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Introduction to HTML Components | Clean Rinse
History is important. It’s easier to point and laugh and ignore outdated technology like Internet Explorer. But tech, so far, has an uncanny ability to keep repeating itself. How can we do a better job paying attention to things that happened before us, rather than assuming it was all bad?
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september 2017 by walterh
Writing a Programming Book | Clay Allsopp
But the right way to engineer a project might be the wrong way to get excited about it.

I made my priority to get something cool, but simple, on the reader's screen as fast as possible, and then worry about cleaning up any mess a little later.
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may 2014 by walterh • Why Everyone (Eventually) Hates (or Leaves) Maven
I’ve come to believe that scripting builds is far too specific and unique to each project to use contextualized tools
design  maven  software  programming  java  DSL 
january 2014 by walterh
Law of Demeter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
when one wants a dog to walk, one does not command the dog's legs to walk directly; instead one commands the dog which then commands its own legs
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november 2013 by walterh
Must take a proper look at this...
javascript  lisp  programming 
december 2012 by walterh
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