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Using ZeroMQ Security (part 2)
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pieterhpieterh wrote on 19 Sep, 23:07 (2264 days ago)

In the previous article I gave an overview of how and why ZeroMQ's security layers work. In this article I'll develop a simple secure application, step by step. We'll use a simple example of a server PUSH socket sending "Hello" to a client PULL socket. We'll work through the ZeroMQ NULL, PLAIN, and CURVE security mechanisms, up to full authentication. The examples are in C but the principles apply to all languages.
zeromq  security  0mq  ØMQ  crypto  nacl  tls  messaging  bus 
2 days ago
Using ZeroMQ Security (part 1) - Hintjens.com
Using ZeroMQ Security (part 1)
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pieterhpieterh wrote on 12 Sep, 11:17 (2272 days ago)

In this series of articles I'll explain how to use the new ZeroMQ security layers in your applications. The example we'll make is a chat application that provides unbreakable strong security. In this first article, I'll explain more about ZeroMQ's security technology, how it works, and why we chose it. (Read part 2.)
zeromq  security  0mq  ØMQ  crypto  nacl  tls  messaging  bus 
2 days ago
encryption - Security & Authentication: SSL vs SASL - Stack Overflow
It's quite difficult to compare SSL/TLS and SASL, because SSL/TLS is a communication protocol, whereas SASL is a framework, integrated with other protocols. (In fact, you can use both at the same time in some circumstances.)
programming  api  security  kerberos  ntlm  gssapi  development  standard  authentication  ssh  tls  java 
3 days ago
Generic Security Services Application Program Interface - Wikipedia
The Generic Security Service Application Program Interface (GSSAPI, also GSS-API) is an application programming interface for programs to access security services.

The GSSAPI is an IETF standard that addresses the problem of many similar but incompatible security services in use today.
programming  api  security  kerberos  ntlm  gssapi  development  standard  authentication  ssh 
3 days ago
Application Monitoring and Error Tracking Software | Sentry
Self-hosted and cloud-based error monitoring that helps software teams discover, triage, and prioritize errors in real-time.
monitoring  javascript  debugging  logging  error  development  tracking  tools  webdev  service 
9 days ago
Lua Binaries Download
All the binaries, source code and documentation are available from the SourceForge project files page:


But here are shortcuts for the most popular downloads:
lua  programming  download  executable  runtime 
14 days ago
Workshop: Introduction to the Disruptor
Trisha Gee of LMAX ran a workshop at Strange Loop 2012 giving a hands on set of exercises demonstrating the syntax of the Disruptor
disruptor  pattern  java  ringbuffer  performance  events 
20 days ago
NetData - Get control of your Linux Servers. Simple. Effective. Awesome.
Unparalleled insights, in real-time, of everything happening on your Linux systems and applications, with stunning, interactive web dashboards and powerful performance and health alarms.
monitoring  linux  netdata  logging  server  nagios  cacti  supervision  graph  reporting  exploitation 
21 days ago
Enterprise Kubernetes Management | Rancher
Rancher, the open-source multi-cluster orchestration platform, lets operations teams deploy, manage and secure enterprise Kubernetes. Request a demo!
kubernetes  docker  containers  management  container  k8s  rancher  cluster 
21 days ago
Secure File Transfer Software for the Enterprise | GoAnywhere MFT
GoAnywhere is a HelpSystems solution that provides secure file transfer for multiple platforms, protocols (SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, etc.) and encryption standards. Safeguard sensitive data, achieve compliance requirements and provide secure file sharing tools.
transfer  ftp  sftp  gateway  yade  sosberlin 
21 days ago
RabbitMQ vs Kafka Part 1 - Two Different Takes on Messaging — Jack Vanlightly
In this part we'll explore what RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka are and their
approach to messaging. Each technology has made very different decisions
regarding every aspect of their design, each with strengths and weaknesses.
We'll not come to any strong conclusions in this part, instead think of
this as a primer on the technologies so we can dive deeper in subsequent
parts of the series
kafka  rabbitmq  messaging  comparison  ha  availability 
22 days ago
RabbitMQ vs Kafka Part 5 - Fault Tolerance and High Availability with RabbitMQ Clustering — Jack Vanlightly
Fault tolerance and High Availability are big subjects and so we'll tackle
RabbitMQ and Kafka in separate posts. In this post we'll look at RabbitMQ
and in Part 6 we'll look at Kafka while making comparisons to RabbitMQ.
This is a long post, even though we only look at RabbitMQ, so get

In this post we'll look at the strategies for fault tolerance, consistency
and high availability (HA) and the trade-offs each strategy makes. RabbitMQ
can operate as a cluster of nodes and as such can be classed as a
distributed system. When it comes to distributed data systems we often
speak about consistency and availability.

