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Lessons Learned — A Year Of Going “Fully Serverless” In Production
At Torii, we decided to go the no-ops path as much as possible meaning we’ll focus all our efforts on our product and not on operations. While we enjoy doing devops, that’s not our main focus as a…
docker  serverless  bestpractices 
3 days ago by vonc
How to Dockerize your End-to-End acceptance tests – freeCodeCamp
This article serves as a “how-to” guide for using Selenium Docker images alongside CodeceptJS and an Express server. Acceptance testing is a phase in a typical software development process. It covers…
docker  selenium  acceptance  test  article  important 
15 days ago by vonc
Bootstrapping a Go application with Docker – Ruy García – Medium
If you are working on create a Web application with Go (either for HTTP or other type of service) then you may be thinking about deploying it over different stages or environments (local development…
go  golang  docker  deployment  article  important  june 
4 weeks ago by vonc
Hey AWS, Welcome EKS to the Kubernetes community! – Heptio
It’s an important day for the Kubernetes community ‒ Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) into general availability. Given AWS’ influence, their choice to…
aws  eks  docker  kubernetes 
5 weeks ago by vonc
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