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Shut Up and Take My Money
Paul Ford examines the UX of online charities: "Giving money to 33 or so sites gave me a quick snapshot of online charitable giving, and I’ll share it in the hope that it’s helpful."
paulford  ux  contentstrategy  charity  webdesign  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
Writing HTML with accessibility in mind
Manuel Matuzovic: "[A]ccessibility isn’t just yet another item on our to-do list to cross off before we launch our website. Accessibility is the foundation of what we do as web designers and web developers and it’s our obligation to treat it as such."
accessibility  webdesign  markup  html  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
Making Sense of Color Management
Bonus resources from Craig Hockenberry's book.
abookapart  webdesign  color  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
Resilient Web Design
Beautiful online book by Jeremy Keith: "The World Wide Web has been around for long enough now that we can begin to evaluate the twists and turns of its evolution. I wrote this book to highlight some of the approaches to web design that have proven to be resilient. I didn’t do this purely out of historical interest (although I am fascinated by the already rich history of our young industry). In learning from the past, I believe we can better prepare for the future."
jeremykeith  webdesign  history  ebook  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
UX brutalism
LOL: "A brutalist framework for every step of your design process."
ux  webdesign  brutalism  humor  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
Introducing Postlight’s WordPress + React Starter Kit
"People who publish on the web love WordPress. Engineers love React. With some research, configuration, and trial and error, you can have both — but we’d like to save you the work."
postlight  wordpress  reactjs  javascript  framework  webdevelopment  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
Prototyping Tools
Great feature comparison matrix from Cooper: "Building off of our prior roadtest, we’ve updated and added to our assessment of some of today’s tools. We hope this resource will help fellow designers find a prototyping tool that works for their needs."
prototype  tools  design  ux  wireframes  webdevelopment  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
Everything Easy is Hard Again
Frank Chimero: "Three years ago, I stopped making websites for clients to focus on Abstract, a software company I co-founded. My work there finished at the beginning of last year, and after a little time off, I decided to reopen the design studio I was running beforehand.... A lot can change in three years, so I decided to brush up on the latest developments in how to best make websites… and oh my… Things have gotten messy, haven’t they?"
frankchimero  webdesign  webdevelopment  css  4814 
january 2019 by warnick
UX Resources for Beginners
Jessica Ivins: "I created this list of UX resources for beginners like you. If you’re new to UX design, you may struggle with how to start learning about it. You might be thinking, 'How do I learn the basics? Is there a book I should read? Is there a blog I should follow?'"
ux  resource  4814  iogroup 
january 2019 by warnick
Want to be a Web Developer? Learn Node.js not PHP
Andrei Neagoie: "With your limited time and resource as a developer, you have to make a decision on what to invest your time into to get the greatest return for this investment."
webdevelopment  4814  coding  php  javascript 
january 2019 by warnick
University of Michigan's Web Strategy
"The web, ever in flux, is currently undergoing a dramatic shift. Now fully the hub of people's daily business, expectations surrounding it are rapidly expanding. The ITS Web Strategy provides a consistent approach to meet these needs across all our web properties."
webdesign  contentstrategy  uofmichigan  vtdoit  tlos  4814 
december 2018 by warnick
Outsourcing Your Online Presence
Joe Cieplinski: "It’s 2017. There are a million ways to get a web site set up inexpensively that you can easily update yourself. Setting up a Facebook page and letting your web site rot, or worse, not even having a web site of your own, is outsourcing your entire online presence. That’s truly insane. It’s a massive risk to your business, and frankly, stupid."
webdesign  dooo  facebook  personalbranding  business  4814 
december 2018 by warnick
What Comes Next Is the Future
"What Comes Next Is the Future is a documentary film about the web created by Bearded founder Matt Griffin. It is the story of Tim Berners-Lee’s creation – how it came to be, where it’s been, and where it’s going – as told by the people who build it."
