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Create BMFont from TTF at runtime
Cocos2d-x' TTF font rendering has a lot of features but it desperately lacks batch rendering. Using TTF fonts in a screen that displays lots of information or many tiny bits might give significant draw call (and performa…
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april 2017 by vyder
The community for people making video games
- Showcase your work and connect with others by sharing images, gifs, videos, 3D models and sound bytes of your games.
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march 2017 by vyder
[ Game Logos ] A collection of logos for a variety of games from all eras, A feast for the eyes and/or a reference for designers. Curated by Dom2D.
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march 2017 by vyder
Screenshots - mobile games UI/UX design, mobile games patterns, mobile games UI inspiration
Games Inspiration provides mobile game UI screenshots: here you can find mobile game UI patterns, such as Level Selection, Achievements, Store, Profile, Save Me UI and many more iOS and Android UI patterns.
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february 2017 by vyder

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