Exclusive - copperbadge - Marvel, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Heroes In Manhattan: From Captain America’s Hidden Talents To The Truth About The Hulk, We Debunk The Myths And Expose The Daily Lives Of The Avengers.
marvel  avengers  author:copperbadge  fanworkssimmons 
august 2015
Of Bananas, Babies and Buzzkills
“Are you, um—What are you doing back?” He looks as uncomfortable as Stiles feels and that’s some small consolation.

“You know, the usual. Witches, I’m the highlander now, magic bananas.”
derek/stiles  teen.wolf  author:calrissian18  via:popular 
september 2014
Babcia Knows Best
Stiles takes his grandmother to bingo every Thursday. Now there's a new guy calling out the numbers, and his grandmother has decided to set them up.
derek/stiles  teen.wolf  author:thepsychicclam 
august 2014
Play Crack the Sky
Excerpt from “Hale Pulls the Plug on the Future of Rock,” Rolling Stone, Issue 1203 – Oct. 2014
“Fans and music industry vets alike are left reeling in the wake of bassist Derek Hale’s sudden departure from Smokes for Harris. At a time when the foursome from Beacon Hills, California seems to be on the cusp of rock superstardom after just one double platinum record, Smokes has everything to lose.”

Excerpt from “Smokes for Harris: Gladiator,” SPIN.com – Feb. 2015
“Smokes for Harris gives in a little to the pop punk of yesteryear in their sophomore effort, but rather than pandering to fans of a lost era they elevate the genre in a way that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Frontman Stiles Stilinski works double duty as singer and primary songwriter and proves that he can handle the task even without former bassist Derek Hale."
teen.wolf  au  derek/stiles  author:derbobbs  via:Lazulus 
august 2014
[Sleep]Walking After You
Derek is a sleepwalker who keeps wandering into his downstairs neighbour’s bedroom.

Stiles is pretty sure the hot guy from the park is going to kill him in his sleep. He knows he shouldn’t have been so obvious about objectifying the guy’s really fine ass.

Too bad it turns out Derek is easier to get along with when he's sleeping.
teen.wolf  au  author:relenafanel  derek/stiles 
july 2014
Take Me Out (to the ball game)
Stiles was content to live his life without ever knowing who his soulmate was but when a leaked celebrity video leads to him knowing who his soulmate is, he has to meet the guy. He doesn’t expect to like Derek Hale, certainly doesn’t expect to fall in love with him, but Stiles thinks he and Derek might have a shot if Lydia doesn’t kill him first.
Derek/Stiles  teen.wolf  author:tamryneradani  AU  via:popular 
july 2014
Hale Construction
Derek gets a business and a home. Stiles gets his own Batman. The sheriff gets hash browns. The Stilinski household is expanded without anyone quite talking about it.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  author:mynuet  via:popular 
june 2014
fathers and sons - M_Leigh
I have an – interest – in Peter Maximoff,” Erik said, somewhat grudgingly, glaring. “A – familial – interest –”

Everybody stared at him.

“In that – mutantkind is one – large – family –” Erik said valiantly, if pathetically.

“Oh, shit,” Alex said. “No way. No way.”
charles/erik  X-Men  xmen  Erik/charles  author:m_leigh  via:popular 
may 2014
This Might Be Irony - thepsychicclam - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles and Derek have been close friends since the Hale siblings moved in next door after their parents' death. But Derek's in the popular group, he's a star baseball player, and he dates popular Pep Squad captain Jennifer Blake. Stiles doesn't have any of that, just his skateboard and a hopeless crush on Derek (oh yeah, and his Vote Lydia Martin Prom Queen button). As prom and the baseball state championship grow closer, Stiles and Derek start rekindling their friendship.

And it all begins with two white boards.
Derek/Stiles  teen.wolf  au  author:thepsychicclam  via:popular 
may 2014
The Werewolf Who Built his House of Brick
Now that Scott's human again, Derek isn't their problem any more.

