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(PDF) Why Is Stack Overflow Failing? Preserving Sustainability in Community Question Answering
PDF | Enormous amounts of knowledge sharing occur every day in community question answering (CQA) sites, some of which (for example, Stack Overflow or Ask Ubuntu) have become popular with software developers and users. In spite of these systems' overall success, problems are...
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12 weeks ago by vonc
When will Stack Overflow reply: How to predict with BigQuery
I love Stack Overflow. It has answers to most of my programming questions, and when it doesn’t I can post a new one. In a normal month more than 120,000 users contribute new questions — and more than…
so  stackoverflow  bigquery  ml  statistics  regression  article  important 
january 2019 by vonc
myTagOverflow: showcase your top tags from stackOverflow | Mango Information Systems
Need to demonstrate your technical abilities? myTagOverflow shows the tags you're most active on in a cool graph visualization.
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august 2018 by vonc
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