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fredmoal/coursAsciidoc: Un squelette pour écrire un cours en AsciiDoc, avec asciidoctor-maven-plugin pour générer des slides et un pdf du cours
coursAsciidoc - Un squelette pour écrire un cours en AsciiDoc, avec asciidoctor-maven-plugin pour générer des slides et un pdf du cours
asciidoc  slides  presentation  example  important  maven 
november 2017 by vonc
sonatype/artifact-resolver: Standalone jar executable client Maven 2 artifact resolver based on Eclipse Aether.
artifact-resolver - Standalone jar executable client Maven 2 artifact resolver based on Eclipse Aether.
nexus3  maven  snapshot  resolver 
february 2017 by vonc
spotify/docker-maven-plugin: A maven plugin for Docker
A Maven plugin for building and pushing Docker images
docker  maven  plugin  java 
may 2016 by vonc
Maven and JBoss: how to use BOMs to keep releases in sync
Largest collection of free tutorials for JBoss Application Server, WildFly, jBPM, Hibernate, Java Enterprise, JEE, Drools, JBoss Forge, Maven, Infinispan, RESTEasy, GateIn and much more
maven  bom  release 
march 2016 by vonc
Maven’s Bill of Materials (BOM) — Java User Group (Malta) — Medium
If you are a regular user of Maven you might have come across a very common issue — version control.
maven  bom 
march 2016 by vonc
La notion de BOM avec Maven | Blog Xebia France
Agile Enterprise Java, Cloud / NoSQL, Web Oriented Architectures, Mobile
maven  bom 
march 2016 by vonc
Changing Scalatra and sbt default directories | Codurance
Our team of dedicated software craftsmen provides consultancy, software development, and training services to clients seeking high quality development processes and software solutions.
sbt  scala  idd  interaction  driven  design  convention  maven 
february 2016 by vonc
Continuous Integration and Delivery of Microservices using Jenkins CI, Maven, and Docker Compose | Programmatic Ponderings
Continuously build, test, package and deploy a microservices-based, multi-container, Java EE application using Jenkins CI, Maven, Docker, and Docker Compose.
jenkins  docker  maven  compose  deploy 
november 2015 by vonc
axion-release-plugin - Gradle release & version management plugin.
git  tag  release  plugin  maven  gradle  java  scm  tool 
october 2015 by vonc
Prompt goal of the plugin shows two levels of menus to choose version number. The idea is to rule out typos from version numbers and make it easy to support consistent versioning policy.
jenkins  version  number  scheme  plugin  maven 
april 2015 by vonc
Run Java EE Tests on Docker using Arquillian Cube (Tech Tip #62) | Miles to go 2.0 …
Tech Tip #61 showed how to run Java EE 7 Hands-on Lab using Docker. The Dockerfile used there can be used to create a new image that can deploy any Java EE 7 WAR file to the WildFly instance running in the container.

Now, if you want to run tests against this instance then mvn test alone will not do it because either you need to bind the IP address of the Docker container statically, or dynamically find out the address and then patch it at runtime. Anyway, the repeated cycle is little too cumbersome. How do you solve it?

Meet Arquillian Cube!

Arquillian Cube allows you to control the lifecycle of Docker images as part of the test lifecyle, either automatically or manually.
java  docker  test  lifecycle  maven 
december 2014 by vonc
Write Build Tasks in Go with Gotask
Write Build Tasks in Go with Gotask 27 Nov 2013 One of the things that I miss a lot when programming in Go is being able to write build tasks in Go itself. The de facto build tool for Go is make. Make is simple, classic and gets the work done. But it falls when build tasks are becoming complex. Another drawback with make is that it’s completely isolated from Go: there’s no way to import and make use of any Go code. Build tools like ant or maven also suffer for the same reason.
golang  programming  go  build  task  maven  tools 
november 2013 by vonc
Mike's Site: How to Publish Maven Site Docs to BitBucket or GitHub Pages
GitHub Pages

GitHub hosts static pages by using a special branch "gh-pages" available to each GitHub project. This special branch can host any HTML and local resources like JavaScript, images and CSS. There is no server side development.

