Noma: Copenhagen’s best restaurant reviewed | British GQ
"....that's not bad at all for a team that was once accused of having fornicated with seals."
17 days ago by warrenellis
Exclusive: Intel’s new Vaunt smart glasses actually look good - The Verge
"When you’re wearing them, you see a stream of information on what looks like a screen — but it’s actually being projected onto your retina."
tech  comms  wearables 
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Dude, you broke the future! - Charlie's Diary
Charles Stross keynote speech at the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, December 2017
tech  future  writers  keynote  talk 
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Nick Harkaway - Currently Reading:
''You watch too much TV.' - This is also true. But again, it is not too much if it is what feeds the rat. Always feed your story rat."
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Reference: Floor Plan Models | booktwo.org
"To train his men, Bob first makes a floor plan, then paints it, at full scale, in a meadow"
plans  design  maps 
7 weeks ago by warrenellis
The crazy years - Charlie's Diary
"...the breaking news from Saudi Arabia is that twelve camels have been disqualified from a beauty pageant because their handlers used Botox to make them more handsome..."
writing  future 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Facebook announces that it has invented a new unit of time
- (launches a thousand hot takes about this most impressive power move - Facebook Branded Time)
web  weird 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Instagram tests new 'Type' feature for Stories and screenshot alerts
"Instagram is testing the ability to send a notification when someone takes a screenshot of your story."
web  apps 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Eugenics Is Not a Fringe Issue – It Influences UK Immigration Policy | Novara Media
'“However shit your schedule looks today,” Marina Hyde tweeted, “cherish yourself a little for the fact that you will never create the calendar event Secret Eugenics Conference.”'
pol  weird 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Life-supporting pilot plant
- "international ESA-led Micro-Ecological Life Support System Alternative, or MELiSSA"
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
Yellow Year Records + Foie Gras
- One of my favourites, Foie Gras, has a new recording deal
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
Chinese dissident stands trial after 2 years in detention
' A prominent activist who called himself the Ultra Vulgar Butcher'
crime  pol 
12 weeks ago by warrenellis
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