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hobochild/js-fire: A javascript clone of google/python-fire 🔥
js-fire is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from most js objects.
jsfire  javascript  programming  library  cli  command-line  generation  node  nodejs 
5 weeks ago by vicchow
nanoSQL 2
Universal database layer for the client, server & mobile devices. It's like Lego for databases.
nanosql  sql  javascript  programming  database  library 
5 weeks ago by vicchow
Easily find and remove old and heavy node_modules folders
npkill  node  nodejs  programming  javascript  module  clean  tool 
9 weeks ago by vicchow
Quark is a general purpose software tool specifically designed to help you create projects written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with native desktop app like capabilities.
html  desktop  web  tool  quark  javascript  programming 
july 2019 by vicchow
Open Source Game Engine for Turn-Based Games
board  game  engine  turn  programming  library  javascript 
june 2019 by vicchow
PWA Starter Kit
Starter templates for building full-featured Progressive Web Apps from web components
pwa  starter  template  programming  webcomponents  web  components  polymer  javascript  library 
june 2019 by vicchow
Super-fast alternative to Babel for when you can target modern JS runtimes
sucrase  javascript  transpiler  programming  tool  babel 
june 2019 by vicchow
AppRun is a Javascript library for building reliable, high-performance web applications using the Elm inspired Architecture, events, and components.
apprun  javascript  library  programming  web  elm  framework 
june 2019 by vicchow
Emotion is a library designed for writing css styles with JavaScript.
emotion  css  library  javascript  web  programming  ui 
june 2019 by vicchow
A JavaScript PDF generation library for Node and the browser.
pdfkit  javascript  pdf  generator  generation  library  node  nodejs  browser 
june 2019 by vicchow
GitHub - mqttjs/MQTT.js: The MQTT client for Node.js and the browser
MQTT.js is a client library for the MQTT protocol, written in JavaScript for node.js and the browser.
javascript  mqtt  node  messaging  library  programming  nodejs 
june 2019 by vicchow
Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application.
rollup  javascript  bundler  module  programming  tool 
june 2019 by vicchow
jExcel: The javascript spreadsheet
jExcel is a lightweight vanilla javascript plugin to create amazing web-based interactive tables and spreadsheets compatible with Excel or any other spreadsheet software.
jexcel  javascript  library  excel  programming  spreadsheet  table 
june 2019 by vicchow
Lightning Web Components
Lightning web components are custom elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript
lightning  web  component  webcomponents  programming  html  javascript  ui  library  salesforce 
may 2019 by vicchow
Welcome to Acccessible App | Accessible App
Learn how to build inclusive web applications and Single Page Apps in modern JavaScript frameworks. This project collects strategies, links, patterns and plugins for React, Vue and Angular.
accessibility  guide  javascript  programming  collection  pattern  guideline  design  web 
may 2019 by vicchow
hybridsjs/hybrids: 👾 Web Components from plain objects and pure functions!
Hybrids is a UI library for creating Web Components, which favors plain objects and pure functions over class and this syntax. It provides simple and functional API for creating custom elements.
hybridsjs  hybrids  javascript  webcomponents  web  component  framework  ui  functional  api  library  programming 
may 2019 by vicchow
Svelte • Cybernetically enhanced web apps
Svelte is a new way to build web applications. It's a compiler that takes your declarative components and converts them into efficient JavaScript that surgically updates the DOM.
svelte  javascript  web  ui  framework  component  dom  programming 
may 2019 by vicchow
A block-styled editor with clean JSON output
editorjs  editor  programming  javascript  json  library 
april 2019 by vicchow
Iodide lets you do data science entirely in your browser.
iodide  mozilla  javascript  python  data  science  online  collaboration  browser  share  platform 
april 2019 by vicchow
Automatically format your numbers and currencies
autonumeric  autonumericjs  format  formatter  javascript  programming  library  number  currency 
march 2019 by vicchow
Glider.js - A fast, lightweight carousel alternative
A blazingly fast, crazy small, fully responsive, mobile-friendly, dependency free, native scrolling list with paging controls!
glider  gliderjs  javascript  slider  carousel  ui  library  programming  responsive  rwd  scrolling  pagination 
march 2019 by vicchow
Create graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance
rough  roughjs  javascript  drawing  graphics  library  programming  canvas  svg 
march 2019 by vicchow
Pencil.js - Nice modular interactive 2D drawing library
Pencil.js aims to abstract drawing with code with a clear OOP syntax.
pencil  penciljs  javascript  drawing  graphics  2d  library 
march 2019 by vicchow
Rete is a modular framework for visual programming. Rete allows you to create node-based editor directly in the browser. You can define nodes and workers that allow users to create instructions for processing data in your editor without a single line of code.
rete  javascript  visual  programming  node  flow  browser  online  framework  data  processing 
march 2019 by vicchow
TOAST UI Calendar
TOAST UI Calendar is a full-featured calendar. Experience various view types, default popups, dragging or resizing schedules and customizable theme which is easy to use.
toast  ui  calendar  web  programming  javascript  component  library 
march 2019 by vicchow
DeskGap is a framework for building cross-platform desktop apps with web technologies.
deskgap  javascript  framework  desktop  node  nodejs  windows  macos  programming  tool 
february 2019 by vicchow
The Hassle-Free JavaScript Toolchain Manager
notion  javascript  toolchain  manager  node  nodejs  web  programming  tool  environment  version 
february 2019 by vicchow
AdonisJs - Node.js web framework
AdonisJs is a Node.js web framework with a breath of fresh air and drizzle of elegant syntax on top of it. We prefer developer joy and stability over anything else.
adonis  adonisjs  javascript  node  nodejs  server  web  framework  programming 
january 2019 by vicchow
A Chrome Developer Tool designed to help engineers debug React-GraphQL applications. Visualize the component hierarchy, state/props data and state changes of your React application. See your GraphQL schema, queries, and mutations in real-time.
lucid  chrome  devtools  react  graphgl  visualization  programming  javascript  component  web 
january 2019 by vicchow
SurveyJS: Free Online Survey and Quiz Tools
SurveyJS is a complete, fully customizable and extendable survey and form builder solution.
surveyjs  survey  javascript  form  builder  programming  tool  web 
january 2019 by vicchow
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