Pidge/Shiro, Untitled Fill (4/?)
Shiro and Pidge are soulmates. They discover this while they're still at Keith's shack. Shiro is a little weirded out, thinking that he has a 12 y.o. boy for his soulmate. Upon finding out Pidge is actually Katie and in her mid teens he feels slightly better but still a bit weird about it.
ch:pidge  ch:shiro  k:soulmate  k:underage  sh:pidge_shiro  prompt:filled  fill:unfinished  ship:mf 
november 2016
Allura/Shiro, "nothing else to do" (1/1)
Allura has a dick. And being raised as royalty, she's used to being allowed to stick it anyone she wants. And she wants Shiro.

Shiro, however, is not attracted to her at all, but she's in a position of power over him, and he can't say no. Allura doesn't care whatsoever that he doesn't want to, she expects him to be ready for a fuck anytime, anywhere.
ch:allura  ch:shiro  sh:allura_shiro  prompt:filled  fill:finished  k:xeno  k:non-con 
november 2016
Keith/Pidge+Shiro, "Into The Skid" (11/11)
Shiro is very self conscious about his robotic arm and tries to avoid touching others with it, and kinda withdraws from the group. Pidge is the one to notice, and Keith is the one to do something about it.
prompt:filled  fill:finished  k:hurt_comfort  ch:keith  ch:pidge  ch:shiro  k:galran_arm  k:threesome  sh:keith_pidge  sh:keith_shiro  sh:pidge_shiro  ship:poly  ship:mf  ship:mm 
november 2016
Thace/Shiro, "Broken Cage" (15/15)
Many things were lost to Shiro in the year he was a Galra captive. He escaped with a metal arm, a memory full of holes, and his body changed into an Omega that had recently given birth. All he can recall is someone there with him, holding each other's sanity together with their bare hands. He wants to remember... but he's afraid of what he might find.

Thace had never expected to meet the Champion. He had never expected to find something to care about after being cast out of the military. Together, they struggle to deal with being pawns in a bigger game.
ch:shiro  ch:thace  fill:finished  k:knotting  k:omegaverse  prompt:filled  sh:shiro_thace  k:body_horror  k:mpreg  ship:mm 
november 2016
Keith/Lance, Untitled Fill (1/1)
Keith is still upset that Lance doesn't remember their bonding moment when he cradled the blue paladin in his arms.
ch:lance  ch:keith  sh:keith_lance  prompt:filled  fill:finished  ship:mm 
november 2016
Keith/Lance, "Genocidio" (1/?)
Lance grew up being warned not to suddenly stop taking his meds, but it’s not like he had the bottles on hand when the plan for the night was just to sneak out and grab some pizza. And out in the depths of space, what was once an inconvenience can become a liability. Or worse, a threat.
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  prompt:filled  fill:unfinished  ship:mm 
november 2016
Shiro, Paladins, "But I'm Sick of Learning How to Die" (3/3)
The paladins caused collateral damage in a battle, and they've resolved to do what they need to so their alliance with the impacted planet stays intact. Unfortunately, said planet has a judicial system based on corporal punishment.

Shiro has a plan to deal with this, but he underestimates what his team will do to protect him.
ch:shiro  ch:lance  ch:keith  ch:hunk  ch:pidge  k:torture  prompt:filled  fill:finished  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
shiro/lance masturbation + watersports
I love the idea that Lance is a kinky SoB, and as such, I'd love something where Lance is chillin' in his room, jerkin' it and occasionally peeing a bit in his pants/on the bed/ whatever, and Shiro walks in on him. I'm good with established relationship or not, but yeah, Shiro's 112% into it.

Up to the author if they like bang or whatever, but I would prefer if both of them like, acknowledged that they were getting off on it.

+ for Lance laying in bed pissing on his own chest
+ for Shiro peeing at some point too, idc how/where (tho I am a sucker for pants pissing)

[P.S. I didn't realize how contentious Shiro pairings were until like 4 hours ago, I just assumed from the beginning that Lance and Keith were like 18/19. All that to say, I for sure headcanon Lance as 18 or 19, and thus NOT underage.]
ch:lance  ch:shiro  prompt:unfilled  k:watersports  sh:lance_shiro  ship:mm 
november 2016
allura/shay: fingering, size
Shay fingers Allura, with bonus size-kink and multiple orgasms
ch:allura  ch:shay  k:fingering  prompt:unfilled  sh:allura_shay  k:size  p:ff 
november 2016
hunk/shay - giggly xeno, telepathic handglowing touchies
can I please get some cute Hunk/Shay where they maybe don't exactly know what they're doing with each other's bits but they are gonna be SWEET and HONEST and RESPECTFUL and FIGURE IT OUT TOGETHER and then they discover that tactile telepathy + junk = good times
ch:hunk  ch:shay  k:xeno  sh:hunk_shay  prompt:unfilled  ship:mf 
november 2016
lance/shiro, fuck-or-die w/ sub!shiro
Can be a/b/o or just ye olde sex pollen-esque situation. in case of a/b/o I'd really enjoy it if both were alpha.

I'm gonna write this how my half asleep brain pictured it, but feel free to ignore or modify whatever.

So Lance and Shiro take Blue down to an ice planet to get a very specific type of ice cores needed for the cryo pods. As they're drilling, a creature attacks them from under the ice and stings Lance with something while they battle it. Before they can defeat it it runs away and when they turn around they realise that it did so because of the absolutely massive snowstorm coming towards them (think sandstorm, Mad Max Fury Road style). They barely manage to get back inside of Blue before it hits (only reason Blue isn't whipped away by the storm is because she's hunkered down beside a cliff/ice formations so she's spared the worst of the wind force).

Finally safe and able to take stock of their injuries, it turns out that whatever Lance was injected with triggered his rut/an intense need to fuck, to take, to dominate completely. They're unable to contact the castle bc of the storm, and they can't leave bc even Blue can't fly in such conditions, so they have to figure out how to deal with the situation. Lance tries to control himself but it gets increasingly harder to do so. Shiro just wants to help and eventually offers himself. Lance initially refuses bc "Dude, you're like the Alpha alpha! I don't wanna mess things up!" e.t.c.

Ofc they eventually do it and Lance turns out to be rough but caring, and Shiro has to be absolutely submissive (as to not challenge Lance being the top dog in this situation, which he maybe does a little bit because it makes Lance bite him) and he fucking L O V E S it.
ch:lance  ch:shiro  k:sex_pollen  k:omegaverse  prompt:unfilled  sh:lance_shiro 
november 2016
polydins, ace!keith, fucking machine
The paladins are in a poly relationship (this can be a few years into the future, depending on your interpretation of Pidge.) However, Keith is very much ace, and while he's not opposed to sex, he doesn't really get much satisfaction out of it. With dildos and stuff though, he gets more into the mood and more satisfied. Cut to Hunk, with Pidge's help, making a fucking machine, complete with restraints, different sized dildos, something to stimulate his cock... the works.

