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knadh/git-bars: A utility for visualising git commit activity as bars on the terminal
A utility for visualising git commit activity as bars on the terminal - knadh/git-bars
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2 days ago by vonc
Committing Better Go Code with Static Analysis and Git Hooks - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
An introduction to some popular static analysis tools for Go and how to automate them using Git hooks
git  commit  go  golang  gofmt  article  important 
march 2019 by vonc
How We Use Commitizen to Clean Up Commit Messages – Bleacher Report Engineering
Developers all have their own ways of formatting commit messages. One developer might put a short message and another might specify the type of changes made and include a JIRA ticket number. These…
git  log  commit  message  hook  example  important 
may 2017 by vonc
Crazy Developer in Git commit - -amend
Are you new on git? And you know these commands: git add , git commit , git pull , git push , git status. But are you starting to feel limited with those commands? This post is for you! After reading…
git  commit  amend  important 
february 2017 by vonc
Ship Small Diffs
Building a web application is a young and poorly-understood activity. Toolchains for building code in general are widely available, relatively older, and they also happen to be closest at hand when…
git  commit  diff  size  bestpractices  important 
february 2017 by vonc
What makes a good commit message? – Medium
Extreme Programming (XP) embraces five values: Communication, Simplicity, Feedback, Courage and Respect. Communication is arguably the most important of those. With the rise of distributed teams it…
git  commit  message  bestpractices  important 
january 2017 by vonc
How to Write a Git Commit Message – Medium
If you’re here it means that you’re already able to write proper commit messages. So it’s time to take a closer look at git blame command…
git  commit  message  bestpractices 
october 2016 by vonc
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