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Sun's rotating 'magnet' pulls lightning towards UK
"over a five year period the UK experienced around 50% more lightning strikes when the Earth's magnetic field was skewed by the Sun's own magnetic field."


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Media ‘gagged over bid to report MP child sex cases’ | Society | The Observer
"The security services are facing questions over the cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s were destroyed."
pol  crime 
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Ghosts created by scientists in 'disturbing' lab experiment - Telegraph
"Now, however, scientists in Switzerland have shown that ghosts are probably just an illusion created by the mind when it momentarily loses track of the body’s location because of illness, exertion or stress."
hauntology  neuro 
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Jez Butterworth’s True Calling
This was Butterworth’s second Bond; he worked on “Skyfall,” too, making the kind of script changes that his twelve-year-old self, watching the movie at the St. Albans Odeon, would be pleased to see. “You know, like Bond doesn’t have scenes with other men. Bond shoots other men—he doesn’t sit around chatting to them. So you put a line through that.”
writing  bond  writers 
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Ancient New Zealand 'Dawn Whale' identified
"The two whales, which lived between 27-25 million years ago, were preserved in a rock formation near Duntroon in North Otago. At that time the continent of Zealandia was largely or completely under water and the whales were deposited on a continental shelf that was perhaps between 50 to 100 metres deep."
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Uzbekistan Has Second Highest Prevalence of Modern Slavery in the World – Report | EurasiaNet.org
The Global Slavery Index 2014 was compiled by the Australia-based nonprofit Walk Free Foundation (WFF). The West-African nation of Mauritania has the highest prevalence of modern slavery in the world, with 4 percent of the population (155,000 individuals) living under bondage-like conditions, the WFF estimates. In Uzbekistan the percentage stood at 3.97 percent, or 1.2 million people.
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Has one of Harald Bluetooth's fortresses come to light?
"When the discovery was published back in September, we were certain that we had found a Viking ring fortress, but since then there have been intense discussions online and amongst archaeologists about whether we were right. Now we know without doubt that we have found a fortress from the 10th century," says archaeologist Nanna Holm, curator of the Danish Castle Centre.
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A month on land: Restoring soils and landscapes - Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog
"Conservative estimates state that the world is losing 24 billion tons of fertile soil each year.  That’s 3.4 tons lost every year for every person on the planet. In Africa alone, land degradation affects 67% of agricultural lands, with about 490 million hectares showing erosion and declining vegetation. Left unchecked, this will have huge impact on food security and human and environmental health."
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Cosmopolitanism and Transnationalism: Visions, Ethics and Practices

Edited by Leena Kaunonen
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BBC News - #BBCtrending: The murders that followed a WhatsApp curfew
Was the warning from the police force, then? Not exactly. "There's no stopping any of us, not even the highest colonel. The boys are on the loose," the message continued, before concluding with a final warning: "Please stay at home. Don't go hanging out on street corners." It wasn't an official public service announcement, but apparently sent by renegade officers, seeking revenge for their fallen comrade.
crime  comms 
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World's oldest weather report could alter Egyptian history - Futurity
The stela’s text describes the “sky being in storm” with “a tempest of rain” for a period of days. The passages also describe bodies floating down the Nile like “skiffs of papyrus.”
history  extinction 
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Synthetic biology could be big boost to interplanetary space travel
In the cover story of today's issue of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, four bioengineers describe how synthetic biology – what some have termed "genetic engineering on steroids" – could allow space travelers to use microbes to produce their own fuel, food, medicines and building materials from raw feedstocks readily available on Mars or the moon, instead of carrying all supplies aboard the spacecraft or making them at the destination with conventional non-biological methods.
sci  bio  space 
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BBC News - Why the French state has a team of UFO hunters
"The team is called Geipan. That's a French acronym for Study Group and Information on Non-Identified Aerospace Phenomenon."
weird  gov  ufo 
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What would the tube map look like if it ONLY contained ghost stations? - Us Vs Th3m
"Ghost stations is the usual English translation for the German word Geisterbahnhöfe. This term was used to describe certain stations on Berlin’s U-Bahn and S-Bahn metro networks that were closed during the period of Berlin’s division during the Cold War. Since then, the term has come to be used to describe any disused station on an underground railway line, especially those actively passed through by passenger trains."
