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Docker Tips : access the Docker daemon via ssh – @lucjuggery – Medium
The Docker client communicates usually with the daemon either locally, via the unix socket /var/run/docker.sock, or over a network via a tcp socket. Below is a typical example of options provided to…
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3 days ago by vonc
The Unexpected Kubernetes: Part 2: Volume and Many Ways of Persisting Data
In the previous article, I mentioned that there is also a concept of Volume in Kubernetes. In order to differentiate Volume from Persistent Volume, people sometimes call it In-line Volume, or…
kubernetes  volume  pvc  claim  list  article  important 
9 days ago by vonc
Cloud Native Container Design Principles – Bilgin Ibryam – Medium
Principles exist in many areas of life, and they generally represent a fundamental truth or belief from which others are derived. In software, principles are rather abstract guidelines, which are…
lubernetes  principle  microservice  article 
17 days ago by vonc
Git good… Git server protocols for beginners – Data Driven Investor – Medium
Git is one of the most popular Version Control Systems presently used. The way Git manages branching helps developers to collaborate on software projects easily and efficiently. Each developer can…
git  protocol  storage  article  important 
17 days ago by vonc
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