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Bintray - Bintray
Welcome to Bintray
Bintray is a social service for developers to publish, download, store, promote, and share open source software packages. With Bintray's full self-service platform developers have full control over their published software and how it is distributed to the world.
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august 2013 by vonc
Gist as a platform
Did you know you can use Gists for:

Publishing your Markdown-based writing with gist.io?

Sure, gists already display rendered Markdown, but it’s got all that noisy UI around it that drowns the content. Gist.io renders your gists beautifully.

Render HTML demos with bl.ocks.org?

Showcase your working CSS/JS example along with syntax-highlighted code needed to make it happen.

Showing browser-based presentations with GistDeck?

Turns simple Markdown syntax into a slide deck. Indistinguishable from magic.
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december 2012 by vonc
How to change owner after executing post-update hook?
Gitolite and a Web-server stored on one server. Directory /var/www/site is clone of repo "site". A Git user consist in group www-data. I have in /home/git/repositories/site.git/hooks/post-update hook:

unset GIT_DIR
cd /var/www/site && git pull origin master

All worked perfectly, but after "pull" all updated or new files change owner to git:git. I don't know how change owner without privileges of root user. Any suggestions?

I found good approach (post-update and update)
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november 2012 by vonc
Outdated Official Portable Applications | PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives
Outdated Official Portable Applications
scriptdaemon - June 23, 2009 - 4:55am
App updates have resumed after the wait for PA.c Format 3.0. Thanks for your patience!
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april 2012 by vonc

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