I want Keith in that machine. Being left there for a while maybe, with the others taking turns watching over him and being /quite/ turned on. Trying out new things. Loving it. (And if the others decide they might want a turn too, ehhh who can stop them?)

If there's any focus on any of the others I'd love it if it was Hunk or Shiro. Apart from that, go wild.
ch:keith  ch:paladins  k:sex_machine  sh:keith_shiro  sh:hunk_keith  prompt:unfilled  ship:ot5  k:asexual  ship:mf  ship:mm 
november 2016
lance + hunk (or lance/hunk) "let's knit him a little sweater"
Lance wouldn't have suggested it if he and Hunk didn't already know how to knit, right? Were they part of a knitting circle on earth? Did they knit sweaters for penguins? I want them to lovingly knit sweaters for all the little Arusians and maybe get the whole team in on it.

Bonus: Alteans have their own form of knitting and Coran teaches them.

Double bonus: Keith knits a sweater specially for the cuddly Arusian with the deep voice.
ch:lance  ch:hunk  sh:hunk_lance  ship:mm  prompt:gen 
november 2016
alfor/zarkon, tragic romance
I would love to see a sweet puppy love turn into something twisted and dark just before Zarkon is rejected by the Black Lion. Starting with Alfor crushing on the dashing and charismatic Zarkon, and Zarkon being charmed by the dorky Heir. Over time, it becomes something more... and then Zarkon starts falling. Cute and sweet starts turning distant and cruel. Bonus points for a sort of Padme/Anakin-esque relationship where Alfor believes, desperately wants to believe, that there is still good in Zarkon.

Bonus points for Zarkon getting Alfor pregnant, and Alfor letting Zarkon think the baby was lost in order to protect Allura.
ch:alfor  ch:zarkon  k:mpreg  sh:zarkon_alfor  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro & keith, teen shiro trying to parent only-slightly-younger keith
I have no idea what the age range is supposed to be at the garrison, but for this let's say kids can start at twelve. So troubled semi-homeless orphan Keith starts at 12, and less-troubled but also orphaned Shiro is only like 14 but really just connects to this kid, is the only person who has seriously tried with Keith in forever, and Keith ends up latching onto him like a burr.

Shiro is as responsible and patient as any 14-year-old in history has ever been, but he's still just a kid with no real idea what he's doing. He screws up a lot and feels kind of seriously overwhelmed, but the fact that he cares and tries and is enough to save Keith from totally self-destructing.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
omega!lance/others?polydin?, a/b/o dynamics, object insertion
omega!lance is out with a group, paladins or OCs (soccer team members?) doesn't matter, pre-heat. He is fully aware of it and the others are, too, which soon becomes too much to contain. However, Lance isn't into the idea of unprotected sex during the height of his fertility and can't count on all of them to have their own condoms (why would lance buy them, he doesn't keep track of the sizes of his peers!) so instead opts to offer them all to put whatever object into his omega hole they want. He also really gets off to being watched and cheered on as he fucks himself or lets them do the fucking, and it acts as a good cool off before the big part of his heat.

Really, though, I mainly just want to read Lance fucking himself on a car's gear shift to the joy of others and himself, 100% consensual. A thermos also came to mind...
ch:lance  k:omegaverse  k:insertion  k:masturbation  k:exhibitionism  sh:lance_any  sh:lance_aliens 
november 2016
gen, new staff, humor
The Castle of Lions is huge, right? Like huge in the way that 7 people and 4 mice can't possibly keep it maintenanced and all that on their lonesome. How many aliens from allied/liberated planets offer their services up as staff and how do their interactions with the paladins and alteans go?

Is there someone taking task of housekeeping waking the paladins up early early by yanking the sheets off the bed to wash? Is Hunk brought to tears by their new kitchen staff who show him all the delicious recipes? Coran taking a much deserved nap now that there's an actual maintenance crew?

Go wild!
prompt:unfilled  ch:any  ch:misc_aliens  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
keith & lance, surprise brothers
So it turns out that Keith and Lance are half-brothers. Surprise! I'd love to read a serious fic about this, where Lance has to deal with his dad being a cheater and Keith being his brother. You know, the Keith who he's been a major jerk to while fully believing that loving your family is Super Important (btw fuck you, dad! those values are important!). And Keith finally finding a relative. Who's Lance. Keith just doesn't know how to deal with any of it.

Gen or Sheith, please!

- Keith is the older brother
ch:keith  ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  sh:keith_shiro  ship:none  ship:mm  prompt:gen 
november 2016
keith & pidge, conspiracy buddies
Keith and Pidge being friends during the year Shiro was missing, because they both were sure the garrison was covering up the real story. And officially it's all about finding the truth, but they also end up being really good support for each other at a time when they were both otherwise pretty isolated and messed up.

Possibly extends past finding Shiro and Voltron, and there's some friction over the fact that Keith got his friend back but Pidge's family is still missing.
ch:keith  ch:pidge  prompt:unfilled  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
keith/lance abo with galra agent cloning and cloned good/bad keiths
Completely ignorant of his Galra nature Alpha Keith mated to very scent-compatible omega Lance. But Keith's not the only Keith out there, the Galra made more than one copy of the sleeper agent they sent to earth. And since their all genetically identical, they all respond to Lance's pheromones similarly. Which means when he gets captured by less friendly agents, they take offense that someone else mated their Omega. Go as dark or as (saved by the Good!Keith) as you like. Use as many Evil or moderately evil or some of column A and some of column B as you want!
+If Lance recently shared a heat with his Keith and neither of them knew Lance was with pup till Evil Keith smells good Keith's pup and Good Keith's bite on HIS Omega.
++if there's more than one Evil Keith and lots of aggressive/possessive infighting.
+++Good Keith has to pick up the pieces after and reestablish his claim while trying not to hurt his mate further

[Full Disclosure I've been putting together an actual BSG ABO Klance, with Pidge and Keith being Cylon models and not knowing I've had CLONES on the brain. But I'd love to see someone take the concept and make it angsty and smutty and everything golden and awesome.]
ch:keith  ch:lance  k:alternate_universe  k:omegaverse  prompt:unfilled  sh:keith_lance  ship:mm 
november 2016
lance/keith, clothes kink
Lance's clothes are just a little too big on Keith and Keith loves that; he loves how warm Lance's clothes always are and how they feel like blankets since they're big.

