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AAC Fibrous Fabrication - kokkugia
"Fibrous Assemblages are algorithmic design strategies for encoding agent behaviors within strands."
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suckerPUNCH » lecture: Roland SNOOKS
"Behavioral Formation explores the relationship between emergence and architectural intention, and is a speculation on the architecture of swarm intelligence"
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App-Controlled Hearing Aid Improves Even Normal Hearing - NYTimes.com
"Mr. Loizeaux had gone to the club to test out the GN ReSound Linx, one of two new models of advanced hearing aids that can be adjusted precisely through software built into Apple’s iPhone. When he entered the club, Mr. Loizeaux tapped on his phone to switch his hearing aids into “restaurant mode.” The setting amplified the sound coming from the hearing aids’ forward-facing microphones, reducing background noise. To play down the music, he turned down the hearing aids’ bass level and bumped up the treble. Then, as he began chatting with a person standing to his left, Mr. Loizeaux tapped his phone to favor the microphone in his left hearing aid, and to turn down the one in his right ear."
tech  wearables 
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Connection Between Moroccan Infrastructure and Renault Stock Price
"Is there a relationship between the economic performance of a country and the financial health of the companies that have chosen to invest in it?"
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The Kindle wink — The Message — Medium
"A palimpsest of influence, visible to all Amazon customers who log in to manage their super-book stolen from the pages of science fiction." Robin Sloan on fine form.
tech  sf 
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History of 1953 CIA Covert Action in Iran to be Published - Secrecy News
"The publication of the 1989 Iran volume was a milestone in the history of U.S. government secrecy that prompted widespread outrage and ridicule, but it also inspired remedial efforts that had some lasting impact."
pol  spook  history 
6 days ago by warrenellis
An iPad Mini Case with Shape Shifting Buttons Will Make Typing on a Touch Screen Much Faster | MIT Technology Review
"That technology was developed by startup Tactus Technology, which uses tiny fluid-filled channels and elastic blisters to make buttons rise up from a device’s screen and then disappear without trace when they’re no longer needed"
6 days ago by warrenellis
Reflections on Google Glass — D-RAD
"Glass is Google’s unintentional public service announcement on the future of privacy"
7 days ago by warrenellis
Locus Online News » Eaton Acquires Hodgson Papers
A substantial collection of letters, photographs, and unpublished stories by William Hope Hodgson is being donated to the Eaton Collection at the University of California, Riverside by Jane and Howard Frank.
books  writers 
7 days ago by warrenellis
Amazon Makes it Easier to Add Books to Goodreads
Users in the US, Canada and Australia will be able to add both print books and Kindle books to their shelves automatically.
books  web 
7 days ago by warrenellis
In His Image: Cloning of a Man
"In 1978, J.B. Lippincott Company published as fact a story previously told only as science fiction: the tale of an eccentric, wealthy businessman longing for a son -- but not exactly a son. Instead, the California millionaire in his twilight years is looking for more than an heir: he is looking for a clone of himself."
sci  weird  bullshit? 
9 days ago by warrenellis
Man suspected of cannibalism arrested in Pakistan; police say he and brother are repeat offenders | Toronto Star
ISLAMABAD—Police in central Pakistan arrested a man Monday suspected of cannibalism after finding body parts including a skull that may have belonged to a child in his house, officials said.
9 days ago by warrenellis
[1401.1219] Consciousness as a State of Matter
We examine the hypothesis that consciousness can be understood as a state of matter, "perceptronium", with distinctive information processing abilities.
sci  neuro  mind 
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Picatinny Arsenal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"After World War II, Picatinny refocused its efforts on developing new weapons and munitions. Its support to the American forces in Korea included an improved bazooka and an illuminating rifle grenade. In periods of peace, the arsenal made important contributions to progress in the areas of radar, pyrotechnics, missiles, time fuzes, and nuclear munitions (including the M65 Atomic Cannon 280mm howitzer known as Atomic Annie)."
war  weapons  guns 
25 days ago by warrenellis
Metamodernism in Padgett Powell’s 'The Interrogative Mood: A Novel?' | Notes on Metamodernism
"In Strategies of the Metamodern, Metamodernist subjectivity is described as “the enactment of a truth that cannot be true, the establishment of a holistic, coherent identity that cannot exist”"
26 days ago by warrenellis
Joe's Place - notebooks
"I have a couple of dozen other (larger) notebooks full of writing; for many years that's been the first stage of any serious piece of fiction.  But this pile of Moleskines is a chronological miscellanea.  A lot of notes about the books I'm working on.  Lots of unrelated lecture notes and research.  Pages of equations and library work.

'Probably kind of rare.  Most writers use computers for this kind of thing nowadays, and I do have megabytes of that stuff.  But a fountain pen on paper is more real and more pleasing – and longer-lasting, I think.  I've never had a page of handwriting disappear at the wrong stroke of a key."
