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Sleep & Glow Anti-Aging Pillow Review
The Sleep & Glow pillow is an anti-aging pillow for back and side sleepers that promises less fatigued skin, a refreshed face and a healthy back. Its design is quite technical, which is why even though it’s often marketed for its beauty benefits, it also has a lot to offer physiologically.
Sleep  &  Glow  Anti-Aging  Pillow  Review 
29 days ago by vishalingole
Beddr Sleep Tuner Review
The Beddr SleepTuner is a step above your average sleep tracking device. It monitors your nighttime breathing and sleep position (among other things) to give you insights on how to improve the quality of your sleep. It also helps identify your risk of sleep apnea. Or if you’re being treated for sleep apnea, how that treatment is improving the quality of your sleep.
beddr  sleep  tuner  review 
6 weeks ago by vishalingole
Lack of Sleep and its Effects on Your Brain
How does lack of sleep effects your brain in short term? Likewise, what happens to our brains when we don’t get adequate sleep for a prolonged period?
lack  of  sleep 
10 weeks ago by vishalingole
Best Earplugs for Sleeping – 2019 Review and Buying Guide
Do you often have difficulty sleeping difficulty sleeping at night because of different kind of noises? Well, the solution to your problem is earplugs. They are a simple, affordable way to block disturbances like the noise that disrupts sleep. Such disturbances may include traffic noise, snoring bed partners, noisy airplanes, or your neighbors playing music loudly. To maximize noise reduction, earplugs are designed to compress into smaller shapes and re-expand when you fit them into your ear canal. They are available in a wide range of shapes designed to accommodate users who have varying ear canal dimensions and preferences.
best  earplugs  for  sleep 
april 2019 by vishalingole
How Getting A Sleep Study Can Improve Sleep
Even though often overlooked, sleep is undoubtedly the most important part of life. People can go without food for days, but the effects of sleep deprivation are quick to show. It’s not surprising that a good night’s rest has incredible benefits for both the body and the mind. How you feel during the day depends on the quality of sleep you get at night. Your productivity at work, your concentration, memory, and your mood and appetite also depend on the quality and quantity of sleep that you get. When you are deprived of sufficient sleep for a prolonged amount of time, the effects do not take long to show.
sleep  study  improve 
april 2019 by vishalingole
Alcohol and Sleep Cycle – How to Sleep Better After Drinking Alcohol
Alcohol is the most common type of sleep aid. But drinking alcohol regularly can interfere with your sleeping pattern. It may affect sleep quality, too. Does this mean that you need to give up alcohol altogether? No. You simply need to be smarter about how you manage your liquor consumption, instead.
alcohol  and  sleep  cycle  better 
march 2019 by vishalingole
Can a Body Pillow Improve Sleep?
Has your sleep quality gone down? Is your mattress not firm enough? Body pillow can help you with these issues. Know everything about a body pillow.
body  pillow  improve  sleep 
march 2019 by vishalingole
Eight Sleep Pod Review
The Eight Sleep Pod is more than just a mattress, It’s a next generation sleep system. I recently stayed a few nights at the Standard Hotel in New York where Eight Sleep outfitted a room with the Pod mattress for me to try. This mattress has a heating and cooling system where you can control the temperature of the mattress in 2 zones so for instance, you can cool the mattress while at the same time your partner heats it up. All of this is controlled and monitored with the Eight Sleep app you use on your phone.
eight  sleep  pod  review 
march 2019 by vishalingole
What Is Sleep Paralysis?
For centuries, sleep paralysis has been associated with demons, alien abductions, and madness. Sleep Sherpa explains what sleep paralysis is.
sleep  paralysis 
march 2019 by vishalingole
Idle Sleep Air Mattress Review
The Idle Sleep Air is a mattress made layers of latex and foam and an air chamber that can be inflated with a remote control to adjust the firmness of the mattress. This gives you the ability to adjust the firmness whenever you like without having to change out layers or add a mattress topper. You can also buy a dual chamber system so that each side of the mattress can have a different firmness. Currently, a queen size retails for $2,524 before any discounts which is very affordable for what you get. And on top of that, it comes with a 120-day trial.
idle  sleep  air  mattress  review 
march 2019 by vishalingole
Sleep Number C2 Mattress Review
In this Sleep Number C2 Mattress Review, I tell you what makes this mattress unique and why its one of the best offerings from its makers, read on!
sleep  number  c2  mattress  review 
february 2019 by vishalingole
Your Resource for Everything Sleep
Best resource online to find sleep information, mattress reviews, sleep product reviews.
mattress  reviews  sleep  product  information 
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