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Why Experts Make Bad Teachers – Medium
We’d all agree that to teach a subject, you must know the subject. So you’d think that experts would be the best teachers, but they’re not…
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november 2016 by vonc
Chris James, London - Software Engineer / Developer
Chris James, London - Software Engineer. Programmer interested in many languages such as Scala, C# and Go. Also keen about learning to improve development with lean and agile methodologies
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march 2016 by vonc
Ergoq package is small and lightweight message queue abstraction. Currently only redis implementation is done, but amqp is on the way also.
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january 2015 by vonc
jordan orelli
So what is an interface? An interface is two things: it is a set of methods, but it is also a type. Let’s focus on the method set aspect of interfaces first.

Typically, we’re introduced to interfaces with some contrived example. Let’s go with the contrived example of writing some application where you’re defining Animal datatypes, because that’s a totally realistic situation that happens all the time. The Animal type will be an interface, and we’ll define an Animal as being anything that can speak. This is a core concept in Go’s type system; instead of designing our abstractions in terms of what kind of data our types can hold, we design our abstractions in terms of what actions our types can execute.
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october 2012 by vonc
Applying The Clean Architecture to Go applications » The Log Book of Manuel Kiessling
Architecture of the example application

Let’s start by looking at the different areas of our software and their respective place within the architecture. The architecture of our software will be separated into four layers: domain, use cases, interfaces and infrastructure. We will discuss each layer from a high-level perspective, starting at the innermost layer. We will then look at the actual low-level code implementation of each layer, again moving from inner to outer layers.

The domain, or b...
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september 2012 by vonc
My Problem with Git: No Abstraction | The Geek Law Blog
In other words, mv combines two conceptual functions into one thing, simply because that’s the underlying implementation.

And I realized that this kind of “implementation leakage” occurs with many git commands. The non plus ultra evidence is the excellent post, Git Reset Demystified by Scott Chacon. It’s about git’s equivalent to svn revert

A great related post: On git and usability
Michael Feathers takes the opposite point of view: My Satisfaction with Git: No Abstraction.
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may 2012 by vonc

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