They can be in a relationship already or not; NSFW is great but if it does get explicit I highly prefer Bottom Keith. Go wild with this prompt!
ch:keith  ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  sh:keith_lance  ship:mm 
november 2016
keith/lance - klangst, insecure!lance
Established Klance, doesn't matter whether it's set in canon timeline or modern au, with Lance being unsure how serious their relationship is 'cause Keith had something of a reputation as a player back in the Garrison ('he's a tramp' starts playing in the background) who would get with anyone willing enough and toss them aside just like that, and is worried Keith will do the same thing to him.
Which is dumb 'cause even a blind man can see how head over heels in love Keith is for Lance. So, when Keith wants to take their relationship to the next level, Lance tries to put it off as much as possible to the point where he starts avoiding his boyfriend, Keith misunderstands and starts jumping to conclusions thinking Lance no longer loves him and is possibly seeing someone else. The other Paladins are not amused by any of this and just want to the two idiots to actually communicate.

+it would be awesome if a!anon could squeeze in Trans!Lance because I'm WEAK and there's not enough of it to go around.
++When they do make up it's with a lot of ugly crying and peppering sloppy kisses all over the other's face.
+++Smut is optional, I'm fine with most things but have a preference for Lance bottoming. My only squicks are netorare, guro, scat, and watersports.
ch:keith  ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  sh:keith_lance  ship:mm 
november 2016
klance glove kink, getting walked in on
Lance just happens to pick up Keith's gloves one day when they're just lying around, and it leads to some pretty crazy fantasies, starring Lance's Hands Wearing Gloves as Keith's hands.

totally inspired by this (SUPER NSFW) art:
^^honestly just use the art as the prompt. Preferably with Lance keeping the gloves masturbation a secret until Keith walks in on him...and maybe Keith pins him down, having reclaimed his gloves

+ Keith: has anyone seen my gloves???
Lance: HA can't even keep track of your own belongings, huh, mullet? HA! *sweats nervously*
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
keith/lance (captured/hurt comfort)
Keith and Lance are captured and enslaved (possibly by aliens other than the Galra) and sent off to a mining colony or something along those lines. At first, Keith can't think of a worst person to be imprisoned halfway across the galaxy with.

Bonus points for crazy amounts of h/c, self-sacrificing!Lance, mutual pining, happy ending ?? ?
ch:lance  ch:keith  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
keith/lance. pure unadulterated smut
Lance boards his lion for a test run and finds Keith in his seat.
They fuck in the blue lion while Lance pilots them on a joyride.
Keith in the pilot's seat, Lance riding him.

incorporating a nosedive into the joyride as a throwback to when they crash landed their lions together.
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro/keith, reunion makeouts after shiro escapes
Missing scene from the first ep: after Keith rescues Shiro from the garrison, Keith finally gets the others to leave the room and they're alone together for the first time in two years. They're both still kind of panicky and upset about everything that's happened, but so so relieved and glad to see each other again that it temporarily overrides the baggage they'll have to deal with later (though that can be hinted at.)

Light and sweet h/c, probably lots of crying.... Maybe Shiro is reluctant at first because he worries about people being close to his Galra arm, but once he gets going he's starved for positive physical contact with someone he loves and can't get close enough.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  k:hurt_comfort  sh:keith_shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
mob/galra prince keith, tw: rape (optional a/b/o)
Keith is a Galran prince and with a title like that comes privilege--according to the Galran soldiers that work for nobility. They view Keith as stuck up, privileged, and sheltered and think he needs to be put in place so they gangbang him.

+ Omega!Keith is always good. If that's the case, then the alpha soldiers view him as unfit and weak because of his biological status. Obviously Keith isn't, but some Galrans are strict with A/B/O conformity.
++ Another omega!Keith bonus: the fear of pregnancy.
+++Keith does not enjoy himself at all. There's no underlining pleasure to the rape.
ch:keith  k:alien_keith  k:non-con  k:gangbang  k:omegaverse  k:alternate_universe  sh:keith_aliens  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
keith/lance galra!keith height difference
Galra!Keith reveal, and in Galra form, Keith is...taller than Lance. And it's pretty sexy.

+Lance can't decide if he's indignant ("I'm the SECOND SHORTEST??") or if he's ashamed of how into Keith's height he is
++Keith is strong and can toss Lance around like a sack of potatoes.
+++Keith bangs his head on stuff
ch:keith  ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  sh  sh:keith_lance  k:alien_keith  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro/hunk/lance/keith (+pidge, indirectly), team bonding
Going for a sex position related to their arrangement in the Voltron formation.

Lance is needily humping Shiro's right leg, while Hunk is humping Shiro's left leg. Keith is holding Shiro's right arm down while he sits on Shiro's face. Or he's just getting jacked off by said right arm, that works too.
As for Shiro's left arm; it's either being somehow restrained by Rover, or it's being tied down by a cable that's held in place by Pidge's bayard. If you're feeling more adventurous: Shiro's holding Pidge's bayard, which can transform its tip into a kind of bullet vibrator that he's using on himself.

A/B/O dynamics are welcome but not required.
prompt:unfilled  sh:hunk_shiro  sh:lance_shiro  sh:keith_shiro  ch:keith  ch:hunk  ch:shiro  ch:lance  k:gangbang  ship:poly  ship:mm 
november 2016
zarkon/shiro/sendak, allura/shiro/coran, joint sex custody
whenever possible Shiro's captured by the galra and taken to their leader's personal Chambers where Zarkon and Sendak proceed to roughly dominate him until he's rescued.

Back in the castle of lions, Allura and Coran make sure he's okay then proceed to 'reclaim' him with tender dominating sex.

Back and forth, like joint custody. Only with a lot of sex. The other paladins know and maybe take a while to find Shiro when he's captured.

-while sith Z&S the sex is rough but -loving-, with A&C its more along tje lines 'you're our paladin, not theirs' sex aka tender but not loving like it is with the galrans
ch:shiro  ch:allura  ch:coran  ch:zarkon  ch:sendak  prompt:unfilled  ship:mf  ship:mm 
november 2016
grittybadass shiro : flashbacks = dead garla
I want to see a story where the Garla discover that making Shiro relive his 'King of the Ring' days is not productive for their health. The man deserves some venting for what they did to him.

The Paladins are captured by the Garla and are badly beaten during the struggle, and are dragged to one of their battle worlds, where they're told that they'll be thrown into the ring to fight until they all die. Shiro does not handle this well. At All.

They notice. They were planning on him freaking out. Being weak. This is practically tailor made to hurt him.

Shiro gets to go first, they have something SPECIAL planned for him. They see then see him being dragged off while in the midst of a flashback, eyes flickering and such, and they worry they won't see him again.

They wait for hours, (stuck in a sound proof cell maybe?) and finally manage to make their escape, find some weapons, and burst out into the stadium ready to rescue their leader...

...and discover that he's surrounded by PILES of bodies, I'm talking tons of Garla and all manner of their nasty henchmen, discarded weapons everywhere, he's drenched in blood and all manner of grit. There are no guards left willing to fight them after seeing him go one man army on them. He looks like an ominous grimm reaper in space...

