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Ship Small Diffs
Building a web application is a young and poorly-understood activity. Toolchains for building code in general are widely available, relatively older, and they also happen to be closest at hand when…
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february 2017 by vonc
itchio/wharf: A protocol to quickly transfer software builds (reference Go implementation)
wharf - :satellite: A protocol to quickly transfer software builds (reference Go implementation)
go  golang  rsynch  diff  binary  transfert  synchronisation 
january 2017 by vonc
Yes, Designers can use git too! — Enki Blog — Medium
How to go from a messy dropbox folder to a modern collaborative workflow using git
git  designer  diff  images 
march 2016 by vonc
Send A Patch To Someone Using `git format-patch`
Use Git's built-in functionality for sharing a patch without a centralized server.
am  diff  difference  patch  git  email  file  send  format-patch 
march 2016 by vonc
stevemao/diff-so-fancy: diff-so-fancy builds on the good-lookin' output of diff-highlight to upgrade your diffs' appearances
diff-so-fancy builds on the good-lookin' output of diff-highlight to upgrade your diffs' appearances
git  diff  colors 
february 2016 by vonc
messagediff - A library for doing diffs of arbitrary Golang structs.
go  golang  diff  struct  reflection  unexported  private-key 
august 2015 by vonc
grepdiff - GoDoc
Grepdiff reads diffs from the named files (or standard input) and prints a reduced diff containing only the hunks matching the regular expression.

The diffs are expected to be in unified diff format, as produced by commands like “git diff” or “hg diff”.
go  golang  grep  diff  Git  hunk  apply  patch 
may 2015 by vonc
create html output from colored, word-level git diff | commandlinefu.com
create html output from colored, word-level git diff - git diff --word-diff --color-words | aha > index.html && firefox index.html - references:


use aha to output html: http://stackoverflow.com/a/20861333/199217
git  diff  html  generate  output  word  cli 
april 2015 by vonc
A better pull request - Atlassian Developers
This is how we decided to implement pull request diffs in Bitbucket and Stash. When you view a pull request, you're seeing what the resultant merge commit will actually look like. We do this by actually creating a merge commit behind the scenes, and showing you the difference between it and the tip of the target branch:
tip  git  atlassian  pullrequest  diff 
january 2015 by vonc
version control - Getting useful git diff output between branches after a file has been renamed - Stack Overflow
To address a file directly - even if this file only exists in a different branch/commit - you can use the <reference>:<path> syntax. Taking advantage of this syntax a diff command could look like this:

git diff HEAD^:renamed.file original.file

Using this command you can compare the renamed.file from the previous commit (HEAD^) with the original.file of your current working tree.
so  stackoverflow  diff  core  autocrlf  head  previous  rename 
january 2015 by vonc
Git Merge Conflict Style Diff3
git config --global merge.conflictstyle diff3
merge  diff  3ways  markers 
december 2014 by vonc
Why does git think each line of an untouched file has changed - Stack Overflow
To show such "invisible" changes in details use:

git diff --word-diff-regex=.

This will mark all changed characters, even whitespace.
so  stackoverflow  core  autocrlf  diff  invisible  characters 
december 2014 by vonc
Git repo keeps showing modified files - Stack Overflow
I tried this out with the (Windows) Git default core.ignorecase set to true:

$ git diff --name-only | xargs git rm -f
That will delete all the upper-case files (and stage those changes in the Git index), so afterwards I ran git status:
modifications  changes  stackoverflow  so  eol  upercase  lowerase  diff  git 
july 2013 by vonc
unicode - Git messed up my files, showing chinese characters in some places - Stack Overflow
Your ini files are saved in UTF-16LE, the encoding that Windows misleadingly describes as ‘Unicode’. Git's default diffing tools don't work on UTF-16, because it's not an ASCII-compatible encoding. This is why git detected the files as binary originally. LF/CRLF newline conversion is seeing each 0x0A byte as being a newline, and replacing it with 0x0D-0x0A. But, in a UTF-16LE file, a newline is actually signalled by 0x0A-0x00, and replacing that with 0x0D-0x0A-0x00 means that you've got an odd number of bytes, so the alignment of each two-byte code unit in the next line is out of sync. Consequently every other line gets mangled. Your options are: Revert the attribute change and let Git handle the files as binary (losing the benefit of diffs). Save the files in an ASCII-compatible encoding. It looks like your content doesn't actually have any non-ASCII characters in, so hopefully that's not a problem?
binary  text  detection  diff  unicode  git  windows  lowendian  utf 
july 2013 by vonc
Vive la git diff! | Atlassian Blogs
Diff. Patch. Change. Delta. Δ. Whatever you call it, diffs are pretty much the aggregate output of any developer’s day. A bunch of deletions and additions from a set of files that can be codified in a .patch file as a bunch of pluses, minuses and context indicators.
color  diff  change  delta  line  git  word  patch 
june 2013 by vonc
Description : DiffView is a program written in C#.NET 3.5 SP1 and able to log modifications of a given program:

Make a diff into files (you can select folders to analyze in a treeview).
The program will give you a list of modified and created files within the specified range (in minutes)
Make a diff into registry (you can select keys to analyze in a treeview).
Quick scan (shows only modified keys within the specified range (in minutes))
Thorough scan (shows modified keys, and what has been modified - new / modified values, data). This scan needs to make a backup of targeted keys before to launch it
Generate a report of all modifications (files and registry)
view  monitoring  changes  diff  windows  registry 
april 2013 by vonc
ClearCase::Wrapper - search.cpan.org
ClearCase::Wrapper - General-purpose wrapper for cleartool


This perl module functions as a wrapper for cleartool, allowing its command-line interface to be extended or modified. It allows defaults to be changed, new flags to be added to existing cleartool commands, or entirely new commands to be synthesized.


A pseudo-command which lists the currently-defined extensions. Use with -long to see which overlay module defines each extension. Note that both extensions and their aliases (e.g. checkin and ci) are shown.

Extended to handle the -dir/-rec/-all/-avobs flags. These are fairly self-explanatory but for the record -dir checks in all checkouts in the current directory, -rec does the same but recursively down from the current directory, -all operates on all checkouts in the current VOB, and -avobs on all checkouts in any VOB.

Extended to allow symbolic links to be checked in (by operating on the target of the link instead).

perl  checkin  diff  wrapper  clearcase 
december 2012 by vonc
ClearCase::Wrapper::MGi - search.cpan.org
ClearCase::Wrapper::MGi - Support for an alternative to UCM.


This is an overlay module for ClearCase::Wrapper containing Marc Girod's non-standard extensions. See perldoc ClearCase::Wrapper (by David Boyce) for more details.

The alternative to UCM consists in a novel branching model, and a concept of incremental types.


New command. LsGenealogy is an alternative way to display the version tree of an element. It will treat merge arrows on a par level with parenthood on a branch, and will navigate backwards from the version currently selected, to find what contributors took part in its state. This is thought as being particularly adapted to displaying the bush-like structure characteristic of version trees produced under the advocated branching strategy.
diff  wrapper  perl  clearcase 
december 2012 by vonc
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