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Tony/team, gangbang
kinks requested: gangbang, double penetration (oral, anal, double anal, vaginal(?))

optional: bottom!Tony (OP is a big fan of this), bondage & D/s undertones (another thing OP is a BIG fan of)

Back in the day, Tony liked gangbangs. He went to one a couple times... okay, maybe more than a "couple" times, but those were often discreet affairs so none of them was actually caught on film - or at least not distributed for the adoring public to see.

Now that he's become Iron Man, an Avenger, and all that jazz, even the mere idea of giving himself the luxury of that sexual experience is long gone; too many people want to hurt him, kill him, blackmail him or have dirt on him. Plus he can't put himself on the mercy of people he doesn't know and can't trust (arc reactor and all aforementioned reasons).

When the team finds out (maybe one of those videos finally does surface), or it just somehow comes up, maybe they're willing to help out.

It doesn't have to be the whole team (or they can invite other people to join). Maybe it becomes a thing. Up to whoever wants to give this a go.
!round.01  #unfilled  (poly)  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/team  kink:gangbang  kink:double.penetration 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, Oral Sex, Noncon
Kinks requested: noncon, unwilling sexual response, rape to love (if you want to go there)

Iron Man and Cap are having fundamental disagreements all the time in the field, and Tony bridles under some orders he gives and tells Cap "Hey, suck my cock!" either in the comms or after debrief when Steve gets on his case.

So Steve holds him down and sucks his cock, and Tony's like...WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? but Steve's really strong.

Tony gets off because he can't help his body reacting to this, but as much as he might have fantasized about Steve, he doesn't want an anger blowjob after the mission.

What happens between them after that is up to you, dear writer (Do they make out? Do they get along? Does Tony never say that again or does he say it more because he secretly liked it? Does Steve apologize? but I would prefer Tony not be upset after this, no "whole team is freaked out and lectures Steve" and no physical injury except for maybe bruises where Steve held him still.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:non-con 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Natasha, magical clones, gangbang
Exactly what it says on the tin. Can be non-con, dub-con, AU, have any other kinks you want, as long as there's multiple Lokis and Natasha's on the bottom.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:gangbang  kink:multiple.lokis  pairing:loki/natasha 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Clint/Natasha, consensual "rape" scene
Kinks: non-con roleplay, bondage, rough sex, degrading language, bareback. (Optional stuff: mild pain, weapon play, character's personal motives behind the kink)

Natasha sometimes likes to roleplay rape, and she knows she can trust Clint to help her out. They've negotiated a little backstory to enhance the experience, complete with fake names and personalities.

So Clint "kidnaps" Natasha (possibly at gunpoint?), ties her up, maybe slaps her around a little. Then he forcibly and roughly uses her for hours, all the while degrading her for being a little slut who deserves what she's getting. Ignoring her pleas for him to stop, he makes her beg for more as he fucks every hole (bonus if he gun-fucks her pussy). Every time she comes, he taunts her for it.

Please don't forget the aftercare! Also, it's up to you whether to address Natasha's motives. If you do, this can be just a kink of hers, or a way of coping with past trauma or sex on undercover assignments, or whatever else - your call.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:bondage  kink:bareback  kink:role.play  kink:non-con  kink:rough.sex  kink:degradation  pairing:clint/natasha 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Kinks: Dub-con, tentacles, DP+triple penetration and/or more, sounding

Loki falls from the Bifröst and stumbles into a mob of strange creatures in the Void - slimy, eager, horny tentacle-creatures. The more the better!
Either before the Chitauri or the Chitauri throwing him in a pit filled with them, take your pick. Dub-con is fine, but I'd like him to enjoy it mostly.

Bonus: tentacles snuggling him throughout and afterwards
!round.01  #unfilled  (moresome)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:dub-con  kink:tentacles  kink:sounding  kink:double.penetration  pairing:loki/creatures 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Obadiah: Young Tony seduces Obie
Kinks requested: age difference, painplay, discipline

It's been a few months after Howard and Maria Stark were killed, and Tony is a sad, sassy, freshly orphaned, frequently drunk, nineteen-year-old sex fiend who's not yet old enough to be running the company. Obadiah is working late at night in what used to be Howard's office when Tony comes in and seduces him. Tony is very insistent and demanding, asking Obie to fuck him on Howard's desk, talk shit to him,
discipline" and even hurt him. Obie is a little hesitant initially because he sees it as opening a very dicey can of worms, but quickly gets into it.

The thing is, one reason Tony is okay with this is that he adores and trusts Obie so deeply. Obie, on the other hand, finds that enjoys hurting the kid a little too much.

May I remind you that 35 year old Jeff Bridges was really hot.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  pairing:tony/obadiah  kink:age.difference  kink:pain.play  kink:discipline  fandom:avengers 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Stephanie Rogers/Thor, Only they can handle each other
Kinks requested: Size, strength.

Thor has a large cock, and it takes him a long time to comes. Prospective earth lovers have backed away after seeing what he was packing, and the few that didn't backed out because they couldn't take him for long.

Why doesn't he go back to Asgard? I don't know, he really wants a human girlfriend?

Steph, on the other hands, looses control of her strength when she comes. She also has epic vaginal contractions that wouldn't be fun for a partner, and goes through a steady supply of vibrators like that.

Finding no one up to the task of sharing their beds, they decide to give each other a shot.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  fandom:avengers  kink:genderbend  kink:size.difference  pairing:steve/thor 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Winter Soldier/rule63!Steve, WS fucks Steph who is his prisoner, mutual dub-con
Kinks: Degrading dirty talk, anal, throat-fucking, general roughness, bareback (BONUS: , licking his cock clean after they’ve had sex)

During the war, Bucky was in love with Steph, but she didn’t realize that she reciprocated those feelings until he was presumably killed.