...and then he turns to them and rasps out a Dad Joke?
ch:shiro  ch:paladins  prompt:unfilled  k:brainwashing  prompt:gen 
november 2016
shiro/keith, amnesia, the opposite of fake married
Before Kerberos, on a wild Garrison-free weekend in Vegas, Shiro and Keith got married. Real married. Acknowledged by law married. It was never annulled, either, since both parties quickly realized it wasn't so bad and also they maybe kind of liked each other romantically anyway.

Problem is, the Galra made Shiro forget all about it. Cue Keith desperately trying to keep up appearances as Shiro's friend while secretly wanting to get back to the husbands thing they had going on. How does Keith manage it? Do the other paladins find out before Shiro does? Go wild!
ch:shiro  ch:keith  sh:keith_shiro  prompt:unfilled  k:amnesia  ship:mm 
november 2016
hunk/lance, size kink & insecurity
Hunk has a huge dick. Lance is super into this, but past experience (up to the author) has made him very insecure about it and he flat out refuses to have anything to do with his dick going up Lance's ass, which makes him feel like Lance won't want him because of how seriously into Hunk's dick he is.

Lance then shows Hunk it absolutely does not matter, by figuring out other ways to get him off. Secretly he still thirsts over Hunk's size but he's determined not to pressure Hunk about it. I would love for this to end with Lance eventually coaxing Hunk into fucking him and they both love it.
ch:hunk  ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  sh:hunk_lance  k:size  ship:mm 
november 2016
dom!intersex!shiro/keith, d/s, strap-on and chastity device, topping from the bottom
Dom!intersex!Shiro has Keith fuck his pussy with a strap-on while Keith's cock is in a chastity device underneath it. Shiro is in control, despite receiving, and orders Keith around.

After he comes/decides to switch, Shiro fucks Keith from behind while he's still wearing the device and strap-on. Keith isn't allowed to touch himself or the device, so he masturbates the strap-on to distract the the overwhelming urge to touch himself. Keith can either come and be lightly punished for it, or not come at all, desperately rutting against Shiro for release.

If intersex!Shiro isn't your thing, I'm good with whatever, it's just my preference. I'm also cool with intersex!Keith, but it's not a priority. If you want to go the abo route, alpha!Shiro + galra implanted pussy or omega!Shiro is both fine. I'd prefer omega!Keith.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  sh:keith_shiro  prompt:unfilled  k:intersex  k:strap-on  k:chastity_device  k:omegaverse 
november 2016
keith/lance, how not to win back your ex
When Keith left the Garrison he also left behind Lance confused and heartbroken. Things, unsurprisingly, get awkward when they meet up again rescuing Shiro. Now Keith has to make up for lost time and hopefully win Lance back, but the blue paladin sure isn't going to make it easy for him.

(if there's smut I prefer bottom!Lance.)
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled 
november 2016
real families meet space mom & dad
Does anyone else want to see a story where the Garla Empire gets beaten back into a retreat and the Paladins get to go back to Earth like Big Damn Heroes, catch up with their families, and not even hesitate to refer to Shiro as 'Space Dad' in front of them without thinking about it?

Or Allura pulls her 'Space Mom' tone of voice and they all fall in line in front of their actual parents, who want to know how and why she managed that?
ch:allura  ch:shiro  sh:allura_shiro  prompt:unfilled 
november 2016
keith/lance, keith/other public sex, coming untouched
This is inspired by a scene from the Borgias (so it's steamy). Keith ends up in some sort of arranged marriage or a ceremony which he must publicly consummate. Lance is either Keith's secret lover or there's UST, but Keith demands that Lance be his witness (ideally, because Keith is pissed at Lance for saying something stupid like "oh it's not THAT bad" and Keith's like "you have to suffer too").

So there's Keith and Keith's alien partner (preferably someone who can penetrate him) having sex in front of Lance and some other aliens.

This sex isn't about Keith's pleasure, but he catches Lance's eye as he's being fucked, and it's HOT. For Keith and for Lance. They hold eye contact the whole time, both imagining that Lance is the one fucking Keith (and not the rando alien), and Lance's gaze brings Keith to orgasm rather than his partner, and Lance comes in his pants.

+bonus if an alien comments about how good Keith's alien partner is in bed, since Keith clearly enjoyed himself
++bonus if Lance starts out feeling really uncomfortable about the situation, and only gets aroused once he's caught up in Keith's eyes
+if you want to have Keith and Lance have hot "reclaiming" sex after, go for it

This is the scene I'm talking about (starting at 7:50)
ch:keith  ch:lance  k:public_sex  prompt:unfilled  sh:keith_lance  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro & keith, cute family gen
Assuming the larger possible age difference, and that Shiro and Keith were close like family before Kerberos. Shiro was the only person Keith (liked at all) would listen to, so Shiro ended up not just mentoring him but practically unofficially parenting him. He loves his little bro.

And now that they're all Voltron paladins, he totally respects that Keith is a mature adult and all, really. But sometimes he slips up or just can't help himself, and still treats Keith like his favorite, most adorable little kid ever. Keith can't decide if it's embarrassing or if he loves the attention.
ch:shiro  ch:keith  prompt:unfilled  prompt:gen 
november 2016
shiro/allura, paladins trying to matchmake
When the paladin kids realize Shiro has a crush on Allura they all agree, their Space Dad deserves to be happy, they must make this happen. Sadly, kids don't make good wingmen, and mostly they just embarrass him and Allura.

Whether they succeed in pute of themselves is up to anon
ch:allura  ch:shiro  sh:allura_shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:mf 
november 2016
altean!lance, transformation and weird alien biology
Lance wasn't secretly Altean or anything. It just so happened that an Altean cryo pod has no idea how to deal with human DNA, so when Lance was put into the pod to heal, it rewrote his DNA and made him Altean.

Alteans may look human, but their reproductive anatomy is... different. Lance is pretty weirded out by this discovery and spends some quality time flipping his shit before he goes to someone else to try and figure out how it all works. I would like for that someone to be Shiro or Hunk, but would be okay with Keith or Coran too.
ch:lance  k:alien_lance  k:xeno  prompt:unfilled  sh:lance_shiro  sh:hunk_lance 
november 2016
keith/lance unrequited crush
Back in the Garrison Keith had a crush on Lance. He notices that Lance stares at him often and talks about him, so he thinks Lance likes him back. Lance doesn't. At all. Lance finds out about the crush and makes an effort to be nicer to Keith despite not really liking him, because he knows he'd be devastated if his crush hated his guts.

