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Why Microsoft is Acquiring GitHub – Michael K. Spencer – Medium
This is one of my favorite acquisition stories so far in 2018. GitHub (notice the cute mascot) really is the Switzerland of code. I’m not going to lie, this might not stay the same after the…
microsoft  github  acquisition 
june 2018 by vonc
GitHub, Glitch and the Future of Social Coding – Glitch – Medium
Here’s the short version: We’re excited about GitHub becoming part of Microsoft, and think it’ll be good news for developers. But based on the huge adoption we’re seeing for Glitch and our own decade…
git  github  microsoft  glitch  alternative 
june 2018 by vonc
Microsoft acquiring GitHub is a good thing. Here's why.
Microsoft suddenly acquired GitHub, but it's great news. A deeper look at what makes it a great match.
microsoft  github  advantages 
june 2018 by vonc
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