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Responsive design and retina images: skating to where the puck will be
Marc Drummond makes a case for the <picture> element: "This is much larger than just Apple. Even if all displays aren’t high resolution in the future, enough of them will be that you won’t be able to ignore it, just as you can no longer ignore mobile design."
marcdrummond  retina  webdesign  images  engw3332 
august 2012 by warnick
Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS
Peter Gasston: "Some of these boring bits have been around for a while but deserve more recognition, while others are just starting to appear in browsers. But they’ll all be revolutionary to the way we work—albeit in humble, unassuming ways."
alistapart  petergasston  css  engw3332 
august 2012 by warnick
I Won't Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar. Here's Why.
Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixIt: "In blog posts, on Facebook statuses, in e-mails, and on company websites, your words are all you have. They are a projection of you in your physical absence. And, for better or worse, people judge you if you can't tell the difference between their, there, and they're."
writing  bizcomm  grammar  engw3332 
august 2012 by warnick
The Responsive Calculator
"Just a simple calculator to help turn your PSD pixel perfection into the start of your responsive website."
webdesign  responsive  webapp  layout  grid  engw3332 
june 2012 by warnick
Beautiful Web Type
"There are over 400 typefaces in the Google web fonts directory. Many of them are awful. But there are also high-quality typefaces that deserve a closer look."
webdesign  typography  google  webfonts  engw3332 
june 2012 by warnick
Apis Networks
Web hosting provider. Recommended by Tim Lockridge.
webdesign  hosting  engw3332 
may 2012 by warnick
Suit Up or Die Magazine #1
Now that's how you build a slide show in HTML.
webdesign  css  html5  inspiration  slideshow  engw3332 
may 2012 by warnick
A collection of interface patterns, with accompanying CSS and HTML code. Also available as a WordPress theme. Yet another beautiful contribution to the world of web design from Dan Cederholm.
dancederholm  webdesign  html  css  patterns  framework  wordpress  engw3332 
may 2012 by warnick
Build a responsive site in a week
Paul Robert Lloyd's five-part series shows each step of the responsive process.
webdesign  responsive  tutorial  engw3332 
april 2012 by warnick
Ethan Marcotte answers your responsive web design questions
Interesting interview about the current state of responsive web design. Marcotte mentions a few resources I hadn't seen before.
ethanmarcotte  webdesign  responsive  engw3332 
april 2012 by warnick
Pitfalls of WYSIWIG: Self Publishing Hell
Luke Maciak makes a great case for ditching MS Word and switching to Markdown: "There is simply no way around it. As we move towards more open-ended, more web driven environments, Word is an archaic, led anchor that drags everyone down, and restricts their movements. Word hurts productivity by forcing you to fiddle with it every time you are trying to collaborate or publish your stuff online."
msword  markdown  publishing  latex  engw3332  writing  software 
april 2012 by warnick
What is HTML5?
A short video explaining some basic (*very* basic) concepts related to HTML5.
html  html5  webdesign  engw3332 
april 2012 by warnick
Waxy.org Turns 10
Andy Baio reflects on 10 years of blogging: "Most of the interest in writing online's shifted to microblogging, but not everything belongs in 140 characters and it's all so impermanent. Twitter's great, but it's not a replacement for a permanent home that belongs to you."
andybaio  blogging  personalweb  engw3332 
april 2012 by warnick
Am I a Content Strategist?
Mark Baker: "The debate between centralized control and distributed authority is eternal. The Web, with its capacity for both personal connection and instantaneous global distribution, profoundly affects this dynamic, generally in favor of distribution of authority. As David Weinberger says, hypertext subverts hierarchy. Can one have a content strategy based on distributed authority?"
contentstrategy  techcomm  engw3332 
april 2012 by warnick
A demonstration of a web interface that doesn't require (nay, prohibits) clicking.
webdesign  interface  ui  ux  engw3332 
march 2012 by warnick
If Twitter Is a Work Necessity
NY Times: "For midcareer executives, particularly in the media and related industries, knowing how to use Twitter, update your timeline on Facebook, pin on Pinterest, check in on Foursquare and upload images on Instagram are among the digital skills that some employers expect people to have to land a job or to flourish in a current role."
nytimes  employment  socialmedia  bizcomm  engw3335  engw3332 
march 2012 by warnick
Subtle Patterns
A slew of free tiled images for your next web project.
background  patterns  tiled  webdesign  engw3332 
march 2012 by warnick
What are the best blogs ABOUT WordPress?