documentary  webdesign  webdevelopment  history  timbernerslee  video  4814 
december 2018 by warnick
Alternatives to Placeholder Text
Andrew Coyle: "Placeholder text can be used as an attribute for almost every HTML input type, and misguided designers and developers don’t hesitate. It is tempting to provide text help for complex forms, or omit input labels to improve aesthetics. However, employing placeholder text to do so causes many usability issues."
webdesign  forms  html  4814 
december 2018 by warnick
"Balsamiq is a rapid wireframing tool that helps you Work Faster & Smarter. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer."
wireframes  webdesign  4814 
february 2018 by warnick
Learn CSS Grid
Jonathan Suh: "CSS Grid is a powerful tool that allows for two-dimensional layouts to be created on the web. This guide was created as a resource to help you better understand and learn Grid, and was organized in a way I thought made the most sense when learning it."
webdesign  css  grids  4814  tutorial 
november 2017 by warnick
Grid Garden
Cute game for learning CSS grid.
webdesign  css  grids  4814 
november 2017 by warnick
Grid by Example
"This site is a collection of examples, video and other information to help you learn CSS Grid Layout."
webdesign  css  grids  4814  tutorial 
november 2017 by warnick
Naming Things
Jenny Bryan explains why and how to name your digital files. Required reading for academics.
filenames  naming  ia  webdesign  4814  standards  editing 
august 2017 by warnick
Building a static website with Jekyll and GitHub Pages
Helpful tutorial by Amanda Visconti: "This lesson is for you if you’d like an entirely free, easy-to-maintain, preservation-friendly, secure website over which you have full control, such as a scholarly blog, project website, or online portfolio. At the end of this lesson, you’ll have a basic live website where you can publish content that other people can visit ... and you’ll also have some resources to explore if you want to further customize the site."
github  jekyll  portfolios  digitalself  static  webdesign  4814 
june 2017 by warnick
A Simple Web Developer's Guide To Color
Laura Elizabeth, in Smashing Magazine: "I’ve never been a fan of color theory. I think it’s because I’ve always been a bit hopeless at it.... That’s why, in this article, you won’t see a single color wheel. Instead I’m going to show you a simple color workflow that you can use in your next web project."
webdesign  color  smashingmagazine  4814 
december 2016 by warnick
CSS Reference
"Learn by example: cssreference.io is a free visual guide to CSS. It features the most popular properties, and explains them with illustrated and animated examples."
webdesign  css  reference  4814 
november 2016 by warnick
WAVE Web Accessibility Tool
Enter one of your URLs and discover just how much work you still need to do.
accessibility  usability  webdesign  webapp  4814 
july 2016 by warnick
Web Technology For Developers
A slew of great documentation and tutorials from the Mozilla Developer Network.
webdevelopment  4814  html  css  reference  tutorial  documentation 
july 2016 by warnick
Complete Beginner's Guide to Content Strategy
Good introductory article from UX Booth: "For many people, content seems to begin and end with publishing. But for a content strategist, content begins with defining requirements, and identifying user needs. Before writing a word, content strategists outline the brand’s message, and the organization’s goals. If the project is a site redesign, they might inventory and review the pages currently on the site. If the project includes a new site backend, they might research and develop a migration plan for a content management system. The ultimate goal? To have flexible, searchable content that appears to the right people, in the right places, at the right time."
contentstrategy  webdesign  4814 
july 2016 by warnick
Evolution of Webdesign
Great interactive tool for exploring how the web has changed since 1991.
internet  webdesign  history  timeline  4814 
february 2016 by warnick
Hate Facebook Events? Soon It'll Actually Be Useful—Really Useful
Wired reports on the importance of simple UX adjustments: "When Facebook replaced 'Decline' with 'Can’t Go,' a funny thing happened: People actually started using it."
ux  facebook  webdesign  4814 
november 2015 by warnick
Why Great UX Starts Between Your Ears (Not on the Screen)
Joe Natoli: "Great UX isn’t a product of the tools you use, and it isn’t what you build or design on screen. It’s how you think about those things."
webdesign  ux  4814 
september 2015 by warnick
U.S. Web Design Standards
Web design for government sites has come a LONG way: "Built and maintained by U.S. Digital Service and 18F designers and developers, this resource follows industry-standard web accessibility guidelines and reuses the best practices of existing style libraries and modern web design. It provides a guide for creating beautiful and easy-to-use online experiences for the American people."
