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JSL Free Java NT Service Launcher for Windows/NT/W2K/Win 2003
The Java Service Launcher is a small executable to start 32bit and 64bit JAVA-programs as a Service. 32bit has been tested under Windows NT 4, Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows XP. 64bit has been tested under Windows 7. Windows 2008 and Vista work fine according user feedback (they share the Kernel with Windows 7). JSL is NOT a JVM. It's simply a utility like javap, javac or javah which will launch a Java application through an installed JVM.

As the way to do this has been standardized by Sun since JDK 1.2 the JSL is fairly universal and should be able to use any JVM from 1.2 onward, including JVMs from other vendors like IBM and JRockit. For supported JVMs and Windows operating systems see Current Release, for new feature and changes see Change log.
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april 2012 by vonc

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