Japan satellite blasts into space to deliver artificial meteors
"A start-up based in Tokyo developed the micro-satellite for the celestial show over Hiroshima early next year as the initial experiment for what it calls a "shooting stars on demand" service."
space  bullshit? 
Search for Tomorrow: An Epimodernist Future for Literature
"There’s no need to let the pervasive and everlasting imaginary of the end rule the visions of the future in literature. So I decided to give a name to this renewed diagonal force of the contemporary: epimodernism."
writing  theory 
Is a Serial-Killer Gang Murdering Young Men Across the U.S.?
"one of about 100 victims of the Smiley-Face Killers, an alleged organized gang of serial killers that communicates on the dark web, with cells in dozens of cities across the United States. "
crime  weird 
You Should Know About 'The Onania Club'
- "... Because all the trailer consists of is four rich white women pleasuring themselves to footage of 9/11..." (The 'Human Centipede' guy.)
Year of the Meteor
"This is Robin Sloan’s workspace for 2019. The newsletter is the best way to follow along; it goes out every Sunday."
newsletters  web 
2 days ago
Get Real – Structure & Narrative
- "Anyway Antartica is cool but it stinks. I mean its not as cold as you think but there is literally thousands of years old shit melting and rotting out here."
writing  future 
9 days ago
We need an ‘AI sidekick’ to fight malicious AI
(Centaur AI mode - the usual joke being, what end of the centaur do we get to be)
ai  tech  sci 
11 days ago
Is This Tomorrow? - Whitechapel Gallery
"Is This Tomorrow? takes as its model Whitechapel Gallery’s landmark exhibition This Is Tomorrow (1956)" - feat. @livingarchitect
future  art 
16 days ago
New compound shows promise in treatment of Alzheimer’s | YaleNews
"a drinkable cocktail of designer molecules that interferes with a crucial first step of Alzheimer’s and even restores memories in mice"
med  neuro 
16 days ago
NASA's technosignatures report: every way to find evidence of an intelligent civilization
"scientists are also relying on sophisticated tools to search for telltale indicators of technological activity (technosignatures)"
17 days ago
Ethan Spaulding - Wikipedia
directed THE RAY anime, better than most
animation  authority 
7 weeks ago
David Hare: the genius of Georges Simenon | Books | The Guardian
"He had the idea that a book, like a Greek tragedy, should be experienced in a single session. “You can’t see a tragedy in more than one sitting.” "
september 2018
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