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Auto-sizing text to fit container - CSS - WICG
I would be interested in having a CSS feature that would allow font to be sized relative to it's container size.


There is quite a lot of interest in this:

FitText.js, GitHub, 1,196 forks / 5,422 stars

text  height  css 
february 2018 by vonc
dimiro1/banner: An easy way to add useful startup banners into your Go applications
An easy way to add useful startup banners into your Go applications
go  golang  banner  colors  cli  tui  text  ascii 
april 2016 by vonc
mroth/slacknimate: text animation for Slack messages
slacknimate - :dancers: text animation for Slack messages
go  golang  slack  animation  text  monitoring  process 
february 2016 by vonc
slapresta/dit: Composable drawing primitives for the terminal
dit - Composable drawing primitives for the terminal
go  golang  cli  console  draw  text 
january 2016 by vonc
Superior - Toolkit for the Go programming language.
terminal  colors  golang  go  cli  text 
september 2015 by vonc
A text-to-speech and speech-to-text library for go.
text  speech  go  golang 
april 2015 by vonc
termui - Golang terminal dashboard
go  golang  text  gui  graph  cli  terminal  colors  graphics 
march 2015 by vonc
Bond | Send Notes | Stationery | Choose
Bond is technology for thoughtful companies. Use Bond to send handwritten cards in seconds.
note  handwriting  text  print  card  writers 
march 2015 by vonc
Text Analysis blog | Aylien — Text Analysis and Go: Getting Started with AYLIEN...
API with Go. We’re going to run through some basic Text Analysis functions like analyzing the sentiment of a piece of text, detecting what language a piece of text is written in, classifying an article and generating hashtags for a UR
go  golang  api  text  analysis 
december 2014 by vonc
The Silver Searcher windows port
The Silver Searcher is like grep or ack, except faster. It's written in super-optimized C (like grep) and it's intelligent about entirely skipping files that you don't want to waste time searching (like ack). This is a Windows port made by Krzysztof Kowalczyk.
software  windows  search  text  utils  grep  ack  speed 
march 2014 by vonc
Replace Genius - Automated Text & Data Processing Freeware
Replace Genius is a free, versatile automation utility for manipulating text and data files, including Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Think of it like a Find & Replace command on steroids! It is built to process each line according to the rules you set. With ten specialized functions and a rich set of options and filters it will let you quickly process your data to suit your unique needs.
replace  text  string  number  case  data  processing 
january 2014 by vonc
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