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Record, replay, and stub HTTP interactions.
polly  pollyjs  netflix  javascript  http  testing  replay  tool  programming  library  stub 
june 2018 by vicchow
Marble.js is a functional reactive HTTP middleware framework built on top of Node.js platform, TypeScript and RxJS library.
marble  reactive  functional  http  middleware  framework  javascript  node  nodejs  programming  library  typescript  rxjs  web 
may 2018 by vicchow
Træfik (pronounced like traffic) is a modern HTTP reverse proxy and load balancer made to deploy microservices with ease. It supports several backends (Docker, Swarm mode, Kubernetes, Marathon, Consul, Etcd, Rancher, Amazon ECS, and a lot more) to manage its configuration automatically and dynamically.
traefik  reverse  proxy  docker  kubernetes  http  software  web 
january 2018 by vicchow
Hoverfly by SpectoLabs
Hoverfly is a lightweight, open source API simulation tool. Using Hoverfly, you can create realistic simulations of the APIs your application depends on.
hoverfly  http  api  testing  tool  simulation  programming  web 
november 2017 by vicchow
NGINX Unit is a new, lightweight, open source application server built to meet the demands of today’s dynamic and distributed applications.
nginx  unit  server  http  programming  web 
september 2017 by vicchow
uWebSockets/uWebSockets: Tiny WebSockets
µWS is one of the most lightweight, efficient & scalable WebSocket & HTTP server implementations available.
jws  websocket  node  nodejs  http  server  library  javascript  programming 
april 2017 by vicchow
A type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java
retrofit  http  client  android  java  development  api  rest 
may 2016 by vicchow
WireMock is a flexible library for stubbing and mocking web services.
wiremock  mock  testing  library  test  web  programming  development  service  qa  http  java 
february 2016 by vicchow
An HTTP & HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications.
okhttp  java  http  client  library  web  mobile  android  development  framework  http2 
february 2016 by vicchow
Nancy - Lightweight Web Framework for .net
Nancy is a lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .NET and Mono.
nancy  web  framework  net  c#  http  restful  mono 
february 2016 by vicchow
Malformed servers to test your HTTP client.
hamms  http  server  testing  client  python  networking  tool 
february 2016 by vicchow
Gor is an open-source tool for capturing and replaying live HTTP traffic into a test environment in order to continuously test your system with real data.
golang  replay  http  testing  traffic  gor  tcpdump 
june 2013 by vicchow
bigcompany/know-your-http · GitHub
know-your-http - A series of A0-sized posters about the HTTP protocol
web  development  http  reference 
april 2013 by vicchow
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