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jpillora/opts: A Go (golang) package for building frictionless command-line interfaces
A Go (golang) package for building frictionless command-line interfaces - jpillora/opts
go  golang  flags  2019  struct  nested  json  config  important 
12 weeks ago by vonc
riddler - docker inspect to opencontainers runc spec converter.
go  golang  runc  config  json  runtime  generator 
january 2016 by vonc
Contribute to go-config development by creating an account on GitHub.
go  config  validation  ini  json  xml  file  golang 
november 2015 by vonc
gunter - Simple configuration system
go  golang  config  file  generator  toml 
october 2015 by vonc
envconfig - Small library to read your configuration from environment variables
go  golang  env  config  environment  variable 
april 2015 by vonc
scut - Get satisfaction with servers for your configs.
config  golang  go  configuration  server  toml 
april 2015 by vonc
Secure Secure Shell
Reading the documents, I have the feeling that the NSA can 1) decrypt weak crypto and 2) steal keys. Let’s focus on the crypto first. SSH supports different key exchange algorithms, ciphers and message authentication codes.

The key exchange ensures that the server and the client shares a secret no one else knows. We also have to make sure that they share this secret with each other and not an NSA analyst
ssh  secure  shell  explanation  cryptography  config  hardening  tor 
january 2015 by vonc
GoEnv: Project-Specific Environment Variables in Go
Examples may be found in the /examples directory.


SENSITIVE_KEY="sensitive value"
env  environment  variable  file  config  go  golang 
december 2014 by vonc
Prevent GIT from commiting when user / email has not been adjusted for repo
Never ever forget to set the user details on a #git before the first commit (happens to me every time): #gist #github
git  user  name  email  config  gitconfig  set  gist  github 
november 2014 by vonc
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