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binstale - GoDoc
Ever wonder if binaries in GOPATH/bin are up to date? binstale now includes reason! #golang
go  golang  gopath  stale  Control  important 
september 2016 by vonc
List of Control Panel Command Line Commands
A complete list of Control Panel command line commands for each Control Panel applet available in Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.
control  panel  Windows  commands  list  cmd  commandline  sysadmin  computer  resources 
march 2016 by vonc
Tutorial: Role Based Access Control in Universal Control Plane | Docker Blog
Tutorial: Role Based Access Control in @Docker Universal Control Plane by @theVSaraswat:
docker  ucp  universal  Control  pane  role  access  based  rbac 
march 2016 by vonc
Inside kwiboo - 7 golden rules of "Branch per Task" | kwiboo
If you're going or have gone agile in your software development team, the 7 golden rules of Branch per Task is a must read article for you
version  control  branch  taskmanager 
march 2015 by vonc
Gitrob: Putting the Open Source in OSINT | michenriksen.com
Sometimes employees might publish things that should not be publicly available. Things that contain sensitive information or things that could even lead to direct compromise of a system. This can happen by accident or because the employee does not know the sensitivity of the information.

Gitrob is a command line tool that can help organizations and security professionals find such sensitive information. The tool will iterate over all public organization and member repositories and match filenames against a range of patterns for files that typically contain sensitive or dangerous information.
github  security  control  check  sensitive  information  data  push  Git 
january 2015 by vonc
Ensure effective administration and security in Rational ClearCase 8.0.1
ACLs model, policies, and rolemaps Rational ClearCase VOB ACLs are administered with two types of objects that are defined in the VOB: policies and rolemaps. Each rolemap is associated with one policy. Policies and rolemaps use principals to identify users. Principal A principal is the identity used as part of an access control entry (ACE). Principals come in several kinds, most notably Role, User, and Group. Policies Policies have four sections: VOB, policy, rolemap, and element. Each section specifies an access control list, or ACL, which is a list of ACEs. Each ACE identifies a principal and the permissions granted to that principal. Policies typically specify Role principals, thereby defining role names used in the policy. Policies can also list specific users or groups. Rolemaps Rolemaps assign specific users or groups to the roles defined in the associated policy.
rolemap  identity  element  control  acl  vob  policy  list  clearcase  access  ace  user 
june 2013 by vonc
Either monad | Cake Solutions Team Blog
e wish to abort the process whenever a step fails (and return the failures) and we wish to continue the process if the step succeeds.

The practical application is to use the either monad is code that prepares some HTTP requests, sends the requests and then parses the responses.
error  either  monad  flow  control  exception  help 
august 2012 by vonc
Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern
Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern

In the Java community there's been a rush of lightweight containers that help to assemble components from different projects into a cohesive application. Underlying these containers is a common pattern to how they perform the wiring, a concept they refer under the very generic name of "Inversion of Control". In this article I dig into how this pattern works, under the more specific name of "Dependency Injection", and contrast it with the Service Locator alternative. The choice between them is less important than the principle of separating configuration from use.
control  inversion  di  dependencyinjection  spring  design  development  injection  ioc  designpatterns  programming  java  patterns 
may 2012 by vonc
GitHub for Windows
Stay in sync

The sync button turns the complex workflow of pulling and pushing into a single operation. It notifies you when there are new changes to pull down and lets you quickly share local changes.


Branch with ease

Branching is one of Git’s best features. We’ve made it easy to try out remote branches, create new local branches, and publish branches to share with others.


Clone with a click

Quickly clone repositories from your account or any organization you belong to. Want to pull down a repository from GitHub.com? Check out the Clone in Windows button.
dvcs  gui  software  github  git  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
may 2012 by vonc
GitHub for Windows · GitHub
Ever wish there was an easy way to get up and running with Git and GitHub on your Windows computer? Turned off by command line utilities and setting up SSH keys? Want to join the incredible world of open and closed source collaboration that happens on GitHub.com every day?

Today we are releasing GitHub for Windows which is available immediately as a free download.

GitHub for Windows is a 100% native application that will run on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and even the pre-release Windows 8. Included in the application is a complete installation of msysGit making this the single best way to start using Git on Windows
branch  dvcs  csharp  wiki  dotfiles  msysgit  gui  git  github  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
may 2012 by vonc
My Problem with Git: No Abstraction | The Geek Law Blog
In other words, mv combines two conceptual functions into one thing, simply because that’s the underlying implementation.

And I realized that this kind of “implementation leakage” occurs with many git commands. The non plus ultra evidence is the excellent post, Git Reset Demystified by Scott Chacon. It’s about git’s equivalent to svn revert

A great related post: On git and usability
Michael Feathers takes the opposite point of view: My Satisfaction with Git: No Abstraction.
criticims  abstraction  vcs  versioncontrol  opinion  git  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
may 2012 by vonc
My Problem with Git: No Abstraction : programming
My Problem with Git: No Abstraction (g33klaw.com)
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[–]bobindashadows 14 points 17 jours de ça
I gave up a long time ago on understanding what git reset was supposed to semantically represent. In fairness though, it's probably one of the worst (if not the worst) offenders of the common commands.
[–]caninestrychnine 12 points 17 jours de ça
I think the worst offender is git checkout which will switch the branch, or do a roll back, you know ... depending.
Git  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
may 2012 by vonc
Meet Atlassian Stash: Git Repository Management for Enterprise Teams | Atlassian Blogs
Atlassian now offers a centralized solution to manage Git repositories behind the firewall. Streamlined for small agile teams, powerful enough for large organizations.

For many companies, hosting an internal source control server and maintaining access to repositories can be a difficult and time consuming process. Now, you can focus on building great software and let Atlassian Stash take care of your repository management.
jira  stash  atlassian  criticims  ldap  management  enterprise  git  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
may 2012 by vonc
Tutorial: setting up Gitlab on Debian 6 – Phusion Corporate Blog
This tutorial teaches you how to setup Gitlab on Debian 6, Ruby 1.9.3, Phusion Passenger and Nginx. It assumes that Gitlab and the git repositories are hosted on the same machine. Your Gitlab installation will be protected by SSL. Your users will be able to pull from and push to your repositories using the ssh:// protocol, but they won’t have actual shell access and you don’t need to have separate system accounts for each user to control access. Gitlab (or to be more correct, gitolite, which Gitlab uses) manages access without system accounts.
nginx  linux  gitolite  gitlab  rubyonrails  ruby  debian  git  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
april 2012 by vonc
Gitblit is an open-source, pure Java stack for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories.
It's designed primarily as a tool for small workgroups who want to host centralized repositories.
git  java  server  war  repository  list  mangement  viewer  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
august 2011 by vonc
libgit2: a linkable library for Git
libgit2 is a portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods provided as a re-entrant linkable library with a solid API, allowing you to write native speed custom Git applications in any language which supports C bindings.
git  library  c  programming  python  ruby  github  development  -  Fast  Version  Control  System 
november 2010 by vonc
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