webdesign  webdevelopment  standards  styleguide  government  4814 
september 2015 by warnick
A rallying cry for the Weird Wild Web
Jonas Downey, on Signal v. Noise: "Web tech is as sophisticated, diverse, and powerful as it’s ever been. (Granted, we’re abusing it for bandwidth-munching ads and gratuitous effects — but that’s on us. We can stop. We should stop. Please, stop.)"
signalvnoise  internet  history  webdevelopment  webdesign  4814 
september 2015 by warnick
Web Design: The First 100 Years
Another fantastic talk by Maciej Ceglowski: "The hardware is still improving, but it's improving along other dimensions, ones where we are already up against hard physical limits and can't use the trick of miniaturization that won us all that exponential growth.... And as designers, you should be jumping up and down with relief, because hard constraints are the midwife to good design."
maciejceglowski  webdesign  technology  4814 
august 2015 by warnick
Unsplash It
Handy service for inserting placeholder images into prototype websites.
webdesign  images  4814 
august 2015 by warnick
Three takeaways for web developers after two weeks of painfully slow internet
Gabor Lenard reminds us how users on slow networks experience the web: "While most sites worked slowly but otherwise okay, there were some pages that simply never loaded. I couldn’t believe it so I tried many times and left the phone loading for several minutes but all in vain. Nothing appeared on those pages."
webdesign  webdevelopment  responsive  4814 
july 2015 by warnick
The Best CSS Reset Stylesheets
Jacob Gube: "If you’re looking for a stylesheet to help you reset your CSS, in my opinion, these are your top options right now."
sixrevisions  webdesign  css  resources  4814 
june 2015 by warnick
Web Developer Reading List: JavaScript Fundamentals
"There are many possible applications and development paths for JavaScript, but this reading list builds the language on the foundations of HTML and CSS, and assumes that you have a good working knowledge of both. Completing this reading list will allow you to start on your first pieces of code, debug code effectively, and understand the causes of errors when they occur."
webdesign  javascript  4814 
may 2015 by warnick
Professional Web Typography
New book/website by Donny Truong: "Unlike the old days of web design when all you had to work with were a handful of default system fonts ... now you have thousands of fonts to choose from. However, with too many choices at your disposal, the process of selecting and combining typefaces can be time-consuming, overwhelming, and intimidating."
webdesign  typography  design  ebook  4814 
may 2015 by warnick
HTML Arrows: HTML Symbol Codes and Entities
Great resource. "[W]e wanted a clean and colorful place for all the html symbol codes we could never seem to remember."
webdesign  typography  html  resource  4814 
may 2015 by warnick
3 Quick Yet Practical Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme
John Saddington: "There is a growing number of WordPress themes that are attempting to become the metaphorical Swiss Army Knife – an attempt to be your one-stop-shop solution, handle everything, and a bag of chips to boot. This may feel 'strategic' and wise, at first, but, you have to remember that the person who will be doing most of the management is you! And, if you do not feel comfortable with the complexity of the WordPress theme, then you’re probably looking at the wrong one."
wordpress  themes  webdesign  4814 
may 2015 by warnick
Code Guide
"Standards for developing flexible, durable, and sustainable HTML and CSS." (Some of this advice is debatable, but it's a good place to start.)
styleguide  webdesign  html  markup  css  reference  4814 
may 2015 by warnick
Getting Started with Multisite
Tim Owens's really helpful three-part post about WordPress Multisite—from rationale, to activation instructions, to configuration details. A must-read if you want to run multiple WordPress instances on your website.
wordpress  timowens  reclaimhosting  tutorial  4814  cms 
april 2015 by warnick
The UX of Onboarding
Mike McLeod: "I’ve been collecting readings related to onboarding for several months while working on other tasks and have been taking notes in advance of creating any actual designs. What I’ve assembled here are the best practices I’ve gathered while reading that I’ll use to inform my design decisions."
mikemcleod  ux  onboarding  webdesign  4814 
april 2015 by warnick
UI, UX: Who Does What? A Designer's Guide To The Tech Industry
Helpful breakdown of the subtle differences between user experience design, user interface design, graphic design, etc...
webdesign  webdevelopment  ui  ux  usability  graphicdesign  jobs  4814 
february 2015 by warnick
APIs: How the Internet Works Behind the Scenes
A very clear, simple introduction to application programming interfaces (and why they're so important) by Michael Bock.
api  webdevelopment  4814 
february 2015 by warnick
Can I use... ?