So why can't Stiles stop thinking about him?
Derek/Stiles  teen.wolf  author:Ionaonie  via:popular 
may 2014
Option C) Some Bad Guys are Werewolves, but Not All Werewolves are Bad Guys
Derek Hale—the Incredible Meat that Thinks—needs a math tutor. Stiles Stilinski needs something that will look better on his college applications than 'passable D&D Dungeon Master.'

It's a match made in heaven. Er, right?
au  derek/stiles  teen.wolf  author:calrissian18  via:popular 
may 2014
Everything Carries Me to You
After Derek realizes that his conscious mind isn't in control while he's talking to Stiles in the high school locker room, Stiles decides to take charge of their situation.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  author:cousinshelley 
may 2014
The Newlywed Game
Stiles is (still) single when the pack's getaway to the Caribbean comes by (oh misplaced optimism); lucky for him Derek is committed to being uncommitted and even after all these years is still powerless against Stiles' unique forms of persuasion.

Cue a romantic getaway for two: sun, sand, and sarcasm abound...and the two roped into competing in the Resort's version of the Newlywed game. Only it's completely obvious it's going to end in disaster. Probably homicide.

Most probably homicide.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  author:captain_loki  via:bekkis 
may 2014
Miles Away
Maybe it should have felt like a bad thing, realizing that his pack wasn’t actually his anymore. He didn’t really want to admit that the day he looked around and saw Scott taking care of everyone, Derek breathed easily for the first time since he’d met Kate Argent.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  author:sori  via:StallionofFire 
may 2014
there's a ritual for that
Six months after Derek and Cora leave Beacon Hills, Stiles gets a text from Cora – they’re in trouble and need help. Turns out that Derek is being wooed by a neighboring pack. The Alpha remembers his mother fondly and would love to have a Hale in her pack. Especially if that means she might breed in the ability to change into a full wolf. And she’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer, even when Derek lies and tells her that he already has a mate.

Except Derek didn’t lie. When Stiles shows up to help with the emergency, he inadvertently discovers that he is Derek’s mate. Stiles tries not to think about it (he knows that the mate bond isn’t written in stone, just look at Scott and Allison) as he (and Lydia, and Deaton) research mates and the challenges to the mate bond (because, of course there’s a ritual for that) and try to keep the Alpha of the Palmer pack from discovering Stiles’ connection to Derek.

Throw in the monkey wrench of Peter showing up, and Stiles starting to have feelings, and Derek sometimes looking at him like . . . Stiles doesn’t know, but he doesn’t hate it, and things begin to get a little bit complicated. [34,672 words]
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  author:spikedluv  via:cunningplan 
may 2014
Binomial Coefficients
"Hey, you dropped this," Stiles says, scraping the piece of notebook paper up off the floor, but Derek Hale doesn't hear him. Derek just slams his locker shut and shambles off, taking a friendly punch in the shoulder from Vernon Boyd as they pass in the hall, exchanging fist bumps with a group of random jock types gathered near the water fountain before he disappears into the roiling ocean of teenagers. Just another crimson letter jacket in a sea of others.

Stiles trails after him, feeling a lot less significant in his wake. No one fist bumps or shoulder punches him; Scott's home sick today after a bad asthma attack, and he's pretty much Stiles' entire social circle. Stiles is just another faceless nerd struggling to lug his overloaded backpack from class to class, and no one looks at him twice. He's practically invisible. Derek always looks slightly annoyed with everyone around him, and he still has more friends than Stiles. High school isn't what Stiles had hoped it would be.

Once he gets past the worst of the crowd, Stiles glances down at the piece of paper--if it's something stupid or useless he might just throw it away. It takes a second for it to sink in, what he's seeing, and then he boggles. It's math. Really advanced math. And Derek has solved it using a method Stiles knows isn't taught in the run-of-the-mill math classes most of the Beacon Hills high schoolers plod their way through on their way to graduation.

When he looks more closely at the page, it doesn't even look like it's Derek's homework, something he was assigned to do. Both sides of the paper are filled from top to bottom, and it isn't all math. Sprinkled in amongst the equations are other scribbles and drawings: a football, Derek's name in bubble letters, a toothy shark, the back of some dude's head. This is just Derek messing around, doodling on a piece of paper when he's bored.

