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kuwdora | [vid]: Poison (Dredd, 2012) - MaMa - Vividcon 2013
That bad-girl power I got, I'll abuse it tonight, 'cause tonight I got poison on my mind.
kuwdora  vid  dredd  nicole.scherzinger 
january 2018 by vidding
kuwdora | [vid]: Big Pimpin' / Papercut (Event Horizon, 1997)
The crew is paranoid because the ship's a pimp. (POV: crew/Linkin Park, ship/Jay Z)
event.horizon  kuwdora  vid  jay.z  linkin.park 
january 2018 by vidding
yellina: From The Deepest Of Red To The... - a pause, a road, the taste of grave in the mouth
"we swept out the ashes and went on our way from the deepest of red to the lightest of gray."
supernatural  secretlytodream  vid  jamin.winans 
january 2018 by vidding
SUPERNATURAL | TORNADO WARNING “Tornado Warning”... - a pause, a road, the taste of grave in the mouth
“You saved my life over and over. I mean, you sacrificed everything for me, don’t you think I’d do the same for you?”
secretlytodream  vid  supernatural  hammock 
january 2018 by vidding
BORN TO WIN | CAPTAIN AMERICA 70 years in the ice,... - a pause, a road, the taste of grave in the mouth
70 years in the ice, and they’re still trying to parade him around. 70 years in the ice, and they still just want him to dance. 
secretlytodream  vid  captain.america  future.heroes 
january 2018 by vidding
Supernatural | Revelations
“Saving people means all of the people, not just us”.
secretlytodream  vid  supernatural  zack.hemsey 
january 2018 by vidding
such_heights | VID: We Go Together [Star Trek]
"Remembered forever like shoo bop shoo wadda wadda yipitty boom de boom..."
such.heights  vid  star.trek.reboot  grease.ost 
january 2018 by vidding
Praying - Trelkez - Alias Grace [Archive of Our Own]
And underneath that is another feeling still, a feeling of being torn open. Not like a body of flesh, it is not painful as such, but like a peach ... too ripe, and splitting of its own accord. And inside the peach, there is a stone.
trelkez  vid  alias.grace  kesha 
december 2017 by vidding
trelkez | Vid: This Is The Last Time (Thor/Loki)
"I wish I could trust you."

(Or: This is the last time. No, this is the last time. No, really, this is--)
vid  trelkez  thor  the.national 
august 2017 by vidding
One Woman Army - killabeez - Jessica Jones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Trish Walker may not have super powers, but she's not about to let that stop her.
killabeez  vid  jessica.jones  kate.earl 
june 2017 by vidding
The Way I Am
Good thing he's the best big brother in the history of the world.
killabeez  vid  supernatural  ingrid.michaelson 
june 2017 by vidding
marycrawford | Vividcon Auction Vid: Mystery Dance (Star Trek: TOS)
Birds do it, bees do it -- surely a starship captain can figure this out.
marycrawford  vid  star.trek.tos  elvis.costello 
june 2017 by vidding
marycrawford | New Hercules vid: Holding Out For A Hero
Widow Twanky demands perfection! And she will seek it out, even if that means personally inspecting -- ahem.
marycrawford  vid  hercules  jennifer.saunders 
june 2017 by vidding
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