We talk about consistency and availability with distributed systems because
they describe how the system behaves under failure. A network link fails, a
server fails, a hard disk fails, a server is temporarily unavailable due to
GC or a network link is lossy or slow. All these things can cause outages,
data loss or data conflicts. It turns out that it is generally not possible
to provide a system that is ultimately consistent (no data loss, no data
divergence) and available (will accept reads and writes) under all failure

We'll see that consistency and availability are at two ends of a spectrum
and you'll need to choose which of those you'll optimize for. The good news
is that with RabbitMQ this is a choice that you can make. It gives you the
nerd knobs required to tune it for greater consistency or greater

In this post we'll be paying close attention to what configurations produce
data loss of acknowledged writes. There is a chain of responsibility
between producers, brokers and consumers. Once a message has been handed
off to a broker, it is the broker's job not to lose that message. When the
broker acknowledges receipt of a message to the publisher, we don't expect
that message to be lost. But we'll see that this indeed can happen
depending on your broker and publisher configuration.
kafka  rabbitmq  messaging  comparison  ha  availability 
22 days ago
How to Lose Messages on a RabbitMQ Cluster — Jack Vanlightly
In my RabbitMQ vs Kafka series Part 5 post I covered the theory of RabbitMQ clustering and some of the gotchas. In this post we'll demonstrate the message loss scenarios described in that post using Docker and Blockade. I recommend you read that post first as this post assumes understanding of the topics covered.
kafka  rabbitmq  messaging  comparison  ha  availability 
22 days ago
worstcase/blockade: Docker-based utility for testing network failures and partitions in distributed applications
Docker-based utility for testing network failures and partitions in distributed applications - worstcase/blockade
distributed-systems  docker  testing  network  simulation  test  failure  ha  availability 
22 days ago
GoReplay - test your system with real data
GoReplay is the simplest and safest way to test your app using real traffic before you put it into production.
testing  HTTP  performance  go  networking  golang  test  tools  traffic  web 
22 days ago
Test Automation for GUI Testing | Ranorex
Find bugs earlier and faster with Ranorex. Test automation of desktop, web and mobile software. Download your free 30-day trial now!
selenium  gui  testing  interface  ihm  web 
22 days ago
Solution innovante d’aide à la résolution d’incidents applicatifs. Réduisez le délais de résolution, améliorez la satisfaction utilisateur, et baissez le coût de gestion des tickets.
web  recorder  gui  ihm  angular  test  troubleshooting  reporting  bug  anomalie 
22 days ago
USB-C Chargers - For Home or Travel | Switch Chargers
Compare various of USB-C chargers to find the best for your needs and budget. Includes an explainer on the different types of power output.
usb  charger  usbpd  powerdelivery  switch  nintendo 
4 weeks ago
YADE in a Nutshell | Software- und Organisations-Service
YADE is a Managed File Transfer client that is available for standalone operation and that ships as a standard job type with JobScheduler. YADE includes support for the protocols FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, CIFS and local file systems.
batch  jboss  job  scheduler  pentaho  data  transfer  sftp  ftp  cron  dollaruniverse 
6 weeks ago
Home | Software- und Organisations-Service
JobScheduler is a mature workload automation solution that provides sequential and parallel task execution, cross-platform scheduling with Agents, clustering with fail-over and a real API. Jobs can be executed with the JobScheduler Master (Linux/Windows) and with platform independent Agents.
batch  jboss  job  scheduler  pentaho  data  transfer  sftp  ftp  cron  dollaruniverse 
6 weeks ago
Understanding TCP Sequence and Acknowledgment Numbers - PacketLife.net
and how sequence and acknowledgement numbers are used throughout the duration of a TCP session, we can utilize Wireshark's built-in flow graphing ability. Navigate to Statistics > Flow Graph..., select TCP flow and click OK. Wireshark automatically build
packets  networking  tcp  ip  network 
6 weeks ago
ArchiMate Patterns – All Together Now – General Geekery
No man is an island, and no architecture is really complete within a single layer! I've written posts for each of the layers independently, and now I thought I'd pull it together and cover how I've shown the dependencies between them. First, for those who either haven't seen them, or just want a handy link…
archimate  architecture  design  uml 
7 weeks ago
architecture - Archimate study guide needed - Stack Overflow
I would recommend you learn about ArchiMate by studying the resources below.