history  architecture  hauntology  maps 
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Inhabited London Bridge | Chetwoods ArchitectsChetwoods Architects
"Laurie Chetwood’s design for an inhabited London Bridge includes solar-powered spires housing a self-sufficient hydroponic organic farm and commercial centre taking advantage of renewable energy generation, harvesting and efficient re-use of water, solar heating and natural ventilation. The vertical farm acts as a cooling tower and powers a wind turbine. Solar heated convection heats water, and EFTE provides a solar PV skin for electricity generation."

Weird throwback: London Bridge was inhabited in the past
19 days ago by warrenellis
What's happening in British politics? Paul Mason on the news - YouTube
"Paul Mason's raw thoughts on the news - and why what's happening in British politics is like when they blow up a council block and it collapses from the bottom up."
video  news  pol 
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Seikilos Epitaph - Song of Seikilos - YouTube
The Seikilos epitaph is the oldest surviving example of a complete musical composition, including musical notation, from anywhere in the world. The song, the melody of which is recorded, alongside its lyrics, in the ancient Greek musical notation, was found engraved on a tombstone, near Aidin, Turkey (not far from Ephesus). The find has been dated variously from around 200 BC to around AD 100.
history  music 
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"Chapter 6 of Leech and Short’s Style in Fiction was devoted to the notion of “mind
style”, which had been introduced four years earlier by Roger Fowler in order to capture
“any distinctive linguistic representation of an individual mental self” (“Linguistics and
the Novel” 103). In this paper I consider the extent of Leech and Short’s contribution to
the development of the concept of mind style, and then go on to show how the study of
mind style, and of fictional minds more generally, has developed over the last 25 years in
both narratology and stylistics. "
theory  lit 
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Machine Teleology | Urban Future (2.1)
"England was the industrial machine’s first habitat on earth. There fanatical men led mobs against it. [...] Frail and clumsy as it was at first, its life was indestructible. And now man would not dare to destroy it if he could. His own life is bound up with it."

theory  extinction 
21 days ago by warrenellis
Secretive Mexican police unit questioned over 3 murdered Americans | Fox News Latino
"The men threatened witnesses not to talk and identified themselves as members of the Hercules Group, an elite security unit newly formed by the mayor of Matamoros, Leticia Salazar, in charge of protecting her."
war  pol  mexico 
22 days ago by warrenellis
Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds: Many Interacting Worlds theory challenges foundations of quantum science -- ScienceDaily
"The team proposes that parallel universes really exist, and that they interact. That is, rather than evolving independently, nearby worlds influence one another by a subtle force of repulsion. They show that such an interaction could explain everything that is bizarre about quantum mechanics."
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Hemingwrite | Uncrate
"Typewriters are great for distraction-free writing — but not so great for digital documents. iPads and laptops are great for keeping your work in the cloud, but like a business trip to Vegas, they're full of distractions. The Hemingwrite is a happy medium. Designed in Detroit, this portable, single-purpose gadget combines a daylight-friendly, high-contrast 6-inch E Ink screen with a high-quality mechanical keyboard to offer all the focus of a traditional typewriter and all the benefits of a modern device. It sports a die-cast aluminum case with a retro design and built-in handle, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE for constant backups to Evernote and Google Docs, a built-in memory of over 1 million pages, and a battery life of over six weeks, so even if you need to take a Thoreau-style retreat, you won't have to pack along a charger."
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Twitter drops Google Glass, app no longer available - SlashGear
"The bad news isn’t that Twitter addicts will go wanting for heads-up tweets. The really unfortunate bit of info here is that Twitter just plain dropped Google Glass. Cold."
tech  comms  web  net 
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Yoda Has Left the Building
"In fact, when Marshall argued that an arms race with the Soviets was inevitable, he meant there was no choice as long as the two countries existed. For example, remember that picture of Marshall, Wohlstetter, and friends, palavering late into the night? They were discussing "recovery" models -- as in, whether the United States or Soviet Union would recover more quickly after a nuclear war, gaining a head start in the inevitable rearmament race. Remember that joke in Dr. Strangelove about the "mine shaft gap"? That was, in fact, what Marshall was discussing."
war  pol 
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What is a Singleton?
