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Flood Stains (2010) on Vimeo
Flood Stains (2010) Flood Stains heralds another return of Lydia Lunch, the star of the No Wave movement in NYC that brought up Jim Jarmusch, Amos Poe, Scott B. and Beth B., Richard Kern, Jean Michel Basquiat, Brian Eno and Sonic Youth, among others - as well as co-pioneering spoke word performance and film with Henry Rollins. The single-take film features Lunch as Saltmaster, who ritualistically opens Vivarium - an installation by architect-artist Juan Azulay at legendary SCI-Arc, in downtown Los Angeles - after robots, bacteria, algae and salt had been trapped and monitored for over three months. Lunch performs a mutated version of 'In Spite of God' to her original composition of her first 'bacterial opera'. Co-written by Lunch and Azulay. Original resampling, unreleased music by Lunch. MTTR MGMT
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