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Cassini watches mysterious feature evolve in Titan sea
"NASA's Cassini spacecraft is monitoring the evolution of a mysterious feature in a large hydrocarbon sea on Saturn's moon Titan. The feature covers an area of about 100 square miles (260 square kilometers) in Ligeia Mare, one of the largest seas on Titan. It has now been observed twice by Cassini's radar experiment, but its appearance changed between the two apparitions."
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7,000 years older than Stonehenge: the site that stunned archaeologists | Science | The Guardian
"As a child, Klaus Schmidt used to grub around in caves in his native Germany in the hope of finding prehistoric paintings. Thirty years later, a member of the German Archaeological Institute, he found something infinitely more important: a temple complex almost twice as old as anything comparable on the planet."
16 hours ago by warrenellis
Do animals have a sense of humor? New evidence suggests that all mammals have a funny bone.
"As Bekoff points out, Darwin argued that the difference between human and animal intelligence is a matter of degree, not of kind. Or as Bekoff put it, “If we have a sense of humor, then nonhuman animals should have a sense of humor, too.”"
20 hours ago by warrenellis
It’s time to modernise TV election coverage. — Medium
"You don’t have to be a posh sounding older bloke to be a TV anchor in an election but, oh wait a minute, you do."
pol  tv 
20 hours ago by warrenellis
Route Master: A Biography of the London Map | Speedbird
"I very much doubt that there is a city on the face of this Earth better mapped, over a longer period of time — nor more potently associated with the image of the map, as cultural and practical artifact — than London."
cities  maps  history 
21 hours ago by warrenellis
Dark Ecology: Drilling Deep
"Until 2008 the Kola Superdeep Borehole near the Russian mining town Zapolyarny on the Kola Peninsula was the deepest borehole in the world. No borehole is as legendary as the Kola Superdeep, which really was a telescope probing the Earth."
engineering  eco 
yesterday by warrenellis
Researcher shows that black holes do not exist
"But now Mersini-Houghton describes an entirely new scenario. She and Hawking both agree that as a star collapses under its own gravity, it produces Hawking radiation. However, in her new work, Mersini-Houghton shows that by giving off this radiation, the star also sheds mass. So much so that as it shrinks it no longer has the density to become a black hole."