"In set theory, a singleton is a set with only one member, but as I introduced the notion, the term refers to a world order in which there is a single decision-making agency at the highest level.[1] Among its powers would be (1) the ability to prevent any threats (internal or external) to its own existence and supremacy, and (2) the ability to exert effective control over major features of its domain (including taxation and territorial allocation)."
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Report: Drone nearly collided with British passenger plane on purpose | Ars Technica
"The incident happened over the city of Essex as the plane prepared to land at London's Southend Airport. According to the report, the quadcopter came close to hitting the larger plane's right-side wing at an altitude of roughly 1,500 feet."

Essex isn't a city. I live in Southend.
27 days ago by warrenellis
Bees inspire a better way to land aircrafts - Futurity
To develop a new aircraft landing system, researchers are studying how bees use “optic flow descent” to guide them down.
tech  flight 
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Ray Winstone: ‘I don’t mean to look like I want to kill people’ | Film | The Observer
"There’s a story that when I was a toddler I’d sing for the greengrocer and he’d give me a banana. Then one day he didn’t give me a banana and I told him to fuck off. I must have been about three because I was still in a pram."
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U.K. Startup Swytch Is Building An App To Open Up The ‘Burner’ Phone Number Market | TechCrunch
U.K. startup Swytch — founded in April this year — is bootstrapping a cloud based mobile network and dialer app that will let you use multiple phone numbers on a single SIM, so doing away with the hassle of juggling multiple physical SIM cards
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Timescape 1200AD
To argue that the 13th century brings us to the threshold of the modern world might seem strange at first, but let’s imagine the economic world of Africa and Eurasia and think back a mere few hundred years.
maps  history 
29 days ago by warrenellis
A Brief History of (TV) Failure - Ratings | TVbytheNumbers.Zap2it.com
"Or to summarize, Fox’s Mob Doctor wasn’t a weird historical footnote. It was the harbinger of our new, terrifying present"
29 days ago by warrenellis
The Earthscraper / BNKR Arquitectura | ArchDaily
"The Earthscraper, designed by BNKR Arquitectura, is the Skyscraper’s antagonist in the historic urban landscape of Mexico City where the latter is condemned and the preservation of the built environment is the paramount ambition."
architecture  mexico 
29 days ago by warrenellis
Endling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"An endling is an individual that is the last of its species or subspecies. Once the endling dies, the species becomes extinct. The word was coined in correspondence in the scientific journal Nature. Alternative names put forth for the last individual of its kind include ender and terminarch. The word relict may also be used but usually refers to a group that is the last of the species"
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BBC News - Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem
"A herd of hippopotamuses once owned by the late Colombian drug baron Pablo Escobar has been taking over the countryside near his former ranch - and no-one quite knows what to do with them."
weird  crime 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Jesus Malverde: Not Just a Narcosaint | R. Andrew Chesnut
"Malverde quickly earned a reputation as el bandido generoso, the generous bandit who stole from the rich and distributed the plunder to the needy. In the most popular version of the Malverde legend, the governor of Sinaloa, Francisco Cañedo, personally challenged Malverde to steal his sword or daughter, promising that if successful he would be granted a pardon. Malverde passed brazenly through the governor's mansion like a ghost and left a note stating "Jesus M. was here." Humiliated, the governor ordered him hanged with his arms tied behind his back. As a show of force, local authorities refused to allow Malverde to be buried and his body was left hanging until the bones fell to the ground. Over time, peasants threw small stones towards his remains as a sign of respect, eventually covering the body. "
cult  crime 
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The 10 Most Improbable Celebrity Fistfights | Cracked.com
"Don't ever call me 'your drummer' again," Watts told Jagger. "You're my fucking singer."
