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Oxy is a Go library with HTTP handlers that enhance HTTP standard library:

Stream retries and buffers requests and responses
Forward forwards requests to remote location and rewrites headers
Roundrobin is a round-robin load balancer
Circuit Breaker Hystrix-style circuit breaker
Connlimit Simultaneous connections limiter
Ratelimit Rate limiter (based on tokenbucket algo)
Trace Structured request and response logger
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may 2015 by vonc
Docker essentials – More work with images - Das Blinken Lichten
Cisco, VMWare, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps, F5, Automation, etc, etc, etc
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april 2015 by vonc
BootstrapCDN: Twitter's Bootstrap hosted on NetDNA's Content Delivery Network
With NetDNA's Content Delivery Network, your site will load faster, a lot faster...

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...Don't believe us? Ask these guys:
webdesign  faster  load  network  dna  cdn  design  css  bootstrap 
august 2013 by vonc
Camlistore is your personal storage system for life. It's a way to store, sync, share, model and back up content. It stands for "Content-Addressable Multi-Layer Indexed Storage", for lack of a better name.
referential  model  golang  save  store  layer  load  objects  database  go 
august 2013 by vonc
Load Testing: Same Old, Same Old or a Whole New Ball Game?
Load testing is becoming a mandatory step in the development process.
I’ve been talking to more and more companies these days that are requiring that all applications go through load and performance testing before they’re deployed to production. This is especially true for new online services who know that they only have one chance to show their best or likely lose that customer forever.
The performance of applications is becoming more important than the breadth of functionality.
For some companies like insurance and banks, the importance of application performance is much higher than the pure number of functions their apps can perform. This means that load and performance testers are playing more prominent roles within these development organizations.
tests  applications  http  performance  testing  load 
april 2013 by vonc

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