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Continuous Delivery with Maven and Go into Maven Central | ThoughtWorks
In continuous delivery the idea is to have the capability to release the software to production at the press of a button, as often as it makes sense from a business point of view, even on every commit (which would then be called continuous deployment). This means that every binary built could potentially be released to production in a matter of minutes or seconds, if the powers that be so wish.
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november 2015 by vonc
The end of linearity, implementation of git Univention
Univention's Professional Service Team reports about the successful migration from SVN to git as the tool for the version control of their software projects
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october 2015 by vonc
Fernando Rubbo: Continuous Delivery: why you should be doing this?
Continuous Delivery: why you should be doing this?

If you are not doing, or not going in the direction of doing, Continuous Delivery (CD) I would say you are going down to the wrong path. I know, I have strong opinions (see my post Are you agile? really?). But this is the only way I could see software development in large scale* work. Not saying it is an easy path (I would mainly blame the culture of avoiding/blocking changes), just saying that you should start thinking on its benefits and also you should start trying out those techniques.

It is important to mention that this post will not discuss continuous delivery strategies, techniques or patterns. For that you should read the Jezz Humble’s book and search for it on web. I’m sure you will find hundreds of wonderful materials on this subject.
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august 2013 by vonc
The Road To Continuous Delivery - Part 1 | Aviran’s Place
The Road To Continuous Delivery - Part 1
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The following series of posts are coming from my experience as the back-end development manager at Wix.com. I will try to tell the story of Wix and how we see and practice continuous delivery, hoping it will help you make the switch too.
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august 2013 by vonc

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