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
She Tweeted Against the Mexican Cartels. They Tweeted Her Murder. - The Daily Beast
"Reynosa, a border city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas located a short drive from McAllen, Texas. Tamaulipas is notorious as a state caught in the iron grip of organized crime. Extortion, kidnappings, shootouts, arson, bodies excavated from arid pits, all of this happens in Tamaulipas, practically on a daily basis, but hardly any of it gets reported because of a media blackout the cartels decreed four years ago that is as strictly enforced as martial law after a coup."
cities  crime 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Dark Ecology — Medium
"Dark Ecology appears as an aesthetic concern, as a way of shaping or focusing thought, a method of holding contradictions open and unresolved without falling into paralysis, a tuning fork that resonates in particular soundfields, as extra layers of clothing to protect against ‘the elements’, reinforced, yet permeable boundaries between the human organism and the environment (habitat/habitus)."
extinction  eco 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Questions For Foie Gras « Anti-Gravity Bunny
"What is the best way to die?"

While avenging someone’s death, spontaneously combusting or wolves.

Probably wolves.
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Making a kangling for chöd | Buddhism for Vampires
}A kangling is a trumpet made from a human thigh-bone. You play a kangling in tantric Buddhist rituals, particularly chöd. The function of chöd is to cut your emotional attachment to your body. Putting a dead person’s leg bone to your mouth—to blow the kangling while practicing—is an intimate reminder of your own mortality."
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"Why, in this age when every-
body can download all the MP3s they
want from the web, do we still listen
to radio? Because we need someone
to make sense of it all, someone with
a sensibility to put it together for
us, someone to narrate this mass of
information. "
radio  theory 
4 weeks ago by warrenellis
Super-Intelligent Humans Are Coming - Issue 18: Genius - Nautilus
"If only a small number of genes controlled cognition, then each of the gene variants should have altered IQ by a large chunk—about 15 points of variation between two individuals. But the largest effect size researchers have been able to detect thus far is less than a single point of IQ. Larger effect sizes would have been much easier to detect, but have not been seen."
neuro  genetics 
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Constructor Theory
"The basic principle of constructor theory is that all fundamental laws of nature are expressible entirely in terms of statements of which tasks (i.e. classes of physical transformations) are possible and which are impossible, and why. This is a new mode of explanation, intended to supersede the prevailing conception of fundamental physics which seeks to explain the world in terms of its state (describing everything that is there) and laws of motion (describing how the everything changes with time). By regarding counter-factuals ('X is possible' or 'X is impossible') as first-class, exact statements, constructor theory brings all sorts of interesting fields, currently regarded as inherently approximative, potentially into fundamental physics. These include the theories of information, knowledge, thermodynamics, life, and of course the universal constructor."
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Episode 32: Stella — The Organist — KCRW
A mindbending new radio drama, written by the bestselling novelist and playwright Gordon Dahlquist, finds the connection between artificial intelligence and method acting. Starring Jared Harris (Mad Men), Leo Marks (co-founder, the Elevator Repair Service), and Laura Flanagan (numerous Off-Broadway productions).
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
Scientists build first map of hidden universe
"A team led by astronomers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy has created the first three-dimensional map of the 'adolescent' Universe, just 3 billion years after the Big Bang. This map, built from data collected from the W. M. Keck Observatory, is millions of light-years across and provides a tantalizing glimpse of large structures in the 'cosmic web' – the backbone of cosmic structure."
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Archeologists unearth 3,300 year old complex in Israel
"Initial examination of the ruins suggests the site was an ancient cult complex—a rather large one at that with side walls measuring up to 52x52 feet. Thus far archeologists have uncovered mask fragments (parts that covered the nose), connected cups (their purpose has yet to be discovered), scarabs (stone representations of the beetle typically used as an amulet) and very large vessels known as pithoi."