-Lance eventually returns his feelings
-Lance's hatred of Keith isn't because of repressed gay feelings, but because of his self-esteem issues/being compared to Keith/ or Keith was just really rude to him once/ect
-Show why Keith has a crush on Lance beyond looks
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
gen or any allura’s many many many spouses
Ok so the Paladins land on a planet, and the native people are like “Hey! Allura! Our prince and you were arranged to be married once, but your planet exploded, and it was like forever ago, so we’re just gonna not hold you to that, okay?”

Everyone is like, “…ok.” And life goes on, but, really every other planet, it’s the same story. “Hey an Altean Royal was going to marry/married our ancient ruler! Ain’t that great?” They even have pictures/ancient drawings of Allura in a basic disguise. Bigger nose, taller, shorter, heavyset, etc.

The Paladins and or Allura’s current datemate confront her and Coran about it.

Turns out, it’s really a natural part of what Alteans do. Marriage is a contract, first and foremost, to the Alteans. It’s a wonderful way to secure alliances, after all! Most species don’t have as long lifespans, and with constant planet hopping, it’s easy to forget about or dodge an unpleasant spouse. And Allura, personally, didn’t give a shit. As long as they never attempted to subvert her authority, her wives/husbands/life partners were fine with her. Sometimes, they were even pleasant company, for they too were expecting to be married off for an alliance.

That’s the base. Do you want to have Allura talk fondly about past spouses and Voltron being concerned about how many? Do you want Allura’s datemate to freak out about their past dating history? Or…just the Paladin’s accepting cultural differences? YOU DECIDE!

(long prompt, continues on link)
ch:allura  ch:paladins  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
shiro/keith, sex and ptsd = recipe for disaster
Okay so, I don't wanna restrict this in any way or be too specific, but like, sex and fighting both rely on on physical contact, right? So what if being gripped a certain way results in a flashback? Or, you know, moans in bed and pained groans can also be pretty damn similar. Basically what I'm getting at here is unexpected reactions to things that are ~supposed to be fun and sexy and neither of them quite knows how to deal with it the first time it happens. If the sex is ruined right then or if they figure it out or if it continues to be a problem and what happens next is totally your choice.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  sh:keith_shiro  prompt:unfilled  k:ptsd  k:rough_sex  ship:mm 
november 2016
halloween prompt: the castle is actually haunted
Given the size of the Castle of Lions, the support staff must have been huge. And they probably died in horribly sad ways when the Galra attacked. Show me their spirits still being in the ship. Show me that they are trapped, endlessly reliving their last minutes in the war 10,000 years go and unable to move on.

Show me the Voltron Team helping them. With all the angst and pathos imaginable.

Focus on Gen, but can have side pairings. Just no Sheith, please.
ch:paladins  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
klance galra!lance
So it kinda struck me today how much I really wanna read a fic something along the lines of Halesy's "Colors" Specifically the line where she says; "I was Red, and you liked me because I was Blue, but you touched me and suddenly I became a lilac sky, and you decided Purple just wasn't for you."

It doesn't have to be a song fic or anything, but bonus points if it is.

Established relationship would be nice, maybe just recently though.

Body shaming, social and emotional exile - Glara!Lance trying to remind the team that he's still him, but they all shun him (Did he know he was half Galra and just keeps it a secret, or is he just as surprised and scared as the others?)

All except Hunk, because let's face it, that boy's heart is bigger than he is, and lance is his best friend half Galra or not.

It can have a happy ending with them accepting him, or a bad end where Lance runs off to who knows where maybe even to the Galra Empire???

(long prompt, continues on link)
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  k:alien_keith  prompt:unfilled 
november 2016
keith/lance, fuck or die, noncon
I've seen Klance sex pollen fics and Aliens Made Them Do It, but they were relatively non-angsty and there seemed to be consent on some level. In this situation, a character or characters is forcing Keith and Lance to perform sexual acts on each other or else they'll kill one or both of them.

I don't really care about the situation. It could be the galra forcing them to do this or some other alien species. If they're forced to have anal sex, top/bottom order doesn't matter to me.

The outcome of all this is completely up to the writer!
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:hunk_lance  prompt:unfilled  k:non-con 
november 2016
lance/keith, alien aphrodisiacs, multiple orgasms, sex marathon
Lance either gets blasted involuntarily or comes across an alien aphrodisiac that gives him super-stamina in the bedroom: Keith gets absolutely fucking wrecked six ways to Sunday and LOVES IT.

I'd prefer established relationship, if possible.

++++ if Lance slips some to Shiro afterwards and tells him to go wild with Allura, because they both need it.
ch:lance  ch:keith  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled 
november 2016
allura/shiro, allura/keith, (/lance, /hunk) semi-public
Allura hosts a boring galactic ball. When she has a spare moment, she finds Shiro, they hide behind a curtain and he fingers her into orgasm. Then she returns to her duties. Only some time later she does the same with Keith.And so on - Shiro and Keith can take turns (and you can add Lance and Hunk) or do her together.

+descriptions of how underneath her long fancy dress she is sticky and wet after many orgasms

+some of the alien guests can smell it and approve (they don't want to fuck her themself, but view it as a good thing for a ruler to engage in)


+anal fingering

Alternative variant - the guys finger her but she isn't allow to cum until the ball ends
ch:allura  ch:shiro  ch:keith  sh:allura_shiro  sh:allura_keith  k:fingering  k:squirting  prompt:unfilled  k:public_sex  ship:mf 
november 2016
shiro/keith, imprisonment changed shiro's kinks
Pre-Kerberos Shiro was pretty vanilla, possibly even a virgin. But after his year from hell, he... just can't get off without violence and pain. He has to be held down, hurt in some way. He's not happy about this, so unhappy that he's considering life-long celibacy as a solution.

Keith (who may or may not have been involved with him before? But did at least know him well enough to know that this is a pretty big change, and has been crushing for a long time) thinks that's a terrible solution, but also has a pretty weak stomach for hurting Shiro. He wants to make it work though, to make sex something Shiro can enjoy without feeling totally alienated from himself. They work really hard to find the right balance, and there are lots of missteps and failures and maybe a few bad PTSD flashbacks, but Keith's intense committment to Shiro's well-being and Shiro's deep trust in him get them through.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  sh:keith_shiro  prompt:unfilled  k:ptsd  k:pain_play  ship:mm 
november 2016
allura/matt, domme/sub relationship.
After Matt Holt's rescue, he and Princess Allura fall heads over heels with each other and prove very compatible. All is good. Right?

The thing is... back on Old Altea Allura had a fair number of; well the polite euphemism was body servants, but harem of fucktoys for her to dominate is more honest. She despises rape, and if her partners are not honestly into things it leaves her cold, so were it not for how she mourns everything else she has lost she would be horribly frustrated.

