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Kube tool in less than 3 min: Heptio Ark – ITNEXT
With this article I would like to start a series of posts with the aim of introducing Kubernetes open source tools in under 3 min. The ecosystem around K8S is becoming more and more complex and it is…
kubernetes  backup  restore  cluster  definition  persistent  volume  article  important  june 
june 2018 by vonc
The human scalability of “DevOps” – mattklein123 – Medium
As I recently wrote on Twitter, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time lately thinking about the human scalability of “DevOps.” (I use quotes around DevOps because there are varied…
devops  definition  microservices  scalability 
june 2018 by vonc
Advanced Blockchain Concepts for Beginners – Coral Health – Medium
Have you joined our Telegram chat yet? Why wait? You’re missing out on a vibrant community talking about cool blockchain topics like the ones you’ll learn about in this article! Many readers by now…
blochain  concept  definition  article  important  bzt  bizantine  fault  tolerance 
may 2018 by vonc
Understanding kubernetes networking: pods – Google Cloud Platform — Community – Medium
This post is going to attempt to demystify the several layers of networking operating in a kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes is a powerful platform embodying many intelligent design choices, but…
kubernetes  pod  network  article  important  definition 
january 2018 by vonc
Container based Architectures I/III: Technical advantages
Containerization or container-based virtualization is an Operating System level virtualization method for deploying and running distributed applications without launching Virtual Machines for each…
docker  architecture  definition  container  advantages 
july 2017 by vonc
DevOps for Designers – Medium
I’ve recently discovered an emerging area of inquiry called DesignOps. The definition of DesignOps is still very much being worked out, which is not surprising given its newness. There seems to be…
devops  terminology  definition 
january 2017 by vonc
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