26 days ago by warrenellis
Berg Wants To Be The Platform To Make Any Dumb Appliance Smart | Co.Design | business + design
tech  iot  berg 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
A Glassy Sea on Titan
"The second largest sea on Titan is Ligeia Mare, made up of methane and ethane in a body of liquid that is larger than Lake Superior. Now we have word that the surface of Ligeia Mare is so utterly still that it would appear like glass. "
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
The Junkie Genius - James Parker - The Atlantic
"Call Me Burroughs records a quasi-magical revenge attack on a Boulder deli from which two of his opiated friends had recently been thrown out. First, Burroughs arranged for a surreptitious tape recording to be made inside the deli—ambient noise, kitchen clatter, waitress-customer banter—and then, days later, with equal surreptitiousness, he played it back from a cassette recorder inside his coat as he sat at one of the tables. As Miles writes: “Over the next hour he increased the volume so that you could just about hear it, but no one appeared to notice.” Yet subliminal damage was being inflicted: discontinuous time streams, information feedback. “After forty-five minutes … one of the waiters threw down his apron and stalked out, followed by the owner, arguing loudly. The owner returned and began to scream at the serving staff, sending two of the women running to the ladies’ room in tears.” Burroughs, psychic vandal, was 63 years old at the time of this incident."
writers  weird  psychogeo 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
"Doomsday prophet's" massage business closes; Is he a cult leader?
"Followers, most of whom live in communal houses, reportedly claim that Stasio hears from God ‘without interference.’"
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Open the Future: Watching the World through a Broken Lens
"This is not a dilemma without a solution, however. Professional Foresight (aka Futurism) also went through a period where specialists would offer up a single prediction of a certain future. In more recent decades -- arguably since Hermann Kahn's On Thermonuclear War in 1960, but more generally since the advent of Shell-derived Scenario Planning in the 1990s -- futurism has been more comfortable with uncertainty, and more willing to offer multiple rival forecasts of possible outcomes instead of singular, certain predictions. Multi-scenario foresight has evolved various iterations since then, but they all come down to a core idea: you can't predict the future, but you can see the shape of different possible futures."
future  pol  war 
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
Transnistria: The Next Crimea?
"For its part, Russia can use its staging ground in Transnistria to exert continued pressure on Ukraine through Odessa, a major Ukrainian seaport. Protests here have mirrored protests in Ukraine as a whole, with contingents of both pro- and anti-Russian demonstrators taking to the streets."
war  pol 
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
Stephen King's Top 20 Rules for Writers - Open Culture
"Don’t worry about making other people happy. “If you intend to write as truthfully as you can, your days as a member of polite society are numbered, anyway.”"
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
NSA surveillance program reaches ‘into the past’ to retrieve, replay phone calls - The Washington Post
"In the initial deployment, collection systems are recording “every single” conversation nationwide, storing billions of them in a 30-day rolling buffer that clears the oldest calls as new ones arrive, according to a classified summary."
spook  pol  comms 
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio online. Broadcast using ...
This could be kind of interesting. I've seen this attempted once or twice in the past.
radio  audio  streaming  net 
7 weeks ago by warrenellis
"An uncoordinated mishmash of relatively unsophisticated data-gathering methods haphazardly connected to infrastructure" | Beyond The Beyond | Wired.com
"I’ll go out on a limb here, and say that unmanned-vehicle road-drone delivery systems are the design endgame for “self-driving cars.” They’ll probably be small, light, and inhumanly fast, like smart mobile grocery carts lined in rubber bumpers. Big, ponderous, driverless cars as we know them today are quite similar to manned spacecraft. "
tech  drones  future 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Extraterrestrial Dispersal Vectors
"A recent paper on Superhabitable Worlds [2] has suggested that there may be planets or planetary systems more clement to life than the environment of Earth. This implies the possibility that, although Earth looks like a unique oasis in the darkness of space, it may represent a cosmic region of sub-optimal habitability"
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Project "Outernet" looking to bring free Internet to entire world
"A small team of workers at a New York based non-profit organization called Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) has announced its intention to build an "Outernet"—a global network of cube satellites broadcasting Internet data to virtually any person on the planet—for free. The idea, the MDIF website says, is to offer free Internet access to all people, regardless of location, bypassing filtering or other means of censorship."
comms  space  net 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Future Factories and Futurematic – Situation Lab - OCADU
"Futurematic is a design jam to fill a vending machine with artifacts from the future. Participants will conceptualize and execute designs for the objects, focusing mostly on packaging design and rapid prototyping as ways of exploring possible futures. The jam will also include an opportunity to play the Situation Lab’s brand-new imaginary objects card game, “The Thing from the Future.”"
future  design 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Gem discovered on Australian sheep farm is oldest piece of the planet | Science | theguardian.com
"Scientists using two different age-determining techniques have found that a tiny zircon crystal discovered on a sheep station in Western Australia is the oldest known piece of our planet, dating to 4.4bn years ago."
history  geo 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Sentient Developments: Bioengineered monkeys with human genetic diseases have almost arrived — and that's awful
"Looking to create more accurate experimental models for human diseases, biologists have created transgenic monkeys with "customized" mutations. It's considered a breakthrough in the effort to produce more human-like monkeys — but the ethics of all this are dubious at best."
med  crime  pol 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Netflix gathers detailed viewer data to guide its search for the next hit | Media | The Guardian
"One formula that has proved to be a reliable winner is banking on serialised scripted TV content, shows that Holland says "suck you in from the beginning" and "tick a lot of boxes", often with a charismatic lead and a famous director or showrunner, and using pre-existing material. Netflix's runaway success House of Cards is the embodiment of the model – loosely based on the 1990s BBC series, starring Kevin Spacey, directed by The Social Network's David Fincher – and there are a slew of new Netflix TV series on the way that bear similar hallmarks."
