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How to get the “Push to Gerrit” Action back with EGit « EclipseSource Blog
This week I updated my IDE to Eclipse 4.3.2 which comes with Egit 3.2. After that my “Push to Gerrit” action was gone from the usual place. If the same thing happens to you, here is how to get it back: In the context menu, select Team > Remote > Configure Push to Upstream. In the upcoming dialog, select Add Configure HEAD to point to refs/for/master After applying, you see the entry in the configuration dialog: Now Dry-Run and Save. When you go back to Team > Remote you will see the Push to Gerrit and Fetch from Gerrit actions are back.
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march 2014 by vonc
GitHub becoming the most popular Version of Git, we have a few features lined up to support GitHub

1.Raising PullRequest from Eclipse between 2 Remotes

Earlier Implemented as Gimmick which would open the URL in a Browser and you could click on Create PullRequest
Now the Feature is extended and implemented using GitHub Mylyn Connector, so that you can raise PullRequest from Eclipse itself in the true sense.

2.Fork Visualisation

Select a Branch in the Github Repositories View and See the Forks of the Selected Repo Graphically and Hierarchially.

3.Add Remote and Fetch from Fork

You can Select a Fork and decide to Add a Remote and Fetch that into your Local Git Repo in just 1 Click.
This feature helps in avoiding
Copy Pasting SSH or HTTPS URL from Github
Add Remote > Enter Remote Name > Add URI > Add ConfigSpec and finally Fetch.

Features to follow
Other GitHub Operations thru GUI.
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august 2013 by vonc

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