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Running integration tests in Kubernetes – ITNEXT
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
kubernetes  article  important  integration  test  jenkins  podtemplate  containertemplate  template 
july 2018 by vonc
Moby and Kubernetes – Moby Blog
The Moby Project was created by Docker to enable and accelerate software containerization. It’s intended for engineers, integrators and enthusiasts looking to modify, hack, and experiment, with…
docker  kubernetes  integration  article  important 
october 2017 by vonc
Docker meets the IDE - The dot Post
Mario explores the integration of Docker inside IDEs and introduces a plugin able to edit, build and run Docker containers straight from Eclipse.
docker  ide  integration 
october 2015 by vonc
go-libzfs currently implements basic manipulation of ZFS pools and data sets. Plan is to add more in further development, improve documentation with more examples, and add more tests. go-libzfs use libzfs C library and does not wrap OpenZFS CLI tools.
go  golang  api  zfs  pools  c  integration  example 
june 2015 by vonc
Visual Studio Online with Git
TFS and Visual Studio Online (VSO) have embraced Git as one of the default options for version control while creating a new team project. In this article, I will attempt to explain the concepts of Git as implemented by TFS / VSO.
git  tfs  visual  studio  microsoft  integration 
april 2015 by vonc
The files here demonstrate how to use the rules for Go supplied under //tools/build_rules:go_rules.bzl. The rules should be considered experimental. They support:

go  golang  bazel  integration  compilation  google 
march 2015 by vonc
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