In the present, Bucky has become the ruthless assassin known as the Winter Soldier, who has no memory of being Bucky. His boss sends him after Steph, who recognizes him. The two clash a few times, but WS manages to corner her eventually, and hints at having lascivious intentions.

Steph can fight back, she’s even certain she can take down Winter Soldier and bring him back to SHIELD… but she doesn’t. She decides to play along, and lets Winter Soldier subdue her and take her back to his hideout. Once there, he strips her of all her clothes and fucks her hard.

He never turns her over, and keeps her naked, chained up in a small room where she sleeps on an old mattress on the floor. He fucks her several times a day, using all her holes, calls her things like his fucktoy, and makes her repeat his words.

He doesn’t know that she can turn the table any time she wants, and that the only reason she’s there is that she’s having the time of her life.

BONUS: Steph gets knocked up.
BONUS: Winter Soldier’s time with Steph causes Bucky to gradually resurface.
BONUS: Winter Soldier being tender with Steph, surprising himself.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  fandom:avengers  pairing:bucky/steve  kink:genderbend  kink:dirty.talk  kink:anal  kink:bareback  kink:rough.sex  kink:degradation 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, Tentacle!Steve, Consensul
Steve is a tentacle "monster" - anyway you want, maybe that's what the serum did in this verse, maybe some magic attack/spell thingie. Steve has his way with Tony ;P (no dub-con or non-con, please, only 100% consensual)

Kinks: Tentacle bondage, size kink, orgasm delay

Bonus: if tentacle-sex was Tony #1 fantasy but obviously he never thought it could actually come true like this, and he is very very VERY pleased. if Steve never thought anyone could *like* his "monstrous" form and is also very VERY pleased!
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:tentacles  kink:size.difference  kink:orgasm.delay 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
any male Avenger(s), autofellatio
Kinks requested (but author can decide on the actual approach): autofellatio, oral sex, voyeurism, masturbation

There are a lot of bendy men in the Avengers: Steve, Clint, Bruce(?)...

Maybe the guys have a night out and talk trash - including dirty stories OR a dare whether they can actually give themselves oral pleasure.

Perhaps a demonstration is demanded (I believe Thor and Tony would agree on this).

Maybe the ones who can't do it get jealous/get off on watching.
!round.01  #unfilled  (solo)  fandom:avengers  kink:autofellatio  kink:masturbation  kink:voyeurism 
january 2013 by wanton_avengers
Tony Stark/Tentacles, Tentacle Rape (or Dub-con)
kinks: tentacles (sentient or non-sentient), consent issues (either non-con or dub-con, as long as it's not played for horror but for sexy).
bonus kinks: aphrodisiacs, underage (15+), multiple orgasms

Any scenario. Perhaps he's kidnapped by tentacle aliens who're studying him? Someone gifts him with this strange plant which grows gigantic tentacles overnight and proceeds to have its way with Tony? Anything at all, including just straight PWP.

Bonus: If Tony starts out completely against it and struggling, but the overwhelming pleasure as it continues, makes him more and more into it either on his own, or because the tentacle being is introducing aphrodisiacs into his system.
!round.01  #unfilled  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/other  kink:tentacles  kink:non-con  kink:dub-con  kink:multiple.orgasms 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[AU][RPF] Scarlett Johansson/Natalie Portman, porn, ass worship, masturbation, touching, spanking
Kink requested: pornography, ass worship, masturbation, touching, mild spanking, interruption

Scarlett and Natalie are best friends in their early twenties. Scarlett needs money and thinks about auctioning her anal virginity, but mostly as a joke. For fun and kicks, Natalie takes pictures and video of Scarlett offering her virgin ass and touching herself. There's some touching involved, mild spanking from Natalie to Scarlett. And when they are really getting hot and bothered, they are interrupted.
!round.01  #unfilled  (femslash)  fandom:avengers  @rpf  pairing:natalie.portman/scarlett.johansson  kink:pornography  kink:body.worship  kink:masturbation  kink:spanking 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Steve, BDSM; shame, bottom!Steve, time travel, anal, short lived affair
Kinks requested: anal, BDSM, shame, time travel

Loki travels to Earth shortly after Steve got the serum. Steve is a closeted homosexual and also a masochist and a sub. Loki starts a relationship with Steve under an assumed identity and gives him exactly what he needed. Steve lives the affair with shame. Please, no Bucky/Steve for this one.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/steve  kink:anal  kink:bdsm  kink:shame  kink:time.travel 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Thor, first time, wedding night, arranged marriage, top!Loki, humor, fluff
So Thor and Loki get married. Thor assumes that Loki will shapeshift into a woman, or that Thor is going to be on top. That's not the case. Some mischief and misleading always welcomed, but it ends up sweet.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/thor  kink:first.time  kink:arranged.marriage  kink:wedding.night 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/The Avengers [Omegaverse, gangbang/bukakke, knotting, optional: Mpreg]
Loki is an Omega, and goes into heat after the battle. Each of the Avengers, who are all Alphas, can have their turn, and/or all of them at the same time.

100 points if Natasha is also involved.
1000 points for Hulk and Loki.
10000 points for Loki begging to be fucked and knotted!
!round.01  #unfilled  (moresome)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:a/b/o  kink:gangbang  kink:bukakke  kink:knotting  kink:mpreg  pairing:loki/everyone 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Any/Any, Sexual Slavery, objectification
What I'd like is an AU world where sexual slavery is the norm. Human beings are literally fucktoys, referred to as 'it', bought and sold on a whim, often transported and sleep in cages (or on a collar and leash), ect.