Great tool for determining which properties and tools work in which web browsers.
webdesign  browsers  html5  css  4814 
february 2015 by warnick
Fantastic tool for finding out what software, tools, platforms, etc., are powering a website.
webdesign  webdevelopment  server  webapp  tool  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
Really Good Emails
A nice collection of ... you guessed it: really good emails.
email  marketing  bizcomm  inspiration  bestpractices  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
What To Do When Your Website Goes Down
Helpful guide by Paul Tero: "An important website has gone down, and sooner or later, heads will turn to the Web development corner of the office, where you are sitting quietly, minding your own business, regretting that you ever mentioned 'Linux' on your CV. You need to take action. Your company needs you. Your client needs you. Here’s what to do."
webdevelopment  server  hosting  troubleshooting  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
Cultural Appropriation: Using Museum Collections For Free Digital Work
"Increasingly, museums are moving their collections online, making their physical appropriations digital and completely free for use and allowing designers easy access to the rich tapestry of design history for inspiration and content."
images  museums  web  design  free  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
Five Simple Steps
Nice collection of books on web design, UX, content strategy, etc...
webdesign  ux  contentstrategy  ebooks  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
Introduction to CSS Colors
Jacob Gube's simple, but thorough, review of the various ways to declare colors in CSS.
sixrevisions  webdesign  css  color  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
The Art of alt: Writing Great Descriptive Text For Images
"The web gains its strength through diversification: the more accessible it is to everyone, the better the results. The alt attribute was an early example of this, but writing good, accurate descriptive text for your images takes knowing a few rules."
webdesign  images  accessibility  4814 
january 2015 by warnick
What To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Theme
Rather than creating yet another list of great themes, Smashing Magazine tries to teach a man to fish: "With a nearly unlimited pool of WordPress themes to choose from, it becomes so easy to feel overwhelmed and resort to inaction or choosing a low-quality theme. In cases where you have a lot of options, it pays to know exactly what you need."
webdesign  wordpress  themes  4814 
december 2014 by warnick
State of Web Type
"Up-to-date data on support for type and typographic features on the web."
webdesign  typography  resource  4814 
december 2014 by warnick
Plain Pattern
Nifty tool for creating custom background images: "An SVG based seamless pattern maker."
webdesign  backgrounds  web  4814  patterns 
december 2014 by warnick
There is no fold
Luke Wroblewski's Tumblr site reminds us that the concept of a "fold" in web design is a little silly in 2014.
webdesign  ux  4814  browsers 
december 2014 by warnick
Tables Generator
Nifty online tool that generates the markup for tables in LaTeX, HTML, Markdown, MediaWiki, etc...
webdesign  tables  markup  markdown  latex  4814 
december 2014 by warnick
A brief history of web design for designers
Sandijs Ruluks: "[I]nstead of debating whether designers should learn code or developers should learn design, let's set some common ground on how design for the web evolved and how we could bridge the gap between code and design."
webdesign  history  4814 
december 2014 by warnick
Brad Frost
Really nice professional portfolio site. Something for budding web designers to aspire to.
webdesign  bradfrost  eportfolio  4814  inspiration 
november 2014 by warnick
Training the CMS
Eileen Webb explains how to customize a content management system to improve the quality of the content that goes in it.
webdesign  cms  contentstrategy  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
The Group That Rules the Web
Paul Ford explains how we got to HTML5: "Reading through the standards, which are dry as can be, you might imagine that standardization is a polite, almost academic process, where wonks calmly debate topics like semicolon placement. This is not the case. Important standards are sometimes forged in polite discourse, and sometimes in a crucible of tribal rage, leaving behind a trail of open letters, back-channel sniping, and high-dudgeon blog posts."