Mersini-Houghton is a wild mind, and note this isn't peer-reviewed -- but if you're reading this, understand that I file mad ideas as research material, not post them as news
5 days ago by warrenellis
I can't decide if this app is right on time or two years late. Given that American network tv is launching a comedy series called SELFIE, I'm going with the latter. But I shall test the thing anyway.
apps  comms 
6 days ago by warrenellis
Blinding them with science: Is development of a banned laser weapon continuing? | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
"Some laser dazzlers—supposedly intended for dazzling alone—are powerful enough to cause serious eye damage. Already, soldiers are taught not to fire when an intruder is too close, because of the laser’s power. One version, the Meyers’ 250 milliwatt LA9 dazzler, even has a built-in radar that shuts off the laser beam if it detects someone less than 41 meters away, or what is considered its nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD), in which the beam is intense enough to cause eye damage. "
war  weapons 
10 days ago by warrenellis
BBC - Future - Cockroaches: The insect we're programmed to fear
"In the heaviest of infestations – on Navy submarines and in children’s bedrooms alike – they will gnaw off their sleeping victims’ eyelashes."
10 days ago by warrenellis
The Dying Russians by Masha Gessen | NYRblog | The New York Review of Books
"In the seventeen years between 1992 and 2009, the Russian population declined by almost seven million people, or nearly 5 percent—a rate of loss unheard of in Europe since World War II. Moreover, much of this appears to be caused by rising mortality. By the mid-1990s, the average St. Petersburg man lived for seven fewer years than he did at the end of the Communist period; in Moscow, the dip was even greater, with death coming nearly eight years sooner."
society  death 
10 days ago by warrenellis
Inhuman Nature
"the futurity that inheres in storms and wrecks"
extinction  books  writing 
10 days ago by warrenellis
MIT School of Science
MIT NEWS OFFICE, Particle detector finds hints of dark matter in space, Sep 18, 2014
10 days ago by warrenellis
Survive the Future: A Lesson on Megastructures with Glen Small | The Nomadic Journal
"A megastructure is a combination of a lot of parts fitting together to do a complicated job on a large scale. The Earth is a gigantic megastructure—all the elements coming together to allow the Earth to function: sun, water, fire, air, deserts, jungles, mountains, plants, animals, humans, etc. Our present cities, like Los Angeles, are megastructures—an overlay of roads, sewers, water, electricity, drainage, waste removal, transportation, habitat, security, offices, manufacturing, schools parks, communities, rivers, lakes."
11 days ago by warrenellis
Ello | dymaxion
"We are at a juncture in the story of humanity. The decisions we make and the systems we build in the next twenty years will determine not just whether we live free from the boot of repressive dictatorships, but whether we live at all. The way out lies through hope, empathy, and learning to think like our systems -- through becoming creatures of the network."
pol  net  extinction 
14 days ago by warrenellis
Rewilding Witchcraft | Scarlet Imprint
"But we do not simply have peak oil, we have peak water, peak wood, peak rare earths, peak everything that is drawn into the maw of the inexorable algorithim of industrial culture and the inevitable wars and revolutions that resource scarcity produces."
extinction  occult  doom 
15 days ago by warrenellis
"Let's face it, you wouldn't use an @yahoo email address, so why would you host your blog with them? With Cilantro, you can import your tumblr into Evernote and really own your content." Linkblogging service.
15 days ago by warrenellis
The shape of your notes – Aitor García Rey
"During the following months I fall in love with the idea of creating a series of notebooks using real, nice maps for its design. I wanted to keep the abstract beauty of the contour lines but, at the same time, respect the old tradition for accuracy that cartography has, without incurring in an incredibly time-consuming process."
design  maps  notebooks 
16 days ago by warrenellis
Is our universe a conscious hologram?
"Yes, and I have solved it" - good god, Dr. Jack Sarfatti is still alive
mad  sci  weird 
16 days ago by warrenellis
BBC - Future - The women with super-human vision
"Today, she knows that this is a symptom of a condition known as “tetrachromacy”. Thanks to a variation in a gene that influences the development of their retinas, people like Antico can see colours invisible to most of us. Consider a pebble pathway. What appears dull grey to you or me shines like a jeweller’s display to Antico. “The little stones jump out at me with oranges, yellows, greens, blues and pinks,” she says. “I’m kind of shocked when I realise what other people aren’t seeing.”"
17 days ago by warrenellis
The US military is spending $2.9 million to develop a soft robot suit for soldiers | The Verge
"As announced today, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has issued a $2.9 million contract to researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to develop a flexible robotic exoskeleton that can be worn by soldiers — and eventually civilians — to make them stronger and more resilient. The suit could even help people with mobility issues and paralysis to move again."
war  tech  bodymod 
18 days ago by warrenellis
First-Ever Human Trial Of An Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Treatment Set To Begin | Popular Science
"A Japanese patient with severe eye disease is set to become the first person to be treated with induced pluripotent stem cells, Nature News reports. Cells of this type have been considered promising for future treatments since their creation eight years ago, which was itself a milestone. This human test is set to be a historic moment in biotechnology."
18 days ago by warrenellis
Evil not so banal, says disturbing new probe
"The more we read and the more data we collect, the less evidence we find to support the banality of evil idea, the notion that participants are simply 'thoughtless' or 'mindless' zombies who don't know what they're doing and just go along for the sake of it,"
18 days ago by warrenellis
China's Island Factory
"New islands are being made in the disputed South China Sea by the might of the Chinese state. But a group of marooned Filipinos on a rusting wreck is trying to stand in the way."
pol  geoengineering 
18 days ago by warrenellis
Corbel Stone Press
"Nimrod presents the idea of music - not as the distillation of a specific place (as in works such as Landings and Ridgelines), but as a relic of an imaginary landscape; a series of notional artefacts:

"'I wanted to concentrate on sound as a material presence - to explore it as a substance that might endure weathering, to reveal layers of harmonic till with outcrops of more obdurate material; moraines of static, veins of melody.'"
18 days ago by warrenellis
My Day on the Emoji-Only Social Network, Translated (I Think)
"Emojli's future is a dark one, filled with nothing but loneliness and poop."
web  comms 
18 days ago by warrenellis
Woman of 24 found to have no cerebellum in her brain - health - 10 September 2014 - New Scientist
"Doctors did a CAT scan and immediately identified the source of the problem – her entire cerebellum was missing (see scan, below left). The space where it should be was empty of tissue. Instead it was filled with cerebrospinal fluid, which cushions the brain and provides defence against disease."
18 days ago by warrenellis
BBC - James Harding - the future of BBC World Service - Media centre
"I’d fetch up in far-flung places and World Service listeners would come up and thank me for the work of the BBC. Not one to shy away from a free compliment, I’d graciously accept - and try to leave the impression that, in some small way, the wonder that is the World Service had something to do with me."

radio  culture  bbc 
18 days ago by warrenellis
Jellyfish flames on the ISS
"Unlike flames on Earth, which have a tear-drop shape caused by buoyant air rising in a gravitational field, flames in space curl themselves into tiny balls. Untethered by gravity, they flit around as if they have minds of their own. More than one astronaut conducting experiments for researchers on Earth below has been struck by the way flameballs roam their test chambers in a lifelike search for oxygen and fuel." [video]
18 days ago by warrenellis
2014/09/10 DARPA Program “Grows” Lasers Directly on Silicon-Based Microchips
"DARPA’s Electronic-Photonic Heterogeneous Integration (E-PHI) program has successfully integrated billions of light-emitting dots on silicon to create an efficient silicon-based laser. The breakthrough, achieved by researchers working on the program at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), will enable the production of inexpensive and robust microsystems that exceed the performance capabilities of current technologies."
sci  tech 
19 days ago by warrenellis
New digital map reveals stunning hidden archaeology of Stonehenge
"A host of previously unknown archaeological monuments have been discovered around Stonehenge as part of an unprecedented digital mapping project that will transform our knowledge of this iconic landscape – including remarkable new findings on the world's largest 'super henge', Durrington Walls."
19 days ago by warrenellis
Europe readies 'space plane' for sub-orbital test flight
"Assembled in Italy, the Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle (IXV) is undergoing final ground tests at the ESA's headquarters in Noordwijk, north of The Hague, before being shipped to Kourou in French Guiana later this month."
20 days ago by warrenellis
The future Army grenade could kill enemies hiding behind walls - The Washington Post
"“Small Arms Grenade Munitions” would double the lethality of the grenades against enemies who are “in defilade,” meaning they are using obstacles or barriers to shield themselves from harm, Army officials say."
20 days ago by warrenellis
Albrecht Dürer, Apocalyptic Self-Publishing Pioneer
"Familiar are Albrecht Dürer’s “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (c.1497–98) — pestilence, war, famine, and death charging down on the bewildered masses, all cross-hatched in a meticulously detailed woodcut. Less known is that this illustrated 15th century Book of Revelation was self-published by a 27-year-old who saw the potential for the developing book market."
publishing  history 
20 days ago by warrenellis
Interactive dark matter could explain Milky Way's missing satellite galaxies
"Scientists think clumps of dark matter – or halos – that emerged from the early Universe, trapped the intergalactic gas needed to form stars and galaxies."
21 days ago by warrenellis
Switzerland reportedly offers Snowden safe passage, immunity from extradition - Boing Boing
"Even at a hearing Snowden by Parliament U.S. whistleblower protection could be granted. Namely, when his offense, for which the United States wants him hold accountable, according to Swiss opinion "has predominantly political character"."
21 days ago by warrenellis
The Satanic Service of Fireflies | Hazlitt Magazine | Hazlitt
The photon emission resulting from the reaction would tell her just how well her special cells were expressing His Biological Namesake, from which she could determine just how busy this gene du jour was. It never mattered to her what gene she was testing; she was just there for the light. She’d trick the cells into expressing luciferin, open them up, and swirl in His enzyme.
sci  writing 
21 days ago by warrenellis
Enigmatic Viking fortress discovered in Denmark
"By measuring small variation in the earth's magnetism we can identify old pits or features without destroying anything. In this way we achieved an amazingly detailed 'ghost image' of the fortress in a few days"
21 days ago by warrenellis
TV is increasingly for old people - The Washington Post
"Cable channels, with younger audiences thanks in large part to avariety of content that includes children’s channels, saw the median age of its viewers climb 8 percent in the past four years."
22 days ago by warrenellis
Web Semantics: Pakistani political Twitter-speak | Beyond The Beyond | Wired.com
"Farishtey: Angels, in English. The term is used to describe another organization that prefers people wouldn’t talk about it, the Inter-Services Intelligence."
pol  spook 
22 days ago by warrenellis
Japan space agency unveils asteroid hunting probe
"When it gets there, some time in 2018, it will release a powerful cannon which will fire a metal bullet at the asteroid's barren crust, once the probe itself has scuttled to safety on the far side of the rock."
22 days ago by warrenellis
Plate tectonics found on Europa : Nature News & Comment
"...there may be giant plates of ice shuffling around on Europa — much as plates of rock do on Earth (S. A. Kattenhorn and L. M. Prockter Nature Geosci. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ngeo2245; 2014). Such active geology suggests that Europa’s icy surface is connected to its buried ocean — creating a possible pathway for salts, minerals and maybe even microbes to get from the ocean to the surface and back again."
22 days ago by warrenellis
Scarlet Imprint: Babalon - Embodiment of Mystery
"Her lovers include gods, men, women, beasts; thus in her love-making she: shatters the boundaries that differentiate the species, those between divine and human, divine and animal, human and animal.[4]How revealing it is when Gilgamesh rejects her that he lists her past conquests and the fates they suffered,[5]and with harsh disapproval rebukes her:

"And what will happen to me when your heart turns elsewhere and your lust burns out? […]Which of your husbands did you love forever? Which could satisfy your endless desires?

"Her desire for power seems never to be sated by the slaking of her desire nor attainment of power: there is always a conquest beyond."
magic  myth  history 
23 days ago by warrenellis
Solarpunk: Notes toward a manifesto | Project Hieroglyph
"Solarpunk is about finding ways to make life more wonderful for us right now, and more importantly for the generations that follow us – i.e., extending human life at the species level, rather than individually. Our future must involve repurposing and creating new things from what we already have (instead of 20th century “destroy it all and build something completely different” modernism). Our futurism is not nihilistic like cyberpunk and it avoids steampunk’s potentially quasi-reactionary tendencies: it is about ingenuity, generativity, independence, and community."
24 days ago by warrenellis
Archaeologists Confirm That Stonehenge Was Once A Complete Circle
"Now, thanks to a dry summer and a watering hose that was too short, the answer has unexpectedly emerged in the form of ghostly outlines — patches of parched grass where the megaliths once lay. Usually, the ground around the ancient structure is watered by stewards, but this year their hose was too short to reach the entire site. Quite by chance, the incomplete section of the inner stone circle was left to dry out."
27 days ago by warrenellis
Android security mystery - 'fake’ cellphone towers found in U.S.
"Seventeen mysterious cellphone towers have been found in America which look like ordinary towers, and can only be identified by a heavily customized handset built for Android security – but have a much more malicious purpose, according to Popular Science."
spook  security  crime  comms 
27 days ago by warrenellis
The scientific A-Team saving the world from killer viruses, rogue AI and the paperclip apocalypse | Technology | The Guardian
"the founders of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk may be all that stands between us and global catastrophe"
future  doom 
28 days ago by warrenellis
Sticky end for sex geckos sent into space by Russia
Five geckos sent into orbit to test the effect of weightlessness on the small lizards' sex lives have all died, the Russian space agency said on Monday.
28 days ago by warrenellis
Leading expert on search for intelligent extra-terrestrial life optimistic
"The Fermi Paradox is a big extrapolation from a very local observation. We don't see any obvious evidence of galactic colonisation around here. So they couldn't be out there. Really? I don't see any evidence of mega fauna in my back yard, so maybe there aren't any …"

Interview that removes much of my last hope that SETI will prove to be of any use to anyone. Extant megafauna includes cows, probably not far from your own back yard, and evidencing themselves in your diet. Pleistocene megafauna are extinct, which, in your metaphor, DOES speak to Fermi -- you can't see them in your fucking back yard because they all died before you started looking.
space  seti 
28 days ago by warrenellis
North Korea Warns UK & C4: Political Thriller Would Bring “Disgrace” | Deadline
"In a statement carried by the Korean Central News Agency, a spokesman for Korea’s National Defense Commission on Sunday called Opposite Number, “a conspiratorial charade painting a wrong picture of the DPRK’s reality as it is based on a sheer lie intended to give impression that the DPRK’s nuclear treasured sword for self-defense was manufactured by ‘illegally acquiring’ nuclear technology from Britain.”"

pol  mad 
28 days ago by warrenellis
Roberto Bolaño: Literary Lion, Cash Cow?: The Q: GQ
"I have to ask about this quote on the back of the book. Bolaño said that Antwerp is "the only novel that doesn't embarrass me." Really?"