Bonuses: Spanking or smacking a "real" person in public is still as bad in this world as in our world, but with a slave it's treated like a parent scolding a child or pet. Slaves are often 'decorated' instead of dressed, even when out in public for whatever reason, and will kneel at their masters' feet when they are not currently being used or in their cage.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:slavery  kink:objectification  kink:collar  kink:humiliation  kink:public.sex  kink:spanking  kink:discipline  kink:captivity  pairing:any/any 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Tony, non-con and sexual slavery
Anything with Loki using Tony as his sex slave and fucktoy, please. Anything at all.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:non-con  kink:slavery  pairing:loki/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Any/Any/Bucky/Steve, underage, voyeurism, masturbation.
Bucky and Steve spy on a couple having sex. They get turned on and masturbate. Then they feel guilty and vow never to do that again.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:voyeurism  kink:masturbation  kink:underage  pairing:bucky/steve 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
RPF][AU]Kenneth Branagh/Tom Hiddleston, age difference, sharing a room, dub-con, humiliation, shame
In an alternate universe, Ken a Tom have to share a room. As a permanent arragement due to the government. Tom notices the Ken is drawn to me, and later on Tom also notices just how much Ken wants him. Soon enough, Tom starts to mock Ken. Telling Ken what a disgusting dirty old man he is and such. And then there's sex of the dub-con variety (oral, anal?) with top!Tom verbally humiliating Ken thorought out it all. Ken ends up very, very ashamed.

EXTRA BONUS POINTS: There a crucifix in the room (like above the beds), and a huge part of Ken's shame is of religious origin.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  @rpf  fandom:avengers  kink:age.difference  kink:room.sharing  kink:humiliation  kink:dub-con  kink:shame  kink:religion  kink:homophobia  kink:bullying  pairing:kenneth.branagh/tom.hiddleston 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Fury/Tony ABO. omega!Tony knotting, heat sex and Pregnant sex
Fury and tony are together but on one but Coulson knows.

Tony starts having morning sickness and finds out that he's pregnant.

Fury finds out

Fury dealing with Tony having mood swings

Fury having to get up in the middle of the nights because Tony has cravings (whatever food anon wants)

The team finding out
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  @alternate.universe  kink:a/b/o  kink:knotting  kink:heat  kink:pregnant.sex  kink:bottom!tony  pairing:fury/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Tony, Odin/Tony, Thor/Tony. Omega!Tony double penetration, riding, mpreg
Loki/Tony, Odin/Tony, Thor/Tony. AU. Omega!Tony

Thor and Loki discover Tony who is an omega. Omegas are rare. And Asgard has no omegas, just alphas or betas.

Thor and Loki decide to take Tony to live on Asgard and have their children!

Now Tony is the Royal family's omega, so the family shares him and he loves it.

Bonus1: tony gets pregnant multiple times with Odin's, Thor's, and Loki's kids and they spoil him.

Bonus2: tony riding Odin on his throne either facing him or facing outward while Odin is having audience and everyone their is jealous and horny. Tony is giving out pheromones so then it turns into an orgy, but Odin doesn't share Tony with anyone other than the family.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:a/b/o  kink:double.penetration  kink:riding  kink:mpreg  pairing:thor/tony  pairing:loki/tony  pairing:odin/tony  kink:bottom!tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, artificially-induced-consensual-heat
Steve has a really insane amount of stamina, and it's really difficult for Tony to keep up on his own. But he really wants to so he makes and takes some super-potent aphrodisiac which gives him an itty bitty refraction period, so he can just keep going until Steve is done too.

But it also makes him extremely horny and feeling that he *needs* to be fucked, right now at this very instant. Also it allows him to get hard again almost after coming but keeps much of the overwhelming sensations of being fucked past. This is an unexpected side-effect, but one which Tony is way way down with. And so is Steve.

Bonus for attention to the completely unexpected but maddening need to get fucked and the feeling building and building as they work on getting Tony naked and lubed and stretched out etc and the overwhelming relief Tony experiences when Steve finally obliges. And the almost increasingly painful yet still overwhelmingly pleasurable sensations of second/third/etc erections/ejaculations.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:anal.penetration  kink:multiple.orgasms  kink:oversensitivity  kink:stamina  kink:riding  kink:heat  kink:masochism  pairing:steve/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[AU]Steve Rogers/Thor, dub-con, first time, casual, bareback, gym, bottom!Steve, semi-public sex,
The one where they met in a gym and end up having mindblowing first time sex in the shower (or in the locker room) of a gym. Steve's body (be it buff or scrawny) is up to the author. Due to the nature of the cliche, it starts dub-con. Maybe Steve wasn't even "gay" before he met Thor's Mighty Cock.
#unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:dub-con  kink:first.time  kink:casual.sex  kink:bareback  kink:bottom!steve  kink:semi-public  kink:virginity  kink:oral.sex  kink:anal.penetration  kink:size.difference  pairing:steve/thor 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Thor > Loki, Unrequited
I've seen many fics in which Loki pines after Thor and I'd like a change. So, Thor is totally in love with Loki (anon does love her incest to be taboo, btw) and thinks that his brother would obviously feel the same way, right? Wrong. Loki is not into Thor at all. Wether he's not into men, brothers or just Thor, it's up to the filler.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:jealousy  kink:unrequited  pairing:loki/thor  kink:incest 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Frigga - Incest, femdom
Kinks requested: parental incest, femdom, Oedipus complex.