Derek does this beautiful math just because he's bored.
derek/stiles  teen.wolf  author:devildoll  au  via:pluvial_poetry 
may 2014
The man on the bridge
Steve Rogers turning up at Tony's door in the middle of the night might be a bit out of character, but it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. Stranger things have happened.

Steve Rogers turning up at Tony's door with an amnesiac assassin - who may or may not have some of Tony's personally designed hardware attached where his arm should be - well that's just far too interesting to turn away, even if Tony is trying to avoid all things S.H.I.E.L.D these days.
Avengers  Steve/Bucky  author:boopboop  Captain.America  CATWS  via:kuiskata 
may 2014
An elite black ops program flying experimental helicopters called Wolves is deployed in the desert of Afghanistan.
Stiles Stilinski is an onboard Systems Operator and his pilot is one hotheaded Derek Hale.
Top Gun meets Teen Wolf.
author:Circe6  teen.wolf  derek/stiles  au  via:alocine_89 
may 2014
Burning Glances (Turning Heads)
Stiles is a lower-class tailor, who has always dreamed of attending the fabled, annual Hale ball. His good friend, Lord McCall, somehow managed to procure an extra invite.

Stiles doesn't expect anything of the evening. He certainly doesn't expect to capture the gaze of a dark, mysterious stranger wearing a wolf mask.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  au  author:yiichi  via:goodgriefcharlie 
may 2014
Post-Aftershocked 'the sheriff finds out' fic (p2 of 2) by pyes
Looking back, Derek couldn’t even remember how he’d first gotten Stiles’s number. Those early weeks in Beacon Hills were a permanent blur of anger and panic, and Stiles had been the blurriest: just some human kid that Derek didn’t like, didn’t understand, and didn’t care enough to figure out. He certainly wasn’t the type of person Derek would’ve put in his phone himself, back then.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  via:paintedmaypole 
april 2014
The Bride of Werewolf Satan
"Yes," Stiles says, "that leaves me and Derek to try to infiltrate a murderous werewolf-worshipping cult and pretending to be a bonded couple like that's even a thing and this is still a terrible idea!"
author:siria  Derek/Stiles  teen.wolf  via:arrghigiveup 
april 2014
it's gonna take a superman
14,180 words | Derek figured the Children of Villains support group would at least be full of outcasts like him. How wrong could he be?

// Sky High fusion
derek/stiles  teen.wolf  author:kellifer_fic  au  sky.high 
april 2014
Whether It's Rain or Shine
“Hi, I’m Derek Hale. This is Hale Storm on the Weather Channel.”

Stiles promptly chokes on his noodles.

In which Derek is a hot weatherman and Stiles has a huge crush.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  au  author:giantteenwolforgy 
march 2014
Stumble, Tumble, Fall
Stiles and Parrish are friends. And then Derek and Parrish are friends, and Derek is buying furniture from IKEA and calling the Sheriff John, and that's even more confusing.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  author:keskasi 
march 2014
run, run, fast as you
The night that his research partner (and sort-of ex) shows up at his apartment with a gun, Carlos decides to take a mysterious but exceptionally well funded two-year research posting in a town called Night Vale.

A story in which Night Vale is there for the people who need it, Cecil's propensity to wear his innocent heart on his sleeve is perceived as a threat (until it isn't) and no one is allowed to hurt the Scientist. No one.

Cecil/Carlos  welcome.to.night.vale  wtnv  asexual  author:branwyn 
march 2014
In hindsight, Stiles can kind of understand how it happened.

Notes:Based on this tumblr post of accidental flatmates. Stiles advertised for a roommate AGES ago and got Scott, but he left the flyer up and one day DEREK appears, asking if the room is still available and Stiles is like, MY GOD, THE HOTNESS MAKES ME BRAIN STUPID and says yes and basically rents out HIS room to Derek.
teen.wolf  derek/stiles  au  author:kellifer_fic 
march 2014
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