(in all honesty she was frustrated, it is just that everything else was of greater import)

Matt? Deep down since well before the Kereberos Mission he has been a toe-sucking, asshole worshiping, complete-and-utter sub. Allura could tell. Matt could tell she could tell and more importantly realized she liked what she saw. So let us say it proved fortunate she preferred gentle teasing and torment (along with carefully gauged bondage) to anything involving main force.

++ Allura was never in the habit of being all that discreet. While the Paladins are all convinced everything is consensual, Pidge and Shiro especially know way more than they are comfortable with.
ch:allura  ch:matt  sh:allura_matt  prompt:unfilled  k:domsub  ship:mf 
november 2016
hunk/lance, hunk thinks he's straight, but isn't
Lance is into Hunk and sometimes flirts with him even though they both know Hunk's straight. So, it's surprising to Hunk when after a while he begins having feelings back. He's is ambivalent about this - it's not that being into guys would be terrible, it's just that he's identified as straight for so long that having that not be true is unexpected.
ch:hunk  ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  sh:hunk_lance  ship:mm 
november 2016
any/galra, lactation
One of the paladins gets pregnant and gives birth in the Castle of Lions, and after the pregnancy they are lactating freely. Then there is a raid on the Castle and that paladin gets captured. It turns out the Galra LOVE his or her milk. Their milk becomes a prize for high-ranking Galra, who all love to have a taste and who roughly drink from their tits. Before they are rescued, the paladin must deal with the rough treatment and the occasional rape or grope and missing their partner and child, plus the horrible sensation of not having the Galra drink from them, which leaves their tits swollen and heavy and hurting...
ch:hunk  ch:keith  ch:lance  ch:pidge  ch:shiro  ch:galra  prompt:unfilled  k:pregnancy  k:lactation  k:non-con 
november 2016
lance/aliens - vore (attempted only), non-con insertions
Lance is captured by aliens who want to (literally) eat him and start preparing him -he is trussed up, oiled, fruit/vegetables inserted into his mouth and anus. He is saved before they actually start the cooking.

+some substance is poured down his throat and inserted into his ass resulting in belly inflation
+he gets desperately hard
ch:lance  prompt:unfilled  k:xeno  sh:lance_aliens  k:inflation  k:insertion  k:non-con 
november 2016
allura/shiro, alien biology
Allura and Shiro have begun a relationship and it's going well, they're taking it slow but starting to feel out what they want from the future, when they come to the realization: humans are A LOT more sexual than Alteans, who only mate like once a year and only when they specifically intend to reproduce.

Allura is pretty freaked out by the idea that Shiro will eventually want sex regularly, and wonders if this relationship will work after all. But then she actually talks to him, and he tells her more or less that--sure, he likes sex, but he likes respecting people's needs and boundaries more, and sex isn't the point of a relationship to him, more like a bonus. He can, well, take care of himself, if need be.

This is a huge relief, and also.... Alteans have no equivalent for masturbation, and the idea of it is kind of really exotically hot to her. It doesn't change the reality if her mating cycle, but it is very pleasant to think about (and maybe watch.)
ch:allura  ch:shiro  sh:allura_shiro  prompt:unfilled  k:xeno 
november 2016
keith/lance boots
Pre-relationship: Keith wears a pair of boots one day, and Lance discovers he has a new kink, much to his constant embarrassment. He's never been a "leg man" before but Keith really works it, and every time Keith wears the boots Lance loses his cool.

Lance finally gives in and then he and Keith have sex (with Keith wearing nothing but the boots)

+Keith wore the boots specifically to seduce Lance, and is beyond pleased at how well it worked
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
asexual!keith, shiro & keith h/c
Keith is ace but he doesn't know it, because in their future asexulaity is still really poorly represented and a lot of people don't know it exists. All he knows is that he doesn't have those feelings that all the people his age are talking about--and that he didn't have a loving family growing up, and he's not good at making friends, and he's always been kind of a loner... and it feels like it must all be related, in his head. Like maybe his messed up childhood made him not capable of love.

Shiro is not an expert on sexual identities and maybe he's never heard of asexuality either, but he IS an awesome space dad who's been close to Keith for years and loves him like a brother. He knows darn well that Keith loves him back and tells him so: that he's a good, whole, valuable person and there's nothing wrong with him.

Possibly after they cry and hug it out (lots of platonic touching plz) Pidge butts in and tells them about asexuality, because she knows almost everything. But the bulk of the comfort comes from the affirming personal relationship, not factual data.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
allura/shay - breast kink
Shay, not being a mammal herself, is fascinated with Allura's breasts

-Shay's hands are huge and Allura's boobs are small, and Shay is worried she could hurt Allura, but Allura likes the rough sensation
ch:allura  ch:shay  sh:allura_shay  k:breast_play  prompt:unfilled  p:ff 
november 2016
klance; change in physical sex, bad ust
While out on a mission, Lance accidentally fucks up. Maybe he accidentally eats some weird alien fruit, or maybe it's an alien magic spell or technology. Either way, his body ends up switching physical sex.

After the initial absolute panic and freak-out, Lance learns to adjust to the idea of the change. Like fuck, he's already piloting a millennia-old space mecha cat. His life is already so goddamn weird, this might as well be a thing. You gotta roll with the punches, you know?

He's not exactly ecstatic with the change, but he can deal with it while Allura and Coran figure out a way to turn him back. Besides, it's not like this really changes anything. He can still pilot Blue perfectly fine and he can still fight. They can still form Voltron and everything. He's still himself, even if his body is a little different now.

(long prompt, continues on link)
prompt:unfilled  ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro/keith, roles shift after shiro's escape
Before the Kerebos mission, Shiro and Keith were friends but Shiro was very careful to be Appropriate and to Set a Good Example. Keith was crushing hard, so this was pretty annoying, but he was resigned to it because he knew Shiro was way too responsible and ethical to get involved with him when he was still underage, and would probably keep seeing him as a little brother even when he got older. It sucked. But it sucked more to have no friends or anyone who cared what happened to you at all, so he still really valued the relationship they did have.

Then Shiro disappeared in space, and came back a year later with a robo-arm and a fuckton of PTSD. Keith is older and has a lot of experience being independent, and Shiro just... isn't up to being the perfect role model anymore, even though he still tries and most of the time he fakes it well enough to get by. Shiro tries to hide his problems at first, to protect Keith and the others, but Keith's not a kid anymore and--regardless of his crush--he wants to start carrying more weight in this friendship, he wants to support his friend and help him though this like Shiro has always helped him.

