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Getting Started · jenkinsci/pipeline-model-definition-plugin Wiki
Contribute to pipeline-model-definition-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.
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december 2016 by vonc
documize/community: Composable documentation that integrates and snapshots data from the tools you use
🛠Intelligent Document Environment (IDE) to author, track, deliver documentation 🔥 - documize/community
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july 2016 by vonc
export a git repo as a markdown based html wiki
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october 2013 by vonc
Smallest Federated Wiki – L’avenir du wiki | Korben
Smallest Federated Wiki – L’avenir du wiki
Par Korben


Howard G. "Ward" Cunningham dit Ward Cunningham est le mec qui a inventé et développé le premier wiki en 1994 baptisé WikiWikiWeb. Et Ward n'est pas satisfait des Wiki existants... Il a donc décidé de s'y remettre et développe actuellement une nouvelle vision du wiki qu'il veut innovant et précis en terme de compilation et présentation de données. Le nom de ce projet ? Smallest Federated Wiki
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july 2012 by vonc
Concepts · WardCunningham/Smallest-Federated-Wiki Wiki
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Here we describe general concepts and introduce terms that we will use freely in other documentation.

The federated wiki is a collection of federated wiki servers that can share pages encoded in page json. Servers are expected to respond to requests of the form:

example.com -- retrieve the server's home page as html
example.com/somepage.html -- retrieve somepage as html
example.com/somepage.json -- retrieve somepage as json
example.com/favicon.png -- an identifying image, conventionally a 32x32px color gradient.
Note: servers can participate in the federation returning only json and the favicon. However, the html versions offer a compatibility with the traditional web. Minimally paragraph items and image items should be rendered by the sever so that this content can be indexed by search engines.
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july 2012 by vonc
GitHub for Windows · GitHub
Ever wish there was an easy way to get up and running with Git and GitHub on your Windows computer? Turned off by command line utilities and setting up SSH keys? Want to join the incredible world of open and closed source collaboration that happens on GitHub.com every day?

Today we are releasing GitHub for Windows which is available immediately as a free download.

GitHub for Windows is a 100% native application that will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even the pre-release Windows 8. Included in the application is a complete installation of msysGit making this the single best way to start using Git on Windows
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may 2012 by vonc

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