A great collection of links for learning WordPress on Ask MetaFilter.
askmefi  wordpress  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Medium of Choice
Paul Ford's personal principles for writing on the web: "The web is my medium of choice, not a medium of last resort."
ftrain  paulford  manifesto  writing  internet  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Search Engine Optimization for Smarties
Some simple, smart, and ethical strategies from Dan Cohen: "I've long thought I should let those in academia (and other creators of reliable, noncommercial digital resources) in on the not-so-secret ways you can move your website higher up in the Google rankings (as well as in the rankings of other search engines)."
dancohen  seo  webdesign  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Responsive Design: Progressive Enhancement, Part Deux!
Aaron T. Grogg: "This is responsive design: designing for anything that might come to be, not what we have today. Today is already yesterday; build for tomorrow, so you’re ready when it gets here."
aarontgrogg  webdesign  responsive  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
The responsive design process
Matt Wilcox: "This article gives one possible approach for designing responsive websites. It is not a technical document, and does not require knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any other programming or mark-up languages."
webdesign  responsive  process  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Structure First. Content Always.
Mark Boulton: "Content needs to be structured and structuring alters your content, designing alters content. It’s not ‘content then design’, or ‘content or design’. It’s ‘content and design’."
markboulton  webdesign  contentstrategy  process  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Private Profiles Finish Last
Forbes: "Before you rush to deactivate or completely censor your profiles, consider this: having little to no trace online in this digital age can work against you. *What?* Yes. In fact, it is actually unusual. To find no hint of personality in the black hole that is the World Wide Web can be unsettling for employers."
onlineidentity  jobmarket  privacy  socialnetworking  employment  engw3335  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
The Personal Page
Naz Hamid shares his very nice template for creating a simple, bold "about" page for a personal website. Kind of like a self-hosted version of about.me.
webdesign  personalbranding  onlineidentity  homepage  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Bill Wolff asked his students to quit Facebook for a week
The resulting tweets and blog posts demonstrate just how deeply entangled most of us are in Facebook and other social networks.
billwolff  facebook  socialmedia  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Designing for Content Management Systems
Smashing Magazine offers some good tips for building sites with a CMS.
webdesign  cms  smashingmagazine  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Brian May's Site Guide
When your site guide is ten times more complicated that your actual site, you've got a problem.
usability  webdesign  ux  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide
The Atlantic reports on a year-long study of readers' reactions to various types of tweets. The results aren't remarkably surprising, but it's nice to see real data on this subject.
twitter  research  socialmedia  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Trent Walton on responsive web design
"If there’s anything I’ve had to learn the hard way through all of this, it’s that responsive web design isn’t bolt-on. Whereas progressive enhancements (like border-radius), or web fonts can easily be added and removed from a site, responsive (for me at least) has required a complete redefinition of how I approach my craft down to the pixel. The more I learn & adapt, the more certain I am that this is the best way to build for the web."
webdesign  responsive  trentwalton  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
Dangers of Fracking
Beautiful use of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.
webdesign  html5  css  javascript  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
A new textbook that covers the basics of HTML and CSS in a surprisingly elegant way. Looks promising.
textbooks  webdesign  html  css  engw3332 
february 2012 by warnick
HTML5 Video
A nice resource explaining how the <video> element works in HTML5 and comparing several popular methods for embedding video.
webdesign  html5  video  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
How to Approach a Responsive Design
Tito Baottitta explains how the Upstatement team developed the new Boston Globe website: "[W]e experimented with how to solve design and layout problems within a responsive framework. We learned a helluva lot as we went, like how to choose the right design software, strategies for thinking through breakpoints, and some best practices for designing in the browser."
webdesign  responsive  bostonglobe  casestudy  process  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
No More Résumés, Say Some Firms
The Wall Street Journal reports that "[c]ompanies are increasingly relying on social networks such as LinkedIn, video profiles and online quizzes to gauge candidates' suitability for a job. While most still request a résumé as part of the application package, some are bypassing the staid requirement altogether."
wsj  resume  socialmedia  bizcomm  engw3335  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
Making Love to WebKit
Whoa. Steven Wittens demonstrates that web design is a true artform.
css  html5  3d  webdesign  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
Showcase of Academic and Higher Education Websites
Smashing Magazine demonstrates that not *all* university websites are terrible.
webdesign  academia  smashingmagazine  inspiration  highered  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
Live HTML/CSS editor. Pretty slick.
webdesign  html  css  editor  webapp  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
Useful Web Typography Tools
A nice collection of resources for working with typography in CSS.
