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Clean http handlers in Go // Gopher blog
In this blog post i'm going to show how we can create clean http handlers following the KISS pattern.
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july 2017 by vonc
What’s new in Git for Windows 2.10? | Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management
Announcing MinGit - a 'lite' version of Git for Windows that we're using in the lightweight Visual Studio vNext:
Git  2.10  Windows  interactive  rebase  speed  performance  improvment  important 
september 2016 by vonc
GitHub · Where software is built
Today @robertgriesemer landed his branch and you won't believe what happened next. #golang
go  golang  commit  ssa  speed  improvment  performance  article 
april 2016 by vonc
gonelog - Golang logging library
go  golang  log  std  better  improvment  structured  key  value  low  resource  vendor  dependency 
december 2015 by vonc
GitHub · Build software better, together.
(We use github for distribution but its code review system is so poor,
we don't use its Pull Request mechanism. The Gerrit git server & code
review system is the main repo. See
http://camlistore.org/docs/contributing for how to use them. We might
support github for pull requests in the future, once it's properly
integrated with external code review tools. We had a meeting with Github
to discuss the ways in which their code review tools are poor.)
google  git  github  review  suggestion  improvment  pullrequest 
may 2015 by vonc
Git Improvements, Top Eclipse Feature Luna #3 « EclipseSource Blog
Over the past 12 months, a number of notable improvements have been added to the Eclipse Git Tooling. The history view received the most attention, making it one of the most useful views during development. From the history view, you can now directly edit an existing commit.

And if consecutive commits are selected, you can squash them into a single one.

You can also perform complex interactive rebase operations directly from Eclipse (available since December 2013). Starting by sel...
eclipse  git  luna  improvment 
november 2014 by vonc

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