To navigate to your static pages, the URL structure is as follows:


An example of the project I am using in this blog post: http://mike-ensor.github.com/clickconcepts-master-pom/ where the first bold URL segment is a username and the second bold URL segment is the project.

GitHub does allow you to create a base static hosted static site for your username by creating a repository with your username.github.com. The contents would be all of your HTML and associated static resources. This is not required to post documentation for your project, unlike the BitBucket solution.

There is a GitHub Site plugin that publishes site documentation via GitHub's object API but this is outside the scope of this blog
static  site  github  deploy  maven  bitbucket 
april 2013 by vonc
GrepCode.com - Java Source Code Search 2.0
Stack Trace
You could try searching for list, hadoop, android, or something else
Searching Java code in the following repositories:
Maven : JDK ( 6-b14 7-b147 ) Maven-Central Cloudera Hyracks JBoss Releases Pentaho PrimeFaces EclipseLink GrepCode
OSGI : SpringSource Eclipse-4.2 Eclipse-3.7.2 Eclipse-3.7 Eclipse-3.6.2 Eclipse-3.5.2 Eclipse-Virgo GrepCode-Eclipse
as of Thu Oct 25 06:50:10 EDT 2012
source  reference  opensource  search  code  maven  repository  development  searchengine  programming  java 
december 2012 by vonc
Scales Xml provides both a more flexible approach to XML handling and a simplified way of interacting with XML.

It fits nicely with the Java APIs you know, TrAX and javax.xml.validation for example, allowing you to run XSLTs and convert to and from Scales XML and other DOMs.

It also provides a far more XPath like experience than the normal Scala XML, Paths look like XPaths and work like them too (with many of the same functions and axes).

A number of the pain points of Scala XML are also simply removed, want to change an attribute? Just do it on the Element. Want to match against a namespace, why not?? All name access is fully qualified. Want to transform all children matching a condition via a Path, that works too. If sorting the attributes on serializing is of interest to you, plugin a Serializer.

A very flexible XML stream handling approach is based upon StAX and Iteratees (courtesy of Scalaz) which uses the same model as the tree based, no separate event hierarchy needed.
maven  library  xpath  xslt  package  xml  scala 
may 2012 by vonc
Maven Does Not Suck . . . but the Maven Docs Do
I'm not going to go into the whole Maven debate, but suffice it to say that I'm a strong proponent of everything best practice, and, to me, Maven is an embodiment of best practice. By this I mean that Maven is built around a specific best practice build methodology. Note, I said a specific best practice build methodology. In the real world, there are more than a handful of build methodologies that could qualify for the best practice accolade, but Maven assumes a single one of them. This does not mean that the others are not good, it just means that if you use Maven, you going to need to buy-in to the conventions it assumes . . . or suffer. This is true for any Convention Over Configuration ( CoC ) tool, and Maven is pretty darn CoC.

Maven, like all design patterns, is a reuseable solution to the process of building software
criticims  convention  configuration  nexus  maven 
april 2012 by vonc
Failed to integrate Maven in eclipse Helios - Stack Overflow
Failed to integrate Maven in eclipse Helios
Hi I assume you are running Eclipse Helios on a Machine that has a Java 7 JRE/JDK installed that is used by Eclipse. There is a known Bug that leads to this behavior because the Java Contract of the integrated sort algorithm has changed.

When you install (or use an already installed) Java 6 JRE/JDK to run Eclipse this should solve the problem.

To make sure the correct Java Installation is used for Eclipse edit the eclipse.ini in your Eclipse installation folder and add the following two lines at the beginning:
m2eclipse  m2e  maven  eclipse  java  eclipse.ini 
april 2012 by vonc
Why OSGi qualifiers aren't working - AlBlue’s Blog
The problem with the existence of the OSGi build qualifier is that it means Eclipse developers don’t actually take care to version code properly. Instead, the build process just spits out recompiled bundles, often without a corresponding bump in version number where required or needed.
qualifier  maven  criticims  bump  timestamp  bundle  eclipse  snapshot  policy  number  version  versionning  osgi 
april 2012 by vonc
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