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Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze - Bloomberg
"Two investors in Juicero were surprised to learn the startup’s juice packs could be squeezed by hand without using its high-tech machine."
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" using IRs to explore the acoustics of caves,silos,reservoir's- "
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Skyscraper in the Clouds
"Analemma tower... is conceived as a huge construction tethered to an asteroid that would be moved into what the firm describes as ‘an eccentric geosynchronous orbit’ over Earth. The orbit allows the structure to move between the northern and southern hemispheres, tracing out a figure-eight over the surface. With the slowest speed over the ground at the top and bottom of the figure-eight, Clouds Architecture Office suggests that occupants could move back and forth, interacting with ground resources at these points. New York City is suggested as the location for one of the slow parts of the preferred orbit."
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prosthetic knowledge — OpticalFlow meets FlipFluids Visual experiments...
Visual experiments from Lulu xXX translates optical flow from movement of videos into 3D fluid dynamics using the Houdini renderer:
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5 weeks ago by warrenellis
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