history  cult 
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
Tangled Nodes: Self Observation Notes #2 | Hawthonn
"Can you imagine rising early in the morning, trudging to the cloister of Desmodus and kneeling on the sodden earth to lick the dew from the rough superfices of the rock? To tongue and bite the celestial mosses that adhere to the surface, and rub cheeks against the rough scabs of lichen? To take a blessed chipping, a pebble relic, and grind it between your front teeth? To lie with the slug, face down on the rock, and kiss the shadow-mouth of your own daemon as it reclines beneath you? To hope that it will whisper the secrets of the dragon’s angle, or the chain of winds, or an impulsive rite: chew on the holly leaf; sculpt your god from mud; take up arms against the brambles."
writing  hauntology  myth 
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
My Night With Afghanistan's Only Female Warlord, Commander Pigeon | New Republic
"my guide, a young Afghan named Sharif Sahak, showed me a photograph of the country’s only known female warlord, Bibi Ayisha, nom de guerre: Commander Pigeon. It was late 2013, the Americans were preparing to leave, and Sharif had heard that the commander was training a new militia of female jihadists to fight the Taliban. In the photograph, she looked to be about 200 pounds and 60 years old. A large woman with black eyes made small by folds of skin. A beaked nose protruded from a wide flat face. She held her machine gun against her bosom like a bouquet of roses."
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The Radical Power of Classified Pop Music
"“Home” was partly motivated by my disillusionment with how apathetic music has become as a field. It seems like such a waste, as in many senses musical discourse has embraced radicalism in terms of aesthetics, however for some reason seems more politically inconsequential than I can ever remember. What good are radical sounds if they do not attempt to communicate radical alternatives? Is this all just an exercise in escapism and click bait? This is deeply troubling to me. I really don’t want to accept a scenario where musicians are relegated to the realm of entertainment and toothless universal/retrograde posturing and gestures."
music  interviews  culture 
5 weeks ago by warrenellis
Dissolvable silicon circuits and sensors -- ScienceDaily
"Electronic devices that dissolve completely in water, leaving behind only harmless end products, are part of a rapidly emerging class of technology. This technology suggest a new era of devices that range from green consumer electronics to ‘electroceutical’ "therapies, to biomedical sensor systems that do their work and then disappear.
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Back to No Future | Jacobin
"I realize this sounds like the kind of hysterically apocalyptic rhetoric that many have warned against. Catastrophism is, after all, better suited to the goals of the Right than the Left;"
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Father of philosophy comes under forensic scrutiny
""Biographers have not described such symptoms in Rene Descartes, apart from one possible isolated episode of migraine with aura on the night of November 10 1619," characterised by sudden visual and auditory hallucinations, the letter in The Lancet said."
history  visions  neuro 
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Ebola Is the ISIS of Our Apocalyptic Fantasies | VICE News
"The issue is not whether the Islamic State is a ridiculous analogy for Ebola — of course it is. The real problem is that highly complex geopolitical situations are being reduced in the Western popular imaginary to apocalyptic fantasies. In isolation, the end-times anxieties attached to both the rise of the Islamic State and the spread of Ebola have been unfounded — little wonder that combining the paranoias produced an absurd effect on screen."
cult  war  extinction 
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Satanic panic: how British agents stoked supernatural fears in Troubles | UK news | The Guardian
"British military intelligence agents in Northern Ireland used fears about demonic possessions, black masses and witchcraft as part of a psychological war against emerging armed groups in the Troubles in the 1970s, a study says."
war  cult  psyops 
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Hubble maps temperature, water vapor on wild exoplanet
"the planet, called WASP-43b, is no place to call home. It's a world of extremes, where winds howl at the speed of sound from a 3,000-degree-Fahrenheit dayside to a pitch-black nightside when temperatures plunge to a relatively cool 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, still hot enough to melt silver."
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
Tilde.Club: I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds — The Message — Medium
"This is the story of an accidental network of hundreds of people all sort of working towards a vague common goal on a ridiculous project that did not exist a week ago."

No, I'm not a member.
6 weeks ago by warrenellis
The Deeper I Stare Into the Internet, the More I See the World Going to Waste | Motherboard
"Welcome to the new-old milieu, where phantoms stalk what seems like every last mile of the digital experience. As social historian and folklorist Owen Davies writes in The Haunted: "Cyberspace has become part of the geography of haunting." "
future  hauntology 
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