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Into the clouds: a software architect’s journey – Tom Hay – Medium
In 1991, the same year that the world wide web was born, three of us started a company. Our vision was to create a software system to drive cash machines (ATMs) and process debit and credit cards…
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december 2018 by vonc
Kubernetes on AWS? — Caution – .Cloud Opinion – Medium
This will only gets worse as time goes on, as both Google and Amazon are now upping their war publicly and behaving more like old cable companies and TV stations that we so detest: Please see …
kubernetes  cloud  aws  criticisms 
may 2018 by vonc
Using Kubernetes to deploy a chat gateway (or when technology works like it’s supposed to)
People who still think K8s is "just a scheduler" simple do not understand the system. Not that deeply understanding it is critical, but the primitives K8s gives you are extremely broad and encompass many aspects of dealing with distributed systems.
kubernetes  cloud  deployment 
may 2018 by vonc
How to know if Kubernetes is right for your SaaS – freeCodeCamp
Kubernetes is an awesome technology, and I personally have seen great gains in my ability to scale, deploy, and manage my own SaaS because of it. But, not everyone would immediately benefit from…
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march 2018 by vonc
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