What it says on the subject line.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  @mcu  kink:incest  kink:femdom  pairing:frigga/loki 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Thor/Loki - Temperature play
Kinks: temperature play, bondage, incest

I don't think I've seen this. Let's say that there's a way for the Frost Giant Touch (patent pending) to be safe for Asgardians (after all, Odin' mother was a Frost Giantess), right? Anyway, I'd like Thor tied and some temperature play.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:temperature.play  kink:bondage  kink:incest  pairing:loki/thor 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Obadiah/Tony, underage, voyeurism, shower, mild touching
Obie "supervises" young Tony's shower. There's something "funny" about the way Obie looks at Tony and the way he makes sure that Tony is nice and dry. Tony knows there's something not quite right about that, but he loves the attention/affection too much. Bonus: a nanny asks Tony about it, and he flats out denies it/tells Obie and the nanny is fired.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:underage  pairing:obadiah/tony  kink:voyeurism  kink:showering  kink:inappropriate.touching 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark or Steve Rogers/Phil Coulson, vomit
I just want Steve feeling sicker and sicker, embarrassed and helpless to stop it, and unable to make it to a toilet. He eats a lot, so he'd throw up a lot. Tony or Coulson looking after him, petting his noisy stomach, maybe a little bit liking a strong guy being sick.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:hurt.comfort  kink:sick!steve  kink:vomiting  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:phil/steve 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony Stark/Natasha(Toni) Stark, Rule!63 Selfcest
Due to some nature of multiversal screw-up, Tony Stark meets his female counterpart Tasha (or Toni) Stark, Iron Maiden. They have hot enthusiastic amazingly narcissistic sex! o/

Lots and lots of appreciating each other's hotness, please. Just no D/S, I want both of them to be extremely well-matched with each other. (Preferably not an extreme size difference between the two either. If it's short!RDJ!Tony then Toni is also a short but not extremely tiny woman; if it's tall!comics!Tony, then Tasha is a tall woman too)

If you choose to go movieverse route, then bonus for not glossing over movieverse!63!Toni being a 40 year old woman. (So things like laugh-lines and supremely confident experience and maybe Toni likes to keep some of her hair stylishly undyed like RDJ's hot gray temples in TA)
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  @cu  kink:genderbend  kink:selfcest  kink:rough.sex  kink:body.worship  kink:vocal  pairing:tony.stark/natasha.stark 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, H/C kinks:see text below
For the filler, my only two requests are Steve/Tony or Tony/Steve and to choose two or more kinks from the list here below:

Kinks proposed: Abandonment Issues, Brainwashing, Cuddling for Warmth, Captivity, Caught in a Robbery, Homesickness, Hospital Stay, Hugs, Hypothermia, Loss of Home/Shelter, Substance Addiction, Taking Care of Somebody.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:hurt.comfort  pairing:steve/tony  kink:abadonment  kink:brainwashing  kink:cuddling.for.warmth  kink:captivity  kink:homesick  kink:homelessness  kink:hospital  kink:arrested  kink:hugging  kink:drugs 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, Physical Hurt/Comfort
I'm really craving some physical hurt/comfort with hurt!Tony, please. Comics-616 for preference, but any verse okay.

Steve and Tony (and other Avengers) are on a mission somewhere remote - perhaps in the Savage Land or a deep-space mission when things go wrong and Tony is physically not doing so well (whether it's a wound, or Extremis malfuction or a alien virus/disease or combination of various factors). Steve provides the comfort!

+ 10000 for Tony hiding his affliction until he almost collapses.
+ 10000000 for afflicted!Tony still being a badass superhero and doing his best to complete the mission.
+ 100000000000 for lots of reluctance in accepting comfort.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @cu:616  fandom:avengers  kink:hurt.comfort  pairing:steve/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Clint/Coulson, non-con, forced orgasms, helplessness (optional stockholm syndrome)
Clint is a new SHIELD agent. Coulson is senior, well-respected, and maybe a bit feared. When Coulson sees Clint for the first time, he immediately wants Clint and becomes determined to have him. Eventually Coulson manages to get Clint tied up and he works him open with his fingers while Clint begs him to stop. Then Coulson fucks him, forcing Clint to orgasm, too.

+ Clint realizes, at the end, that Coulson will fuck him whenever he wants from now on, and there's nothing Clint can do to stop him
+ We get to see Coulson escalation from small inappropriate touches to the, er, climax
+ Coulson dirty talks about how much Clint is obviously enjoying being fucked (even though Clint is begging him to stop)

If the anon likes, stockholm syndrome could kick in after the first time and Clint could come to welcome Coulson's attention.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  kink:non-con  kink:forced.orgasm  pairing:clint/phil 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, virgin/hooker
Steve is a virgin; Tony is a hooker. Somehow they meet and fall in love.

Art student!Steve pays Tony to nude model for him? Busybody friends hire Tony to seduce Steve? They ride the same subway car home every night and get to talking without knowing a thing about each other? I don't care.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:prostitution  kink:virginity 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, handcuffed together
While still in the antagonistic phase of their acquaintanceship, Steve and Tony end up handcuffed together in cuffs they can't break or get out of. During the days, or weeks, in which they are stuck together, they work out their issues.

And then they fall in love.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:forced.proximity 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Kink: Selfcest, size difference

The pairing is pretty much a kink in and of itself.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:bruce/hulk  kink:size.difference  kink:selfcest 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[RPF]Jennifer Morrison/Josh Dallas/Sebastian Stan, voyeurism,oral and anal sex, dirty talk, more
kinks requested: oral and anal sex, dirty talk, voyeurism, mentions (or implied) protected anal sex, semi-public sex (on set), NO mentions of any RL relationship.