Mostly pining and self-denial and especially angst. At first Shiro is even MORE against getting involved with Keith, because now he's not just older but Damaged too, and of course Keith deserves better. But when Shiro eventually gives in and lets himself lean on him, he starts seeing him in a new light and realizes Keith can handle it.
ch:keith  ch:shiro  prompt:unfilled  sh:keith_shiro  ship:mm 
november 2016
lance/keith star wars au slave leia outfit
Inspired by the "Lance Solo and Princess Keith" fanart...I'm thinking Keith in a "Slave Leia/Leia the Huttslayer" outfit, metal bikini-ish with collar. Lance is there to rescue him but can't stop thinking of that Return of the Jedi scene. Keith strangles an alien with the chain. They can end up fucking if you want them to or it can just be UST, but if they do fuck...Keith riding Lance and topping from the bottom would be A+

+Bonus if Lance hadn't really been aware of his attraction Keith prior to such an obvious callback to the movie scene that probably put Lance through puberty
+Keith is unaware of the effect his outfit has on Lance and just carries on kicking ass in his skimpy metal thong
+the Rescue can involve a gladiator-esque fight with Keith as the prize
prompt:unfilled  ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  k:crossdressing 
november 2016
shiro/keith, lance/keith, hunk/keith, slutty!keith, blowjobs
Keith loves to give blowjobs, and he's always willing to suck off one of his fellow male paladins when they're stressed or just need something to take off the edge.

Funnily enough, Shiro, Lance, and Hunk aren't aware that Keith is blowing the others. Each one thinks he's special. This could end with none of them finding out about this or you could go the foursome route, preferably with two guys fucking Keith's mouth while one plows him in the ass or two guys fucking Keith in the ass while one fucks his mouth.
ch:shiro  ch:hunk  ch:lance  ch:keith  sh:keith_shiro  sh:keith_lance  sh:hunk_keith  prompt:unfilled  k:oral  ship:mm 
november 2016
Keith/Lance, "Three's a Crowd" (5/5)
Keith is pining after Lance, and Lance keeps hitting on alien girls. At some point, the both of them are at some sort of bar on a foreign planet, and an alien girl propositions the BOTH of them. Lance is game, and Keith, nursing a huge crush on Lance, decides to go along with it because he think it's the closest he's ever going to get to Lance in a sexual sense since he thinks Lance is straight.

Lance and Keith both fuck the alien girl. Lance is really into it, and Keith isn't really, but he's turned on by the noises Lance is making. Then, out of the blue, the alien girl requests that Lance and Keith kiss a little because it would be hot. Surprisingly, Lance agrees pretty easily because, hey, what's some guy on guy macking for a hot babe? So Lance kisses Keith, and Keith is super into it. Unfortunately, once it's all over, Keith is depressed because he realizes the kissing and touching were all just a game to Lance to please the alien girl.
ch:lance  ch:keith  sh:keith_lance  prompt:filled  fill:finished  ship:mm 
november 2016
star wars rebels crossover - space grandpa
The Voltron crew meets the crew of The Phantom somehow. Maybe the Star Wars galaxy is in between Zarkon's Empire and Earth, and they went looking for allies?

Kanan, [a Thirty or forty some year old Space!Dad] meets Shiro, [a twenty-six year old Space!Dad], Dads at him and is promptly called Space!GRANDPA.

Probably by Lance.

To his face.

Which is when Shiro finds out the others have been calling him Space Dad behind his back.

Coran and Allura are sad that the Jedi are all dead, they probably knew Jedi. Jedi older than YODA.
ch:paladins  ch:coran  ch:allura  k:crossover  k:alternate_universe  prompt:unfilled  prompt:gen 
november 2016
matt/shiro flirting, healing, unresolved pining
the team successfully rescues Matt, and him being there makes everything a little better for Shiro. Matt sort of takes care of Shiro, Shiro's got a little less weight on his shoulders and actually acts his age. Matt makes Shiro laugh. They're both back to dancing around their unresolved romantic feelings but it is Obvious to everyone else.

+Matt is Lance-level of ridiculous flirting and puns, and he's a little shit like Pidge at heart
+"I've never seen Shiro smile like that before."
sh:matt_shiro  ch:matt  ch:shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
keith/intersex!shiro - wet, sweaty, wonderful sex
I want Keith and Shiro (with a vagina) having unashamed, unrestrained sex, with Keith fucking Shiro and coming inside him without either of them having a care in the world (Shiro could be on birth control or they don't mind a baby happening, but they're not actually trying for one). I'd like some focus on Shiro being really wet, on Keith's cum making a mess inside him and on whatever they're fucking on once it dribbles out, on Shiro's cum getting everywhere and making a mess, on wet kisses, on them being hot and sweaty and wonderful together and just adoring each others' bodies. So lots of sexy wetness and them being ridiculously in love with each other.

Also Keith being all powerful-like and really taking Shiro and Shiro loving it (without it being a D/s thing, there's no actual dominance or submission going on, just Keith being naturally... I don't know, "forceful" sounds negative, but "very into it and not holding back because he knows Shiro wants it and can take it" might be what I'm trying to say).
ch:keith  ch:shiro  sh:keith_shiro  k:intersex  k:trans  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
lance/keith, praise/spanking
Keith does something bad (maybe someone gets injured because of a mistake he makes?) and feels really guilty about it. But Keith being Keith doesn't know how to properly release that guilt in a healthy way.

Lance hates seeing Keith angry and upset with himself and (somehow) they get into the arrangement where Lance will spank Keith whenever he feels guilty.

I'd LOOOVE it also if Lance praised Keith when they were done, telling him that everything is fine now, he did good, etc; at the very least they cuddle and Lance gives him good aftercare.

Established relationship or a FWB-type rship are both fine! Go wild in that department.
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  k:praise_kink  k:spanking  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro/any - ass worship
Shiro's love interest discovers to their surprise that Shiro has a rather fat ass.

+Shiro is embarrassed (at first)

+1000 - light spanking

+10000 - Allura, Lance or Hunk as the love interest

+1000000 -hot dogging! (can be with a strap-on)
ch:shiro  sh:shiro_any  sh:allura_shiro  sh:lance_shiro  sh:hunk_shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:mf  ship:mm 
november 2016
keith/lance, a/b/o, protectiveness, lance's family, silly sexy stuff
Keith, resident bad boy (kinda...) alpha, has been fairly successfully courting the school's most talked about (not necessarily in a good way) omega, Lance, for a couple of months now. It appears they're finally about to seal the deal when Lance invites Keith over to his house one Friday night. Upon arrival, Keith is greeted by Lance in nothing but some lacey blue lingerie, a smirk and a "catch me if you can!" called over his shoulder before running back inside. Keith happily gives chase and it's all fun and cute with lots of laughing and growling until they get upstairs... and they hear roughly ten cars pull into the driveway.

Turns out Lance's family is back early from a wedding and decided to bring about half of the rest of the McClain clan with them just because! (Lance claimed he had to stay home due to a big important test... total lie) In a panic the two run into the nearest room which is the bathroom. Now they're stuck in there with Lance still wearing the lingerie and an alpha that he hasn't even mentioned to his family yet. Plus he was also given very clear instructions not to have anyone over while alone, ESPECIALLY alphas.

