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Auto Scaling Production Services on Titus – Netflix TechBlog – Medium
Over the past three years, Netflix has been investing in container technology. A large part of this investment has been around Titus, Netflix’s container management platform that was open sourced in…
titus  netflix  aws  autoscaling  article 
4 days ago by vonc
Production grade Kubernetes on AWS: 3 tips for networking, ingress and microservices
Lessons learned running Kubernetes on AWS in production using sane container networking such as Weave and Flannel, the different Ingress Controllers available and micro services internal communication
aws  kubernetes  ingress  tips  networking  article 
16 days ago by vonc
AWS Lambda — how best to manage shared code and shared infrastructure
In the last post I discussed the pros & cons of following the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP) when moving to the serverless paradigm. One of the questions that popped up on both Twitter and…
aws  lambda  srp  single  responsability  shared  code  deployment  versioning  backward  compatibility  isolation  failure 
29 days ago by vonc
Hey AWS, Welcome EKS to the Kubernetes community! – Heptio
It’s an important day for the Kubernetes community ‒ Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) into general availability. Given AWS’ influence, their choice to…
aws  eks  docker  kubernetes 
5 weeks ago by vonc
Kubernetes on AWS? — Caution – .Cloud Opinion – Medium
This will only gets worse as time goes on, as both Google and Amazon are now upping their war publicly and behaving more like old cable companies and TV stations that we so detest: Please see …
kubernetes  cloud  aws  criticisms 
7 weeks ago by vonc
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