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Can We Avoid a Surveillance State Dystopia? - Charlie's Diary
"Yearly reminder: unless you're over 60, you weren't promised flying cars. You were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia. Here you go."
war  pol  comms  intel  spook 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Island of Terror: Don't Get Mad, Get Murderous
"Britain’s own The Angry Brigade took a gentler approach, trying to avoid hurting anyone if possible but, ultimately, they proved to be utterly ineffectual and got caught and imprisoned, so it was not a massively successful policy. I’m glad that they didn’t kill anybody, of course, but they might have got further if they had."
pol  crime  war 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
Prehistoric forest arises in Cardigan Bay after storms strip away sand | UK news | The Guardian
"A prehistoric forest, an eerie landscape including the trunks of hundreds of oaks that died more than 4,500 years ago, has been revealed by the ferocious storms which stripped thousands of tons of sand from beaches in Cardigan Bay."
history  weird 
8 weeks ago by warrenellis
BBC News - Pussy Riot whipped at Sochi Games by Cossacks
"Russian protest group Pussy Riot have been beaten with horsewhips by Cossacks who are helping patrol Sochi during the Winter Olympics."
crime  pol 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Forget AR Dinosaurs, MIT Startup Wants to Bring YOU Back from the Dead | Augmented Stories
"MIT startup Eterni.me wants to bring you back from the dead to create a virtual avatar that acts “just like you”: “It generates a virtual YOU, an avatar that emulates your personality and can interact with, and offer information and advice to your family and friends after you pass away. It’s like a Skype chat from the past.”"
tech  med  longnow 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
James Franco on Shia LaBeouf’s Recent Antics - NYTimes.com
"At times I have felt the need to dissociate myself from my work and public image. In 2009, when I joined the soap opera “General Hospital” at the same time as I was working on films that would receive Oscar nominations and other critical acclaim, my decision was in part an effort to jar expectations of what a film actor does and to undermine the tacit — or not so tacit — hierarchy of entertainment."
work  writing 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Immunicity - Simple Censorship Circumvention
"Once you configure your browser, requests to blocked websites will be seamlessly routed via the Immunicity cloud to get unblocked. All other requests will go directly to their destination, without being routed through our servers."
security  net  comms 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Franco 'Bifo' Berardi and Mark Fisher wringing their hands over exhaustion, the financial crisis, aesthetic resistance and the 'slow cancellation of the future' | Beyond The Beyond | Wired.com
“When you can’t imagine how things are going to change, it means things will change in ways that are unimaginable.” Bruce S, presumably quoting someone, but the best takeaway from his rumination on this piece
thinking  money 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Law Enforcement Can Identify Suspects From Reflections In Your Eye – ReadWrite
"The scientists positioned a group of eight people in front of "bystanders" and, using a 30 megapixel digital camera, photographed the latter's faces in high resolution. By zooming in on the eyes, they managed to extract facial images that—though fuzzy or highly pixelated—were still identifiable."
crime  tech 
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Ad Hoc Bleached Out: Actress' Ghettoville and the Decay of the Afro-Future
"...grounded utopianism. The phrase enlightens the breaking down of the Afrofuturist fantasy and its sidestepping of reality. If this is in fact Actress' last record, then this is quite the gospel ending, solidifying the highly perceptible mythology that has worked its way around the project."
9 weeks ago by warrenellis
Dubai To Get Drone Deliveries ‘Within A Year’ | sUAS News
"The system will apparently use fingerprint and retina identification to protect the cargo from unauthorised recipients."
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
The FDA Just Approved a PillCam The Jetsons Predicted 50 Years Ago
"After nine long years, the FDA just recently approved the swallowable PillCam. Developed in Israel, the PillCam is used as a way to examine a patient's colon without a colonoscopy. The patient swallows the small device and it slowly makes its way through the digestive tract in about 8 hours. The information is beamed to a receiver device carried on the patient's waist, and a doctor can then review the results later."
med  tech 
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
French concept car comes with its own drone - Washington Times
"Renault doesn’t call the Kwid’s drone a drone, but instead opts for “Flying Companion,” that can help owners get a bird’s-eye view of traffic, find parking or use GPS technology to scout out destinations."
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
Big hollow rooms | Matthew Sheret
"Out of Ice down at Ambika P3. Blending AV and actual ice with documentary footage from a trip with the British Antarctic Survey"
art  geo 
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
Taking Down Silicon Valley's Electrical Grid with Rifles? - Global Guerrillas
"Last year, one or two people shot up a electrical substation in central California that fed Silicon Valley.  As is usual in this type of attack, it was successful yet nobody was arrested or hurt -- which makes attacks like this easier to recruit for and easier to repeat."
war  crime 
10 weeks ago by warrenellis
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