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Deploy the Voting App on a Docker Swarm using Compose version 3 – @lucjuggery – Medium
With Docker 1.13, it’s now possible to deploy a stack from a docker-compose file. Let’s test that and deploy the Voting App on a 3 nodes swarm. Using Docker Machine, we will start by creating the…
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february 2017 by vonc
The Distributed Developer Stack Field Guide
The definitive source for mainstream technology practitioners to discover and understand the tools and concepts prominent in the shift to the distributed development stack (DDS).
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february 2015 by vonc
Docker GitLab by sameersbn
Zero to GitLab in 5 seconds or less* docker run --name='gitlab' -i -t --rm \ -p -p \ -e "GITLAB_PORT=10080" -e "GITLAB_SSH_PORT=10022" \ sameersbn/gitlab:latest oint your browser to http://localhost:10080 and login using the default username and password: username: admin@local.host password: 5iveL!fe
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june 2014 by vonc
Quotes of the week [LWN.net]
I'm sure that works great with the GO error handling model... hope they're not forgetting to check every close() for an error status.
Quotes of the week
Posted Jul 3, 2012 22:31 UTC (Tue) by twm (subscriber, #67436) [Link]

As a Python programmer, I find Go's lack of exceptions to be one of its many attractive features. You only have to be bitten by an uncaught exception in production so many times to start questioning the whole concept.
Quotes of the week
Posted Jul 4, 2012 0:27 UTC (Wed) by Cyberax (subscriber, #52523) [Link]

Try writing any non-trivial code in Go and you'll be bitten by ignored error code values.
That's even worse, exceptions are at least visible.
Quotes of the week
Posted Jul 4, 2012 4:11 UTC (Wed) by twm (subscriber, #67436) [Link]

So don't ignore error code return values. You wrote buggy code that doesn't handle errors; it's not like Ruby or Python prevents the same. At the very least, it's a problem you can take measure of via static analysis---try doing that
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august 2012 by vonc

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