webdesign  css  typography  grid  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
Overflow Image with vertical centering for Responsive Web Design
"If you want to use an image in your responsive web design you can use fluid images. But there is another way. You can set a maximum height and crop the image."
webdesign  javascript  jquery  responsive  images  engw3332 
january 2012 by warnick
Multi-Device Web Design: An Evolution
Luke Wroblewski reviews the state of responsive web design. Lots of great links here.
lukewroblewski  webdesign  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
The internet's Go Daddy issues
Jason Kottke lists a few of the many reasons why no one (and I do mean *no one*) should do business with GoDaddy.
jasonkottke  godaddy  webhosting  business  webdesign  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
Exquisite Tweets
Cool tool for presenting an entire Twitter conversation in chronological order, with embedded images, videos, etc...
twitter  webapp  tool  storytelling  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
The Readable Future
Brent Simmons offers some great advice to anyone publishing online: "Readers are smart, and they love to read, and they’ll go where they can read, and they have more and more options."
brentsimmons  webdesign  reading  advertising  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too
Om Malik reflects on a decade of blogging and offers a few great lessons. I like this one: "Being authentic in your thoughts and voice is the only way to survive the test of time."
ommalik  blogging  advice  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
Move The Web Forward
An excellent "guide to getting involved with standards and browser development." Lots of links to other great resources. Required reading for anyone who wants to get serious about web design.
webdesign  webstandards  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
Facebook privacy: You're as much to blame for the site's privacy woes as Mark Zuckerberg
Farhad Manjoo, in Slate: "Yes, Facebook has made some boneheaded privacy transgressions over the years. But the problem isn’t only Facebook—it’s also our misguided idea that we can control the audience for anything we post online. The entire point of Facebook is to allow us to connect and share stuff. It is thus, by its very nature, one of the most intrusive technologies ever built—and, for better or worse, we’re stuck with it."
farhadmanjoo  slate  facebook  socialnetworking  privacy  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
When the Mainstream Media First Met the Blog
Rebecca J. Rosen compiles some late-90s news reports about the early days of blogging.
atlanticmonthly  blogging  news  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
10 steps to better blogging
Some great advice from Dan Frommer, including this gem: "Write the site that you want to read. That covers story selection, length, frequency, style, vocabulary, attitude, humor, level of sensationalism, and more. Don’t publish anything you’re not proud of. Be yourself."
danfrommer  blogging  writing  advice  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
The Pummeling Pages
Brent Simmons makes a compelling case for removing all of the cruft on corporate sites that inhibits reading: "I made the mistake of going to a website today.... I was there because I just wanted to read something. Words. Black text on a white background, more-or-less. And what I saw — at a professional publication, a site with the purpose of giving people something good to read — was just about the farthest thing from readable."
webdesign  reading  simplicity  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
Code Snippets from CSS-Tricks
A collection of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and WordPress code snippets. Looks really useful.
webdesign  html  css  javascript  jquery  php  wordpress  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
Background Patterns in Web Design: 30 Beautiful Examples
A nice compilation of sites that use background patterns in unique ways.
webdesign  backgrounds  patterns  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
ANNOYING: The Article As A Slideshow
MG Siegler, on the ugly trend of reformatting articles as slideshows: "3 slides (of 12) in, I have no clue who wrote this. And the whole thing lacks the flow of great writing. It’s a bunch of mini-blurbs instead of one cohesive article making a strong case. Both the reader and the writer lose as a result of this nonsense. But Business Insider wins, I suppose."
mgsiegler  slideshows  journalism  writing  webdesign  engw3332 
december 2011 by warnick
Occupy Flash
From the Manifesto: "Flash Player is dead. Its time has passed. It's buggy. It crashes a lot. It requires constant security updates. It doesn't work on most mobile devices. It's a fossil, left over from the era of closed standards and unilateral corporate control of web technology."
flash  html5  webdesign  manifesto  engw3332 
november 2011 by warnick
Khoi Vinh: On the Grid
The Color Machine interviews Khoi Vinh. Nice video.
khoivinh  design  grids  video  webdesign  engw3332 
november 2011 by warnick
Our Solar System
"An experiment with CSS3 border-radius, transforms & animations." Another nail in Flash's coffin.
html5  css  animation  webdesign  inspiration  engw3332 
november 2011 by warnick
Linear Gradients
WestCiv's CSS3 gradient generator. Pretty slick.
webdesign  gradients  css  engw3332  webapp  tool 
october 2011 by warnick
Matt Legend Gemmell explains the only right way to do SEO
"I'm asked sometimes for advice on building an internet presence, and I usually have to fumble for an answer — because I haven’t pursued any particular strategy beyond the glaringly obvious: create original, relevant content repeatedly."
webdesign  seo  advice  engw3332 
september 2011 by warnick
A web-based service that performs specific actions when *you* perform specific actions. "If this then that." Get it? Yeah, me neither.
rollyourown  engw3332  webapp  tool 
september 2011 by warnick
Best domain name registrar?