Jen spies on Sebastian/Josh. Sebastian knows.
Sebastian fucks Josh mouth and then he fucks his ass. Top!Sebastian in control. Jennifer spies on them, she is sure that they don't know; but it turns out Sebastian knew all along.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @rpf  fandom:avengers  pairing:jennifer.morrison/josh.dallas/sebastian.stan  kink:voyeurism  kink:oral.sex  kink:anal.penetration  kink:dirty.talk 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, Others/Tony, noncon, gang rape, other kinks up to filler
Kinks requested: Noncon, gang rape
Other kinks: All pain kinks except knifeplay (especially fond of CBT and large object insertion), bondage, objectification, double penetration. Really anything except scat, roman showers, snuff, and the aforementioned knifeplay is good with me, bring it on.

Steve's moral fiber is taking a beating today. He's able to justify staying in hiding and watching as the group that has captured Tony rapes him and and sexually tortures him in twos (or even threes, later). He's good, but even he can't take at least thirty men and ensure that Tony gets out safely at the same time, and he's heard them say that they plan to just leave Tony once they're finished. Wait until they're done, grab Tony and go, that's the safest plan.

He has a more difficult time justifying how turned on he's becoming while watching something that he knows should horrify him. He really can't justify that once the others are gone, he takes advantage of the spider gag they left in his blindfolded, clearly out of it teammate's mouth. He can't justify at all that after he fucks himself to completion down Tony's throat, he waits until he's recovered and then uses Tony's gaping, bleeding asshole as well. He stops even trying to justify when he tries out some of the techniques he saw the kidnappers use and realizes Tony's choking and pained whimpers make him harder and come harder than he ever has before.

(All the bonuses if the filler has Steve continue to use Tony's body until he's completely unable to get it up, or even past that if there are objects handy. I don't want to get too greedy here, but I will love you forever.)

Things I don't want, please: Tony enjoying himself, realistic rape aftermath, Steve getting caught or turning himself in. Just give us the filthy, filthy porn please please.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:tony/other  kink:non-con  kink:gangbang 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, [Star Trek AU - sort of] Accidental bond
I'd like this like the Avengers canon, except for Steve backstory: Steve isn't the guy from the past, he's an half-Vulcan, half-Human and that's the real reason for his super strenght. For (bonus reason) he mind-melds with Tony and accidentally forges a Vulcan bond with him, a Vulcan bond between spouses.
This kind of link can't be broken.

Bonus: they weren't in an established relationship.

Bonus of the bonus: one or both of them weren't in love with the other, but after they are bonded they begin to fall in love for each other.

Alternative bonus: one or both of them were in denial about their feelings for the other, or were hiding their true feelings.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:bonding 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony drug usage, non-con, guilt trip, humiliation
Kink: drug usage, non-con, guilt trip, humiliation

Tony was drugged and taken advantaged of. When it was done, he returned to the Tower only to find Steve waiting for him. Steve was angry and jealous but turned on at the same time by Tony's shame, the bruises Tony carried and the idea of Tony being fucked by another man. Steve guilt Tony into letting him fuck Tony in that state.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  pairing:tony/other  kink:drugs  kink:non-con  kink:humiliation 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Any/Bucky/Steve, underage, angst
kinks requested: underage, angst

An adult touched Bucky and Steve. Like in the same room, at the same time. Maybe that adult even made Bucky and Steve touch each other.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  (threesome)  fandom:avengers  kink:underage  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:bucky/other  pairing:steve/other 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[AU] Loki/any, alpha/beta/omega or D/s AU, non-con
Kinks: non-con, manipulation, anything else you'd like to add

Loki fucks his non-consenting partner while they can't help but physically love it because they're omegas/subs (or hell, manipulative/evil bottom!Loki could be awesome), and possibly starts to use his power over them to manipulate them into being on his side.

Any sort of AU where people have innate top/bottom or dom/sub orientations is fine--it's the biological determination and inability to say no that gets me. Non-con soulbonding is a huge plus, and any pairing but Loki/Thor is fine (and I do mean any--I would totally read Loki/Rhodey or time-traveling Loki/Peggy). And yeah, I'm game for pretty much any other kinks.
!round.01  #unfilled  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:a/b/o  kink:dom/sub  kink:non-con  pairing:loki/any 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, D/S, figging, spanking
Kinks: Dom!Steve/Sub!Tony, figging, spanking, punishment, any other kink welcome.

Tony gets figged and spanked as punishment for whatever, and then gets fucked by Steve.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  pairing:steve/tony  kink:figging  kink:spanking  kink:dom/sub  fandom:avengers 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[Any verse] Tony/Any(Many), Hookerfic
Kink List: Tony doing things he dislikes or doesn't care for, for his johns. All of the kinks. Some ideas, Uber!Dom!Tony, Uber!sub!Tony, S&M, super dangerous and unsafe sexual practices, impact play, figging etc etc. Drunk/stoned sex.

young!Tony falls to hard times, possibly because of his alcoholism, and ends up becoming a hooker on the streets. Who are his johns? What do they make him do? Verse preference for 616, but MCU or complete AU is fine too.