And did Lance forget to mention to Keith that he's the ONLY omega in his entire family currently? No? Whoopsie~

Basically I just want some sexy fun shenanigans with a semi-established klance couple.

+ Keith can't get his boner done no matter what
++ Nipple play and grinding if that can somehow be fit in here!
+++ They can hear Lance's family asking where their sweet omega is
++++ Jumping out a window halfway, only to realize the entire house is surrounded by McClains ("are you SURE this is only half of your family?!" "I'm estimating here!")
ch:lance  ch:keith  sh:keith_lance  k:omegaverse  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
allura/shiro, shiro & keith
Shiro's the closest thing to family Keith has ever had, and he's not the demonstrative type, but. Keith'd basically do anything for him, especially now after thinking he was dead for a year and with everything Shiro went through.

So when Shiro starts spending a lot of time with Allura, Keith is totally happy for them, really. But he still has to give her the shovel talk, and she is maybe a little alarmed at how scary this tiny delicate human child can be.
ch:allura  ch:shiro  ch:keith  sh:allura_shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:mf 
november 2016
keith/lance bud-con bondage kink
After being tied up to the tree Lance cant seem to stop thinking about how it made him feel. He really wants to experience the loss of control again but doesn't know how to go about it. So he has the bright idea to ask the only gay guy he knows (cuss he heard once that only gays knew about kinky stuff.)

Keith is not amused about being asked about bondage kinks and the like but he has been wanting to get in to Lances pants for a while now and show him that he's not a super street as he says he is.

Or a simpler way to say it is that Lance really just wants to be tied up and not go further than that but Keith has other plans.

- add as many kinks as you want to this seriously I'm down for anything but Lance has to be bottom.
ch:keith  ch:lance  sh:keith_lance  k:bondage  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
shiro gen, linguistic angst?
Shiro picked up a lot of Galra langauge during his year in captivity, because universal translators exist but slaves don't merit fancy tech like that. He doesn't like to use it, it feels almost as ugly and unwholesome as his metal arm, but it's there in his head and it leaks out sometimes when he's really angry or stressed--he curses in Galra, he begs in it when he talks in his sleep, and some times when he's really tired or out of it he defaults to it out if habit. It's also become a major lingua franca throughout the universe, and sometimes when the universal translators don't work for a given species, he has to play translator.
ch:shiro  prompt:unfilled  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
gen, a slightly different galra!keith reveal
Okay, we're all familiar with the angst-fest of Keith finding out he's galra. I'd like a different version of that reveal based on this comic (

Keith and Pidge become conspiracy-theory buddies before Keith's expulsion, and after he's out they keep in touch. Alternatively, this could be an AU where Keith isn't expelled because he's actually got friends to help with his impulse control and keep him from, say, punching a teacher. Anyway, at some point a meteor shower actually impacts in the desert and the Garrison trio sneak out to see if they can find any meteorites. Because hey, how cool would it be to have an actual space rock? Keith joins them, whether he's been expelled or not, and finds something that makes his galran genes come to the fore. Once the discomfort of his transformation passes, he isn't scared. Sure he's purple and fluffy and has pointy teeth but ALIENS ARE REAL AND HE'S LIVING PROOF!

Of course, after the excitement has worn off there's the question of what to do now. Does he submit himself for testing or what? And, of course, his new appearance is going to have some, ah, interesting effects on how things go with Shiro when he crashes back on Earth.

(long prompt, continues on link)
ch:keith  k:alien_keith  prompt:unfilled  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
a/b/o, first time knotting, bad sex
An alpha has gone into rut, and his omega friend/mate wants to help out. The omega has never been knotted before, but they think they'll be able to stay in control and keep the alpha's knot out of them. Turns out there's really no arguing with a rutting alphas drive to knot and breed. I'd like to see:

- The alpha out of his mind with lust.
- The omega panicking when they're knotted, because "ow, help, I'm stuck, this sucks, and can I get pregnant when I'm not in heat?"
- The alpha having a few minutes of absolute bliss before he regains his senses and is horrified by what he's done, because that's not the face of someone who is enjoying themselves.
- Both of them feeling terrible afterwards, but some sort of happy ending.

I'm open to pretty much any pairing, but if you want to use Shiro I'd like him to be omega.
ch:shiro  sh:shiro_any  k:omegaverse  k:knotting  k:dubcon  prompt:unfilled  ship:mm 
november 2016
sendak/shiro (pre-voltron) - sendak rescues shiro from rape
I am kind of baffled at why everyone immediately assume Sendak is an abuser/rapist.
I'd like to see Sendak who is thoroughly and strongly appalled by the concept of rape - reason up to the author. Could be he was abused himself, could be the Galra culture considers rape to be one of the worst crimes possible (cowardly and without honour or maybe goes against the 'mate' concept).
Sendak comes across Shiro who is about to be raped - either in the arena, in his cell by one (or more!) of the guards or whichever, and goes batshit, killing the potential rapist(s?) on the spot.
BUT! He's still an asshole. Just not 100% a dick.
Where they go from there is up to the author - does it happen more than once? Does Sendak takes Shiro as a personal pet and everyone thinks he fucks him while he actually provides him sanctuary and doesn't dare to touch him (while being very very dickish about it)? Does Shiro start having feelings for Sendak because he's the only person who shows him even a smidge of kindness and sees through his dickishness (to eventually his actual dick??)?

+ Emotionally traumatized Shiro, from the potential rape as well as witnessing Sendak tearing apart people and having blood splatter on him (but please not highly graphic gore)
+ also he's naked and terrified as hell Sendak is about to rape him
+ Sendak mortified with Shiro crying and doesn't know how to make it stop and being shitty at comfort despite trying his best
ch:shiro  ch:sendak  sh:sendak_shiro  k:xeno  prompt:unfilled  k:non-con  ship:mm 
november 2016
After Allura has to destroy her father's AI: five times Shiro tried to cheer her up, and one time he did it by accident.

+1 if he's PTSDing it big time in the background but trying to cover it up with smiles and kindness, because of course he does.
ch:allura  ch:shiro  prompt:unfilled  sh:allura_shiro  ship:mf 
november 2016
keith is a galra/human hybrid genetically engineered by human scientists
How about we switch things up a bit? Instead of Keith being born from Galran cruelty, let's have him be the product of amoral human curiosity: some research team got a hold of Galra DNA somehow and decided, unethically, to use it to genetically engineer some poor unwitting woman's child into an alien/human hybrid.

The result of that experiment is Keith.

+10 If the head researcher of that team is Keith's "father".
ch:keith  prompt:unfilled  k:alien_keith  ship:none  prompt:gen 
november 2016
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