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Where to put buttons on forms by Adam Silver, designer based in London, UK.
Button placement can make or break a form. Find out the best place to put them in this article.
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29 days ago by vloux
Writing clearer error messages – UX Collective
Error messages. Let’s face it, there are a lot of bad ones out there. But when they’re good, they’re wonderful. Why? Because they enable users to get stuff done. Things don’t always run smoothly. Our…
messages  copy  error  ux  forms  patterns 
april 2019 by vloux
The Definitive Guide to Form Label Positioning — SitePoint
Labels are central to good form design but there are many views on where to position them. Jessica Enders delivers the final word in form label positioning.
forms  design  ux  resources  testing 
january 2019 by vloux
How to collect gender data – Samsung Internet Developers – Medium
So you are writing a form or building a website where you’re collecting data from your users, you want to add in a gender field. Why? Asking for someone’s gender may be for a variety of purposes…
demographics  survey  forms  copywriting  gender  data_collection  best_practices 
november 2018 by vloux
Respectful Collection of Demographic Data – Sarai Rosenberg – Medium
Demographic data may be critical to your mission. This article establishes guidelines for respectful design and language for collecting demographic data.
forms  copywriting  user_experience  demographics  data  collection  content_strategy  gender 
november 2018 by vloux
UX How-To with Luke Wroblewski - YouTube
Luke Wroblewski presents how-to tutorials for user experience Intel® Developer Zone: http://intel.ly/2huh0eE Subscribe to the Intel® Software YouTube channel...
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december 2017 by vloux
Selectize is a jQuery-based custom <select> UI control. It's useful for tagging, contact lists, country selectors, and so on.
frontend  components  select  forms  javascript  tags  autocomplete 
july 2017 by vloux
Personal names around the world
How do people's names differ around the world, and what are the implications of those differences on the design of forms, databases, ontologies, etc. for the Web?
forms  names  languages  reference  best_practices 
july 2017 by vloux
The 'Credit Card Number' Field Must Allow and Auto-Format Spaces (80% Don't) - Articles - Baymard Institute
Despite 5% of users abandoning checkouts due to credit card validation errors, 80% websites don't actively aid their users in typing and validating the 16-digit card number by auto-formatting it with spaces
ui  usability  card  input  forms  ux  ecommerce 
january 2017 by vloux

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