+10 for johns being various villains, as plausible
+1000 if he starts out penniless and giving blowjobs in alleys, but steadily "advances" in hookerlife because of his skillz~ but more importantly willingness to do crazy shit no other thinking hooker would agree to.
+100000000000 for a longfill if he *is* also doing some small repair work on the side, but not giving up hooking because drugs/alcohol habit makes it the easiest way to do it and earn enough money to also give to a group of streetkids he befriends so *they* don't have to turn tricks. (And if these kids are some of the YA and/or Runaways I will LOVE YOU 4EVA!!)
!round.01  #unfilled  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/any  kink:prostitution 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Steve, sexual slavery
kinks requested: non-con, body modification, sexual slavery, bdsm, plugs

I want something dark: one of the pair makes it look like the other has gone out of town and then proceeds to drug said other, remove them to a secret and secure location, chain them up, and have their way with them. i.e. "you're going to stay down here until you're well-trained." I don't care who's the offender, I like both of them in peril. Also doesn't have to be d/s verse. whatever you want. no rescue.

go crazy, but no watersports or scat please
!round.01  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:non-con  kink:body.transformation  kink:slavery  kink:bdsm  #unfilled 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, Slavery, sub!Master!Tony/dom!Slave!Steve, Roman!AU?
Slavery and sexual slavery is pretty normalized, and it's not male/male sex that's stigmatized but being the receptive partner or being submissive. (If filler wants to go make-believe!modern!AU, they're more than welcome too)

Tony is a sexual submissive who would *like* to be fucked, but can't trust any normal guy to dom and top him without ruining his reputation. So he buys big burly and more importantly foreign (and so unfamiliar to local mores and customs, in case of modern!AU it could be a post-ice change that 40s Steve would be unfamiliar with) slave Steve to be his sexual dominant.

So all the confusing power dynamics inherent in this setup. Tony really does want to sexually submit to this guy, and Steve is weirded out but not entirely in a bad way about getting all this seeming power over his master, but at the end of the day he's the slave and Tony's the master.

+ 1000000000 if they roleplay Tony being the slave and Steve being the Master (either in privacy or in public under disguise, perhaps), spiced with imminent threat of discovery?

Please no cruel-master!Tony and would love for it to graduate to love from both sides, but mainly interested in the power dynamics and the porn. <3
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:slavery  kink:dom/sub 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Rhodey, ageplay
Howard wasn't the worst father, but Tony was always so smart that Howard treated him more like a miniature adult than a child. Rhodey was the first male in Tony's life who is protective towards him, and Tony latches on immediately. In his freshman year at MIT, Tony finds himself a little overwhelemed by the social side of college/academia. He goes to Rhodey for comfort, and he begins to start reliving his early childhood when Rhodey is around. Rhodey can be freaking out at first (neither of them knows what they're doing here), but I want this to end in a good relationship with mutual affection. No sex, please, just lots of cuddles and stern yet loving parenting feelings.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:age.play  kink:daddy  kink:diapering  kink:nurturing  kink:non.sexual  pairing:rhodey/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Clint/Coulson, Coulson/Cellist, Jealousy, Voyeurism,
They're living in the Tower when Coulson's Cellist comes by to visit. She and he have an informal, friends-with-benefits thing going on - they hook up when they're both on the same side of the continent. Tony teases them about it, but everyone else just takes the attitude that a well-fucked Coulson is an easier Coulson to deal with.

Except Hawkeye, who is totally, insanely jealous. He hides it well, though, and goes off to mope in the air ducts. He honestly doesn't mean to peep through the vent but nevertheless sees Phil and girlfriend going at it. He's absolutely disgusted with himself, but he can't stop watching.

+10 if he orgasms without touching himself with his hands
+100 if, unbeknownst to Clint, they realize he's watching and decide to give him a show
+1000 if they invite him to join them the next night.

Author's Choice as to whether or not Clint and Coulson get together after this.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  fandom:avengers  @mcu  kink:voyeurism  pairing:phil/cellist  kink:jealousy  pairing:clint/phil 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[616] Steve/Tony, gunkink, gun-fellatio, uniform kink
kink: Steve in the super-soldier uniform with the hand-guns, dom/sub overtones (no lifestyle DS or DSAU please?), danger kink, Tony fellating a handgun (loaded?), blindfolds
Um, I think i listed everything? Lol, basically gun-kink with Commander Rogers and Tony Stark. Tony is blindfolded by a tie? *ngh*
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @cu:616  fandom:avengers  kink:dom/sub  kink:gunplay  kink:blindfold  kink:uniform  kink:danger  pairing:steve/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Clint - blade play / bloodplay
Consensual. No actual 'fucking by sharp things', but cutting, threatening and marking are all okay. I also don't mind which way round it goes, but Tony threatening Clint with his own weapons would be hot.
knives, swords ... hey flat headed arrows are pretty sharp ;)
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:bloodplay  kink:danger  kink:knifeplay  kink:marking  pairing:clint/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Fury/Tony, Dub-con daddykink
Fury ~takes care of Tony. The daddykink is dub/non-con, that is Tony is not very comfortable with it (calling Fury daddy, being called 'baby' or 'good boy' or whatever), but does it because Fury definitively insists. Especially as he makes Tony give him blowjobs while he's video-calling important people (Maybe the PotUS?!) about important things and remains perfectly in control while Tony is the one ridiculously affected.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:daddy  kink:semi-public  pairing:nick/tony  kink:dub-con  kink:oral.sex  kink:dirty.talk  kink:humiliation 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, Wingfic, Oversenstivity
Somehow Tony grows wings. Wings that are like one giant mass of extra-sensitive organs and with the right type of touch, massive erogenous zones. Steve is fascinated with them and loves to groom them and touch them and massage them.
Bonus if Tony tries to keep his sexy reaction to them hidden, until an extended massage session when he's half-asleep leads him to coming in his pants just from that.
Super-bonus for Steve using this new knowledge to reduce Tony to a whimpering mass of mind-blowing pleasure. Just from stimulating his wings.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:oversensitivity  kink:dub-con  kink:massage  kink:grooming  kink:wings  pairing:steve/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Darcy/Coulson, Age Difference
Darcy totally doesn't have a thing for older guys, she's perfectly happy perving on Cap and Thor and maybe a bit on Tony and Clint too, but the only one who gets to edit her playlist is Coulson, because he's the best sex Darcy has ever had. She likes to tease him until he totally takes her apart in the best ways possible.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:age.difference  pairing:darcy/phil 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony Daddy!kink
While I can totally buy daddy!Steve in 616 verse or Ults, in MCU Steve's in his 20s and Tony's in his 40s - would love to see some MCU daddy!Tony looking after his lost little Steve who needs to be loved and taken care of.
Would adore it if there was some non-sexual bonding first. And then when he's more relaxed around Tony, Steve feels safe enough teasing Tony, calling him 'daddy' like some of the girls did for the older guys they liked in his day...
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @mcu  fandom:avengers  kink:age.play  kink:daddy  pairing:steve/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Bucky/Tony, non-con, homophobia, violence
kinks: rough sex, non-con, some beating, bottom!Tony