newyorker  paulford  html  html5  standards  history  w3c  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
The UX Reader
"At MailChimp, we love to show our work - in part because it helps us get better at what we do. This book is a collection of the most popular articles from our UX Newsletter, along with some content exclusive to the book. It's the embodiment of our quest to reflect, refine, and grow. We made it in hopes it’ll help you do the same."
ux  webdesign  4814  ebook 
november 2014 by warnick
The Great Web 1.0 Revival
Gizmodo covers Ello, Tilde.club, and Rooms: "By moving back toward the early web, we're also recapturing an ability to actively reshape the internet around us, something that we've lost over the past decade. Like Tilde, the internet used to have a higher barrier to entry than what we're used to today, and not just socially—you had to know some fundamentals of coding to join in."
internetculture  paulford  nostalgia  webdesign  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
Helpful list of default fonts in most major operating systems.
typography  fonts  webdesign  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
9 basic principles of responsive web design
A gentle introduction (with pictures!) to some simple concepts that distinguish responsive design from older approaches to web design.
webdesign  responsive  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
Firefox Developer Edition
I'm not a fan of Firefox's UI, but this new version comes with enough goodies that I might rethink the default browser I ask the students in my web design class to use.
webdesign  browsers  firefox  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
Responsive Images in Practice
Helpful article by Eric Portis that not only explains how to implement responsive images, but why you should.
webdesign  images  css  responsive  4814 
november 2014 by warnick
Static Site Generators
An incredibly long list of tools for building static websites.
webdesign  cms  static  blogging  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Free Responsive Content Sliders
Six Revisions: "When it comes to responsive sliders — ones that work well on multiple devices, whether it’s a small-screened smartphone or a desktop with a widescreen monitor — there’s just so much to choose from. To help those in search of a good responsive slider option, I’d like to share my list of the best free responsive content sliders out there right now."
sixrevisions  webdesign  slider  images  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Frequently Asked Questions on FAQs
Aura Seltzer gets meta with FAQs: "Should we have a page on our website solely devoted to answering common questions?"
webdesign  faq  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Typ.io: Fonts that go together
"We're revealing designers' decisions for all to see; peeking under the hood of beautiful websites to find out what fonts they're using and how they're using them."
typography  design  webdesign  fonts  inspiration  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Google's Material Design
Fascinating project: "We challenged ourselves to create a visual language for our users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. This is material design. This spec is a living document that will be updated as we continue to develop the tenets and specifics of material design."
google  webdesign  visualrhetoric  icons  design  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Nice color scheme designer.
webdesign  color  webapp  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Why Government Websites Are Terrible, and How to Fix Them
Anna North: "One simple way to make government websites better, Mr. Williams told Op-Talk, is clearer copywriting: 'People are used to being spoken to in plain language, and if we can speak that language, then we can make pretty complex tasks like applying for food stamps a lot simpler.'"
webdesign  government  copywriting  4814 
october 2014 by warnick
Mobile Menu AB Tested: Hamburger Not the Best Choice?
Interesting recommendation: "[A] flat hamburger icon may not be ideal on a responsive website (remember this is a website not an app). Using the word MENU (and making it look like a button) could be more helpful for visitors."
webdesign  ux  ui  navigation  menus  mobile  4814 
september 2014 by warnick
Meet the Ipsums
Need some filler text for a website or publication project? Look no further.
loremipsum  design  webdesign  resource  4814 
september 2014 by warnick
Smart Quotes for Smart People
Jason Santa Maria's simple guide to using smart quotes correctly on the web.
jasonsantamaria  punctuation  webdesign  typography  4814 
september 2014 by warnick
Designing Website Text for Readability
"Designers work to get too much information into too small of a space or opt for something that looks better than it reads. But the essential point is this: If your type is not readable, your design will not be wholly effective."
webdesign  typography  4814 
september 2014 by warnick
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