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How to solve the "Wall of Pink" in Github for Windows? - Stack Overflow
Run git checkout-index --force *. This will recreate all your files in your working directory, taking into account the directives in the .gitattributes file. Once this is done, every text file in your working directory WILL bear CRLF line endings and git status should still consider the workdir as clean.
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october 2013 by vonc
language agnostic - What's the best CRLF handling strategy with git? - Stack Overflow
Git allows you to set the line ending properties for a repo directly using the text attribute in the .gitattributes file. This file is committed into the repo and overrides the core.autocrlf setting, allowing you to ensure consistent behaviour for all users regardless of their git settings. And thus: The advantage of this is that your end of line configuration now travels with your repository and you don't need to worry about whether or not collaborators have the proper global settings.
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