Bucky decides to give Tony a lesson for turning Steve gay. Whether Steve is gay or simply openly supporting gay rights, it doesn't matter. The important point is how messed up Bucky is in the head.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:bucky/tony  kink:non-con  kink:violence  kink:bottom!tony  kink:rough.sex 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Monster-ish, Tentacle Xeno, Non-con Mpreg, body horror
Kink list: Xeno ie. Sex with something non-human and tentacly, Non con, Non-con Mpreg as body horror, Pregnant tentacle non-con sex.

Tony gets captured and raped by whatever space alien monster. He's kept prisoner and constantly raped even as he starts bloating up and realizes he's pregnant. Would love to read about the MPREG treated as body horror, lots of medical complications (alien has human lackeys helping him take care of human baby-mama?), Maybe Tony tries to forcibly terminate pregnancy and is then put in 24/7 restraints.

Special bonus for accelerated pregnancy (ie bloating starts pretty soon) and inhumanly big pregnancy (ie. the "fetus" is much bigger than any human fetus could be) Super special bonus for hopeless ending with delivery being followed by alien prepping Tony for yet another pregnancy or something.

Would love Tony to retain his defiant and quick-thinking personality, at least initially and for there to be a lot of escape attempts in the beginning.
!round.01  #unfilled  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/other  kink:tentacles  kink:non-con  kink:mpreg  kink:body.horror  kink:pregnant.sex 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[RPF] Any/Any/Scarlett Johansson, double penetration, two holes. Anal, Oral
Kinks requested: double penetration (two holes), anal, oral.

bonus: titty fuck, facial, in an alley, she is half dressed, the one fucking her ass might be a woman with a dildo, NO ass to mouth

Yeah, for whatever reason.
!round.01  #unfilled  @rpf  fandom:avengers  pairing:scarlett.johannson/any  (threesome)  kink:double.penetration  kink:oral.sex  kink:titty.fuck  kink:facial 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Any, Non-Con Temperature Play
Kinks: Icy cold and burning hot genital sensation play(?!). Painkink, Sensation.

"Any" fucks Tony with an ice-cold dildo or dildo substitute while simultaneously having Tony's dick engulfed by an almost burning hot flesh-light or substitute. (Or vice-versa, really) [Or if filler wants to go that route, fem!Tony with burning dildo going into one nether-hole and freezing dildo going into the other is totally awesome too *_*]

Neither object cold enough or hot enough to cause actual injuries, but cold enough and hot enough to be seriously noticeable and uncomfortable. Chemical enhancement to increase Tony's libido and make him physically get off of the sensations in this circumstance is 100% acceptable! :D
!round.01  #unfilled  fandom:avengers  pairing:tony/any  kink:non-con  kink:temperature.play 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Pepper , futanari
kinks: futa!Pepper

I just want Pepper and Tony having awesome happy sex with each other, and Tony loving Pepper's dick as well as her breasts/vagina. Body worship, Tony sucking cock, Pepper with her dick out underneath her perfect suit skirt, letting just enough show to tease the fuck out of Tony.

Do not want: femdom or any kind of realistic trans* issuefic
kink:futanari  !round.01  #unfilled  (het)  fandom:avengers  pairing:pepper/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
fem!Tony/Steve, Dirty Talk & Inappropriate Usage of Government Propaganda
Kinks requested: Dirty talk, masturbation, voyeurism

Toni tells Steve that when she was first figuring out how to masturbate, she used use his old posters as 'visual simulation' and fantasize that it was Captain America getting her off.

Steve's completely horrified by: a. the fact his bond posters were used that way, b. by Howard's daughter, c. and how much that turns him on.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:dirty.talk  kink:masturbation  kink:voyeurism 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Tony/Pepper, painplay
Kinks: painplay, high heels

Tony likes it when Pepper grinds those lovely sharp heels of hers in the skin around the arc reactor. There's still heavy scarring there, so it's the only thing he can feel.
!round.01  #unfilled  (het)  fandom:avengers  pairing:pepper/tony  kink:pain.play  kink:high.heels 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Hulk/Loki, size kink
Kinks: size kink (cock and body size), rough sex, domination, maybe spanking or slapping, maybe orgasm denial

Hulk wants to teach Puny God a lesson. Much to his surprise, Loki finds himself sobbing and squirming and begging for more; there's never been anyone else like this who can so effortlessly dominate him and force him to behave.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:hulk/loki  kink:size.difference  kink:rough.sex  kink:orgasm.denial 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Loki/Svaðilfari, their night together was surprisingly kinky
Kinks: horse/horse sex, horse/human sex, slight dubcon, size kink, sensitivity after multiple orgasms, unrealistic stamina

First Svaðilfari fucks Loki as a white mare, maybe more than once. Loki changes back into Aesir form, exhausted, but Svaðilfari's not done yet...