A good Ask MetaFilter thread on domain registrars. Long story short: Gandi seems to be the hip place to be these days.
webdesign  askmefi  domains  webhosting  engw3332 
september 2011 by warnick
The Shapes of CSS
A tutorial on creating non-rectilinear shapes using only CSS.
webdesign  css  engw3332 
august 2011 by warnick
Golden Grid System
A really nice framework for designing websites that adjust according to browser width.
webdesign  responsive  grids  framework  engw3332 
august 2011 by warnick
A fantastic tool that helps you find variations on any hexadecimal color. Hooray for monochromatic designs!
webdesign  color  css  engw3332  webapp 
august 2011 by warnick
Restaurant websites: Why are they so awful? Which ones are the absolute worst?
Farhad Manjoo, writing in Slate: "While lots of people have noted the general terribleness of restaurant sites, I haven't ever seen an explanation for why this industry's online presence is so singularly bruising. The rest of the Web long ago did away with auto-playing music, Flash buttons and menus, and elaborate intro pages, but restaurant sites seem stuck in 1999."
farhadmanjoo  webdesign  restaurants  engw3332 
august 2011 by warnick
Web Writing Style Guide Version 1.0
Great new collaborative project from the Writing Spaces folks. This might be useful next time I teach Writing Online.
webdesign  textbooks  engw3332 
july 2011 by warnick
Patternry is a design pattern library aimed to help solve common interface design problems. It is also a tool for building and sharing pattern libraries privately.
webdesign  ui  inspiration  patterns  engw3332 
july 2011 by warnick
Web Copywriting Tips
Interesting AskMeFi post about writing for the web. Lots of conflicting advice here, as usual.
webdesign  writing  copywriting  contentstrategy  engw3332 
june 2011 by warnick
(More) Useful Web Usability Testing Tools
Nothing original here, but a decent list of links to usability-related websites and products.
usability  webdesign  engw3332 
june 2011 by warnick
Styling ordered list numbers
A cool implementation of some new CSS features. Of course, it breaks in IE 7 and earlier.
456bereastreet  css  lists  webdesign  engw3332 
may 2011 by warnick
How to Make a Web Site Part I: Understanding and Writing HTML
Nice Lifehacker tutorial on creating simple webpages, from choosing a plain text editor to creating headings and divs. Part of a larger series on web design.
html  webdesign  tutorials  engw3332 
april 2011 by warnick
jQuery Backstretch
Scott Robbin's very cool jQuery plugin that dynamically resizes background images.
jquery  background  images  webdesign  engw3332 
february 2011 by warnick
The HTML5 Test
Find out how well your browser supports HTML5. (Yes, I know that some of the criteria have nothing to do with HTML5, but it's still a handy tool.)
html5  webstandards  browsers  engw3332  tool 
february 2011 by warnick
As usual, Jeffrey Zeldman clears everything up.
html  html5  webdesign  w3c  webstandards  engw3332 
february 2011 by warnick
"An exquisite jQuery plugin for magical layouts." Indeed!
webdesign  jquery  layout  frameworks  engw3332 
february 2011 by warnick
10 Harsh Truths About Corporate Blogging
Nice list of realistic advice from Smashing Magazine: "The most successful blogs are more than a broadcast tool. They are a dialogue between the individuals within your organization and your users. It is important to listen, as well as speak. Unfortunately, the most corporate blogs fail to engage. Instead they focus on telling readers how great their products and services are. Rarely do they ask for feedback or ask questions."
corporate  blogging  weblogs  engw3335  engw3332 
january 2011 by warnick
"What Font Should I Use?": Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces
Helpful introductory tutorial on combining typefaces, from Smashing Magazine.
typography  webdesign  fonts  engw3332 
january 2011 by warnick
Dive Into HTML5
Free, online edition of Mark Pilgrim's latest. "Dive Into HTML5 seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the HTML5 specification and other fine Standards."
html5  webdesign  engw3332  tutorials  books 
january 2011 by warnick
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