Official ArchiMate 3.0.1 specification by the Open Group. This is the official ArchiMate specification written by the Open Group. It details everything related to the ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture modeling language, such as the notations, semantics, relationships, viewpoints, etc.

Book - Mastering ArchiMate Edition III. The is one of the most popular books that talks about ArchiMate. It gives an introduction to the ArchiMate language as well as to show you key aspects of successful enterprise modeling, along with many different patterns for practical use. Although the aim of the book is to teach the language, it also provides necessary background, making it suitable for readers with levels of knowledge (even if you are not familiar with the language). Besides ArchiMate, also covers subjects like virtualization, bitcoin/blockchain, BPMN, infrastructure as code, processes versus functions, SOA/API, ESB, Terminal Services, etc.
archimate  guide  enterprise  design  Architecture 
7 weeks ago
Alexis Seigneurin - Blog
Data Engineer - New York City, USA
kafka  blog  tutorial 
8 weeks ago
Designing Event-Driven Systems | Confluent
Author Ben Stopford explains how service-based architectures and stream processing tools such as Apache Kafka can help you build business-critical systems.
ebook  streaming  kafka  free 
8 weeks ago
Making Sense of Stream Processing | Confluent
This ebook shows you how stream processing can make your data storage and processing systems more flexible and less complex.
twitter  big-data  stream  ebook  free 
8 weeks ago
How we reindexed 36 billion documents in 5 days within the same Elasticsearch cluster
This article and much more is now part of my FREE EBOOK Running Elasticsearch for Fun and Profit available on Github. Fork it, star it, open issues and send PRs! At Synthesio, we use ElasticSearch…
tuning  scalability  elasticsearch  performance  elk  article  ebook 
9 weeks ago
dropwizard/dropwizard: A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services.
A damn simple library for building production-ready RESTful web services. - dropwizard/dropwizard
rest  api  java  opensource  microservices  library  development 
12 weeks ago
benchmarks/README.md at master · lmdbjava/benchmarks
Benchmark of open source, embedded, memory-mapped, key-value stores available from Java (JMH) - lmdbjava/benchmarks
kvstore  kv  map  keyvalue  database  performance  java  development  berkeleydb  spatialindex  spatial  benchmark  chronicle  rocksdb  leveldb  lmdb 
12 weeks ago

The MVStore is a persistent, log structured key-value store. It is planned to be the next storage subsystem of H2, but it can also be used directly within an application, without using JDBC or SQL.

MVStore stands for "multi-version store".
Each store contains a number of maps that can be accessed using the java.util.Map interface.
Both file-based persistence and in-memory operation are supported.
It is intended to be fast, simple to use, and small.
Concurrent read and write operations are supported.
Transactions are supported (including concurrent transactions and 2-phase commit).
The tool is very modular. It supports pluggable data types and serialization, pluggable storage (to a file, to off-heap memory), pluggable map implementations (B-tree, R-tree, concurrent B-tree currently), BLOB storage, and a file system abstraction to support encrypted files and zip files.
spatialindex  spatial  kvstore  kv  map  keyvalue  database  performance  java  development  berkeleydb 
12 weeks ago
HSM_basics · jpos/jPOS Wiki
jPOS Project. Contribute to jpos/jPOS development by creating an account on GitHub.
august 2019
Derived Unique Key Per Transaction – DUKPT – maravis.com
What is DUKPT?
Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) is a key management scheme. It uses one time encryption keys that are derived from a secret master key that is shared by the entity (or device) that encrypts and the entity (or device) that decrypts the data.
crypto  pos  keyderivation  dukpt  visa  pin  emv  encryption 
august 2019
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