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Kubernetes on bare-metal in 10 minutes
Learn how to get started with Kubernetes on bare-metal in 10 mins - the open-source orchestration framework built to run containers at scale in production.
containers  kubernetes  tutorial  K8s  digest  howto  linux  metal 
november 2018 by vonc
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clone can not reach host inside docker container
git  Tech  HowTo  Question  from twitter_favs
march 2016 by vonc
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pull ignores current work directory in shell script
git  Tech  Question  HowTo  from twitter_favs
january 2016 by vonc
Introducing dumb-init, an init system for Docker containers
dumb-init is simple to use and solves many of these problems: you can just add it to the front of any container’s command, and it will take on the role of PID 1 for itself. It immediately spawns your process as PID ~2, and then proxies on any signals it receives. This helps to avoid special kernel behavior applied to PID 1, while also handling regular responsibilities of the init system (like reaping orphaned zombie processes).
docker  init  initd  system  containers  run  devops  tools  howto  zombie  pid  1 
january 2016 by vonc
Using Git to Manage Todos · Jezen Thomas
The TODO comments in your codebase will linger and rot, but this small bash script will coerce your team into cleaning up after themselves.
git  TODOs  bash  howto  management  code  hooks 
november 2015 by vonc
Roaming through Golang examples (annotated Go programs).
This site presents annotated examples of Go source code organized in various categories: fundamentals, concurrency, net and web examples. Each solution is complete and meant to be useful: a way to discover Go! - by gofragments.net -
go  golang  examples  annotated  timezone  time  howto  snippet  search  code 
october 2015 by vonc
Getting Started with Go & Martini
Martini is a lightweight web framework for Go.

Martini provides a HTTP Server along with a light weight routing DSL and parameter parsing.

Martini is a great fit for services and APIs.
go  golang  martini  web  server  tutorial  howto 
april 2015 by vonc
Building Minimal Docker Containers for Go Applications | via @codeship
Learn how to make a Docker container in Go 85x smaller. Codeship engineer Nick Gauthier explains how he built a 10mb docker image for a Go web server.
gnu  docker  golang  howto  linux  scratch  empty  container  build 
april 2015 by vonc
Optimizing Docker Images | Century Link Labs
Docker images can get really big. Many are over 1G in size. How do they get so big? Do they really need to be this big? Can we make them smaller without
docker  compress  flatten  image  containers  optimization  howto 
april 2015 by vonc
Linux keyboard text symbols: Compose key shortcuts - fsymbols
Find out how to setup and use Compose Key shortcuts on Linux. Contains a list of Compose Key sequences. Type text symbols with your keyboard.
fonts  keyboard  linux  compose  composekey  howto  language  reference  specialchars 
january 2015 by vonc
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