Bonus if it ends with Loki blowing the horse and ending up spattered in a gallon of cum.

Shapeshifting to accomodate his size + intersex Loki are both good.
!round.01  #unfilled  fandom:avengers  pairing:loki/svaðilfari  kink:bestiality  kink:multiple.orgasms  kink:dub-con  kink:size.difference 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/Tony, sub!Tony, teaching Steve to dom him
Kinks: Dom/Sub, Experienced!Sub!Tony, New!Dom!Steve
Other kinks: Any except Scat, watersports and the like. Impact play, CBT, spreader bars, rope-bondage etc.

Steve and Tony in a relationship, decide to add D/S flavor when Steve proves amenable. But Steve has never done this before, while Tony has years of experience at his disposal. Not really looking for topping from the bottom, but sub!Tony helping dom!Steve explore both their kinks - helping Steve find what gets his hot and teaching him Tony's kinks etc.

Bonus for both of them making compromises for the other.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/tony  kink:sub!tony  kink:dom/sub  kink:impact.play  kink:spreader.bars  kink:bondage  kink:inexperience  kink:cock.and.ball.torture 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Natasha/Maria, Yellow Snow
Kinks Requested: Watersports, temperature play

Natasha and Maria are out in the cold somewhere. Natasha pees outside and has Maria eat the yellow snow. She makes her take her clothes off then takes her indoors to 'warm her up'
!round.01  #unfilled  (femslash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:maria/natasha  kink:watersports  kink:temperature.play 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Hulk/Loki, rough sex, size kink, anal prolapse
Kinks requested: rough sex, size kink, anal prolapse

That scene from the movie where Hulk throws Loki around like a ragdoll? Well imagine that, but with sex. The Hulk is rough and violent and his giant cock is almost more than Loki can take, leading to prolapse.

Can be consensual if Loki has some kinky desires or noncon if anon prefers.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:hulk/loki  kink:size.difference  kink:rough.sex  kink:anal.prolapse 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Hulk/Tony, size kink, gaping, anal prolapse
Kinks requested: size kink, gaping, anal prolapse

Tony loves Bruce, but when it comes to sex he loves the Hulks cock. Tony has a huge size kink and wants every bit of the Hulk in him even though it leads to a gaping prolapsed asshole.

Everything completely and enthusiastically consensual please. :D
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:hulk/tony  kink:size.difference  kink:anal.prolapse 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Pepper/everyone, lactation kink. breastfeeding
Kinks requested: lactation kink, breastfeeding

Pepper is pregnant by whoever the anon wants and has started lactating. Everyone loves to help relieve the pressure by feeding from her. Can be sexual or comfort or both.

Anon is free to choose who is involved but please more than just the father of the baby. As many characters (male and female) as you can fit in would be great.
!round.01  #unfilled  (poly)  fandom:avengers  kink:pregnancy  kink:lactation  pairing:pepper/any 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Pepper/everybody, pregnant sex, multiple partners
Kinks requested: pregnant sex, multiple partners

Pepper is pregnant and because of the poly relationship with the team she doesn't know who the father is. She does know she is horny though and she needs more than one person to keep up with her hormone induced sexual appetite. Three or four people might be enough.
!round.01  #unfilled  (poly)  fandom:avengers  kink:multiple.partners  kink:pregnant.sex  pairing:pepper/team 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Steve/OMCs, anonymous sex, mulitple partners
Kinks requested: anonymous sex, multiple partners

Steve explores his sexuality in the new less conservative time period by going out to clubs and picking up men.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:steve/omc  kink:anonymous.sex  kink:multiple.partners 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, mutual masturbation in a public place
Kinks requested: mutual masturbation in a public place

In a movie theater! I don't want them to be discovered. Pre!Serum Steve with a average size cock for this one, please; not that I don't love Tiny!Steve in all senses, I'll just prefer him with an average size penis for this one.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  fandom:avengers  pairing:bucky/steve  kink:masturbation  kink:public.sex 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
Any Male, Super Soldier Serum
Kinks: Masturbation or Handjob

SHIELD scientists believe they have discovered the missing something needed to replicate Erskine's super soldier serum: semen! It's not what's inside a person that determines what'll happen. It's what was inside the semen used, and SHIELD's determined to use only the best/smartest/strongest/whateverest. One or more of the Avengers are asked to contribute samples for great justice.
!round.01  #unfilled  (solo)  fandom:avengers  kink:masturbation 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
[AU] Steve/Tony, mental institution
Steve is a mental patient and in the institution against his will. He's drugged up good most of the time because he's strong and they're worried he might hurt someone. Steve thinks he's Captain America, the Captain America. No one believes him... Tony is his new doctor.

Bonus: non-con fondling by an orderly or male nurse, Tony finds out and puts a stop to it.
!round.01  #unfilled  (slash)  @alternate.universe  fandom:avengers  kink:mental.disability  kink:restraints  kink:prison  kink:non-con  kink:drugs  pairing:steve/tony 
december 2012 by wanton_avengers
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