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Getting Started · jenkinsci/pipeline-model-definition-plugin Wiki
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december 2016 by vonc
pipeline-model-definition-plugin/SYNTAX.md at master · jenkinsci/pipeline-model-definition-plugin
Contribute to pipeline-model-definition-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.
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december 2016 by vonc
basic features fast: 1 MB/s! smart: doesn't choke on crazy code safe: handles bogus input gracefully pure Ruby implementation no dependencies plugin system line numbers nested languages encoding-aware (Ruby 1.9+) extensive test suite
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october 2013 by vonc
This project is build by developers for developers and all the available themes are under the MIT license
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august 2013 by vonc
Google Go: Good For What? | Lessons of Failure
Google is initially aiming Go at their server farms. They want to write certain server software in a language that compiles and links far faster than C or C++. This Go does.

Secondly, the goroutines and channels will let them write concurrent/parallel software that will tend to be more correct than such software written with threads. Sure, you can pass an object pointer over a channel to another goroutine. But if one goroutine sets up the object on behalf of the next stage of processing (tiered execution pipelines), then it’s no big deal. The next tier will have exclusive use of what they’re handed over the pipeline. Yeah, you have to be more aware of what you’re doing – but it’s still preferable than trying to rendezvous on shared memory via locks. And you can always choose to send copies of data instead of pointers to data.

Another advantage of goroutines is that you can have massive numbers of them. This is something you failed completely to discuss. Your only distinction of messa
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september 2012 by vonc
Syntax - re2 - I define UNIX as “30 definitions of regular expressions living under one roof.” —Don Knuth - an efficient, principled regular expression library - Google Project Hosting
This page lists the regular expression syntax accepted by RE2.
It also lists syntax accepted by PCRE, PERL, and VIM.
Grayed out expressions are not supported by RE2.

(Supported/Used by Go)
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july 2012 by vonc

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