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EVA: Design System
Customizable Design System easily adaptable to your Brand. Available for Sketch with Mobile and Web component libraries.
eva  design  system  web  mobile 
11 weeks ago by vicchow
Android Jetpack
Jetpack is a collection of Android software components to make it easier for you to develop great Android apps.
android  jetpack  google  component  mobile  app  library  programming 
may 2019 by vicchow
Glide – Amazing apps from Google Sheets
Create a mobile app from a Google Sheet in 5 minutes, for free.
glide  mobile  app  design  generator  google  sheets  programming  lowcode  tool 
march 2019 by vicchow
Build Amazing Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps with Ionic Framework and Angular
Ionic is the beautiful, free and open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps with ease.
ionic  framework  web  mobile  ios  android  pwa  programming  angular  front-end  ui  component 
january 2019 by vicchow
Design Blocks | Froala
Over 170 responsive design blocks ready to be used in your web or mobile apps. All blocks are based on the Bootstrap Library.
froala  design  web  block  programming  template  rwd  responsive  responsive-design  mobile  bootstrap 
december 2018 by vicchow
Prompt 2
SSH client for iOS
prompt  ios  ipad  iphone  ssh  client  mobile  app 
november 2018 by vicchow
TestProject - Community Powered Test Automation
TestProject simplifies and enhances the use of leading open source tools Selenium & Appium. It is driven by a community of passionate developers that create and share addons for Mobile, Web and API testing.
testproject  selenium  appium  testing  automation  mobile  web  programming 
november 2018 by vicchow
Easily add high-quality animation to any native app. Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that renders After Effects animations in real time, allowing apps to use animations as easily as they use static images.
lottie  mobile  ios  android  react  native  animation  programming  library  tool 
september 2018 by vicchow
Sonar · Extensible mobile app debugging
Sonar is a platform for debugging mobile apps on iOS and Android. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps from a simple desktop interface.
sonar  mobile  app  debug  debugger  ios  android  programming  tool  facebook  open-source 
june 2018 by vicchow
What Web Can Do Today
Can I rely on the Web Platform features to build my app? An overview of the device integration HTML5 APIs.
web  mobile  platform  html5  device  capability  browser  javascript  programming  collection  list  resource 
june 2018 by vicchow
Cross-platform Material Design for React Native
paper  react  reactjs  native  material  design  ui  library  programming  mobile  javascript 
may 2018 by vicchow
Fuse Open
Fuse is a cross-platform mobile app development tool suite, supporting building Android and iOS applications.
fuse  javascript  mobile  android  ios  app  tool  framework 
may 2018 by vicchow
OAuth Community Site
An open protocol to allow secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications.
oauth  web  mobile  programming  authorization  security  protocol  resource 
august 2017 by vicchow
Supernova Studio
The world's first true design-to-code platform. Turn Sketch designs into native mobile apps in minutes.
supernova  mobile  ui  design  prototype  prototyping  software 
august 2017 by vicchow
View repository and user information, control your notifications and even manage your issues and pull requests. Built with React Native, GitPoint is the most feature-rich unofficial GitHub iOS client that is 100% free.
gitpoint  git  github  ios  app  client  programming  tool  mobile 
july 2017 by vicchow
Made With ARKit
Hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with Apple's ARKit
ios  arkit  augmented  reality  example  collection  app  mobile  apple 
july 2017 by vicchow
Material Components
Modular and customizable Material Design UI components.
material-components  material  ui  component  design  library  programming  web  mobile 
june 2017 by vicchow
Flutter is a mobile app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity, apps for iOS and Android, from a single codebase.
flutter  google  mobile  ios  android  sdk  programming  library  ui 
may 2017 by vicchow
Expo is a mobile app development tool that enables you to build high quality native iOS and Android applications using JavaScript and deploy them effortlessly.
expo  mobile  app  programming  tool  react  native  javascript  android  ios 
march 2017 by vicchow
Easily add high-quality animation to any native app.
lottie  airbnb  animation  ios  library  mobile  app  programming  android  native 
february 2017 by vicchow
Swift Education
Swift Education is a collection of resources to assist educators in bringing Swift into the classroom.
swift  learning  education  ios  programming  mobile  collection  classroom 
august 2016 by vicchow
Infinitely hackable mobile client. Jason is a scriptable iOS client that lets you view and interact with any data and any server, in any way you desire.
jason  ios  mobile  app  client  rest  content 
may 2016 by vicchow
ReDex is an Android bytecode (dex) optimizer originally developed at Facebook.
redex  android  mobile  bytecode  optimizer  facebook  tool  development 
april 2016 by vicchow
Thington's concierge helps you get the most from your smart devices
thington  iot  device  connectivity  mobile  app 
april 2016 by vicchow
An HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.
okhttp  java  http  client  library  web  mobile  android  development  framework  http2 
february 2016 by vicchow
Do helps people run productive meetings.
gtd  meeting  tool  mobile  app  work  planning  do 
february 2016 by vicchow
Pressure is a JavaScript library that makes dealing with Apple's Force Touch and 3D Touch simple.
pressurejs  javascript  library  mobile  web  development  pressure  touch  force  ios  osx 
january 2016 by vicchow
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