"It's from his famous Mexican Playboy interview. I lopped off the second half where he said it's "because [the book] continues to be unintelligible." "

bolano  books 
29 days ago by warrenellis
Skyscraper Wallpapers + Subtraction.com
"Once a month starting back in January, the site I Like Architecture has been publishing these beautifully stylized portraits of famous contemporary skyscrapers from around the world, lovingly crafted by French illustrator Romain Trystram. Their exaggerated color palettes and simplified details emphasize the sci-fi, “architecture of the absurd” quality of building trends."
art  cities 
29 days ago by warrenellis
LAURIE FRICK | FRICKbits? Where did this come from?
"FRICKbits iphone app, captures your pattern of movement and turns it into art – coming to iphone  in Sep/Oct 2014."
apps  geo 
29 days ago by warrenellis
Ancient metal workers were not slaves but highly regarded craftsmen
"The result of this analysis, published in the journal Antiquity, indicates that the laborers operating the furnaces were in fact skilled craftsmen who enjoyed high social status and adulation. They believe their discovery may have ramifications for similar sites across the region"
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
New Evidence Suggests The Arctic's First Settlers Died In Isolation
"...the Dorset, the last vestige of Paleo-Eskimo culture, disappeared roughly 700 years ago in the span of a few decades. This, after inhabiting the region successfully for some 4,000 years."
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
BBC News - Working gun made with 3D printer
"The world's first gun made with 3D printer technology has been successfully fired in the US.

"The controversial group which created the firearm, Defense Distributed, plans to make the blueprints available online."
guns  tech  fabbing 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
How can we find tiny particles in exoplanet atmospheres?
"It may seem like magic, but astronomers have worked out a scheme that will allow them to detect and measure particles ten times smaller than the width of a human hair, even at many light-years distance.  They can do this by observing a blue tint in the light from far-off objects caused by the way in which small particles, no more than a micron in size (one-thousandth of a millimeter) scatter light."
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Elizabeth Parker - Radiophonic Workshop Special : Red Bull Music Academy Radio
"The Radiophonic Workshop first opened its doors in 1957. It started life as little more than an offshoot of the UK’s government funded BBC drama department, but over the next eighteen years grew to produce the innovative sounds and music that became synonymous with shows like ‘Dr Who’ and ‘The Human Body’. The workshop was formed at a time when sound technology was still in its infancy of props and tape reels. Little was known at the time about the embryonic medium and the BBC was even initially wary to hire composers in the long term for fear of their ongoing health. We talk to one such composer, Elizabeth Parker, worked on the cult sci-fi series ‘Blake 7’, amongst others, and recalls here with affection, the open attitude of her colleagues and experimentation with new methods. Unfortunately however it didn’t last and the subsequent cut in funding and increasing availability of technology such as synths, affected the Workshop’s vitality and viability to the BBC altogether, forcing it’s eventual closure in the 1990’s. The original recordings are now preserved for posterity, but the Radiophonic Workshop’s broader legacy is evident in the continual evolution of electronic music today."
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Press Releases :: MYOS Corporation (MYOS)
"MYOS Corporation Reports Additional Clinical Data on the Impact of Fortetropin on Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass and Muscle Size in Male Subjects"
med  bodymod 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
BBC News - The death list that names 5,000 victims
"A year ago, a Dutch prosecutor published a list of 5,000 names, which immediately led to scenes of public mourning in Afghanistan. These were the names of people killed after a communist coup d'etat in 1978 - and some of those with blood on their hands are now living in Europe."
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Initial Success! | Experiment
"Can we biologically extend the range of human vision into the near infrared?"
sci  bodymod 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
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